Best Dog Gadgets That Improve Your Pet’s Life in 2021

High technology has been consistently emerging and affecting people’s lives all throughout the years. In the same way that life is more hassle-free and pleasurable for humans, there are also interesting ways by which technology can enrich our pets’ lifestyles, especially our dogs. If you are astounded by technology and intrigued to know more about cool dog gadgets, then you are in the right place! Read on to find the best dog devices in 2021. Feel free to click on the image below and skip for the specific dog gadget category you want:

TOP-15 Gadgets For Your Dog (Over 100 Products)

Dog Camera with Treat Tossing Feature


Treat dispensing dog cameras is one of the most innovative dog gadgets in 2021. There are multiple times when you have to leave the house whether to go to the office, a doctor’s appointment, accomplish an errand, or meet a friend. This is the usual heartbreak that the dogs deal with as they are left alone with no one to play with or take care of their needs. But, problem is solved with the rise of dog cameras which you can ‘sync’ or connect with your phone and enable live video streaming of your dog’s activities whenever and wherever you are. Not only will you see your dog, but your fur baby can also hear you as you speak and you can consequently train them and toss them treats whenever your command has been followed. A clicker sound is automatically played to ‘signal’ your dog of an incoming treat and instill some positive reinforcement. Another amazing attribute is its barking sensor that notifies you of what is going on specifically if the dog encounters an intruder in your home or is anxious by an emergency.

In any case that you missed the occurrence, a Cloud Recording is available to be viewed later on some devices. An example of hi tech dog product is Furbo which has been presented in the famous television show of Ellen Degeneres. Furbo offers the aforementioned specifications and is also compatible with Alexa that can be activated with voice control. According to the ShopUs website, Furbo is further upgrading to include alerts relating to dog vomit, choking, seizure, health report, and more. It is pivotal to commend Furbo too because it is donating some portions of their earnings to sponsor shelter dogs in their rooms, vaccinations, veterinarian consultations, and food. Then there is Petcube with up to 3x zoom feature. Aside from tossing treats and pet monitoring, Petcube allows you to play 4 hours of video history without required subscriptions. Just when you thought it could not get any better, Petcube has the so-called Amazon Dash Replenishment which automatically reorders treats when the treat-dispenser is running low. Make sure to check the list of the best dog cameras with treat-tossing feature.

Electronic Interactive Dog Toys

 Best interactive dog toys in 2020: 20 toys that worth buying.

We commonly hear the saying, “All work with no play makes Jack a dull boy”. This is not only applicable to humans, and ‘Jack’ can similarly pertain to a canine that we love. Playtime is necessary to keep our dogs stimulated physically and mentally which then leads to an energetic, healthy routine and easier training. This is why dog gadgets like electronic interactive dog toys or smart bones are manufactured especially for single dog households.

Undoubtedly, these dog gadgets can prevent undesirable behaviours from your dogs without continuous monitoring such as destructive chewing on your much-loved shoes or furniture in the house, incessant barking that might disturb your neighbours, or digging in your well-kept garden. A product to consider is the SKYMEE Smart bone which has various options in the form of ‘play-modes’ and comes with a joystick for usage control (in drive mode via the app for iOS or Android). It then adjusts based on the distinct reactions of your dog. It is soft and safe for your dog’s claws and teeth as it is FDA-approved. If you want to be more convinced then you can try the Petgeek Dog Bone which bagged the Prize of Fear Free Awards at the Global Pet Expo 2019. Aside from its credibility, Petgeek allures your pet to move around and chase the toy, further developing its agility and help in losing some weight. 

Make sure to check our list of the best interactive toys for dogs that keep them busy!

Dog GPS Collars

the best gps dog trackers 2019


Have you ever had a ‘mini-heart attack’ upon realizing that your beloved pooch is nowhere to be found? Picture going for a stroll with your dog and suddenly being greeted and distracted with the endless chatter of an acquaintance. Afterwards, you noticed that your fur baby is out of sight and does not respond upon being called. With high technology in the dog industry, this is no longer a dilemma. A dog GPS collar is a special dog gadget that designed to help you locate your dog wherever it is with the assistance of satellites utilizing, as the name entails, Global Positioning System.

An effective feature to consider is the collar being waterproof just in case the dog wanders off into a mud puddle somewhere or a pond, or when it is raining.  Be mindful as well of the battery life of this dog gadget, to give you ample time for searching for your baby before the battery becomes empty. It is a big plus factor if the collar has a tag that a person can scan and access about the pivotal information on how to take your pooch home. An example product is Garmin Alpha 100 GPS Dog Collar that has a range of up to 9 miles and can activate LED beacon lights and Rescue mode. It has a battery life of 20-40 hours. Meanwhile there is the Fi Smart Dog Collar which is remarkably chew-proof and aesthetically designed. You will not likewise be disappointed with PetFon Dog GPS Tracker which highlights a significant attribute namely real-time mapping. It combines the essential ability of the GPS to track dogs with WiFi, Bluetooth, and long distance geofencing. It permits pre-recorded voice commands too to be played as communication to your pooch remotely.

Make sure to check our list of the best dog GPS trackers!

Dog Fitness Trackers

best dog fitness trackers

While dogs are not aware of fitness goals (and yes, have no Instagram followers to impress like humans), it is still fundamental to keep track of their health correspondingly like a family member and such dog device could be very handy. Evidently, the members of the canine kingdom experience problems in their hearts, blood pressure, kidneys, stomach, and all other organs in their body. As pointed out by the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, 56% of pooches in the United States alone are obese or overweight. Thus come dog fitness trackers is a perfect dog gadget which radically keep tabs on your dog's physical activities (or the lack of it) when it is sleeping, playing, running, or walking all throughout the day.

This will subsequently give you an idea on the intensity of exercise that you can plan for your dog. For instance, a tracker like Fitbark 2 updates you with the location, distance traveled, sleep duration, amount of calories burned, skin diseases, and general health of your canine. It can even detect behavioral changes like anxiety. Same goes with an Fi Smart Dog Collar which is comparable with the human app Fitbit that tracks the number of steps your dog has taken on a day and informs you if your pet achieved the ‘step goal’. Fi designates the goal for your fur baby (ranging from 5,000 to 25,000 steps depending on the dog’s size), but you can make adjustments as necessary. Truly, your dog may not have known Instagram. However, with Fi, the Instagram account you created for your dog can be linked with its Fi profile!

Check our list of the best dog activity monitors here.

LED Dog Collars and Leashes

led dog collars and leashes

Imagine if you lost sight of your dog in the midst of a dark area or in a dim-lighted road. Surely, the best way to find your pooch is when there is literally a light guiding your path. With gadgets like LED dog collars and leashes, this occurs just naturally. Aside from the fun appearance which draws the attention that your pooch loves, the illumination by this cool dog gadget lessens potential danger for your pet especially if it is running recklessly along the streets and vehicles are going back and forth. The driver instantly recognizes the movement of your dog and stops accordingly. Speaking of fun, Illumiseen comes at six (6) different colors and three (3) distinctive modes namely slow flash, flashing light, and solid light mode. What’s more, it comes with a lifetime guarantee and matching LED dog leashes. Then there is BSeen which adheres to the common maxim, ‘Simplicity is Beauty’. If you are a fur parent who is contented with a simple USB rechargeable dog collar with LED but at the same time is sturdy and durable, then this is the right fit for you.

Smart Feeders

The list of the best smart dog feeders and automatic food dispensers by Technobark.

Being a fur parent is like having your own offspring, as it entails a firm sense of responsibility. It is something that cannot be taken lightly aside from the daily demands of your day. Smart feeders is a dog gadget that serves as your aiding companions in ensuring that the well-being of your dog comes first as well. The said dog gadget helps to organize feeding times, allot food portions, and monitor the food supply.

If you want your pooch to ‘tone it down’ and stop from gobbling everything at once, or if it is undergoing a prescription diet, a smart feeder is your ultimate weapon for control. What makes it incredible is that it can sync with your laptop or smartphone whether you are stuck with a pile of office work or in a beach somewhere for a getaway. PortionProRx Automatic Dog Feeder is a perfect example which enables 6 scheduled meals per day and its bin may contain thirty-two (32) cups of dry kibble. Comparably, PetSafe Smart Feeder allows twelve (12) scheduled meals a day with the use of a stainless steel bowl that is dishwasher safe. It has several modes to explore like ‘Feed Now’ option that permits your dog to be fed more generously (aside from the scheduled times), but with dry food only. Furthermore, there is the ‘Slow Feed’ option where food is dispensed in a matter of fifteen (15) minutes.

Make sure to check our list of the best smart feeders for dogs here.

Dog Training Collars

ZenDoggo Anti Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

Known ‘Dog Whisperer’ Cesar Millan once said that domestic dog owners should claim the title of ‘pack leader’ and exercise power over their pets. Whether or not you aspire to be like Millan or simply aim to teach your pooches to behave well, dog training collars are a must-have. Contrary to initial beliefs, a device like dog training collars do not hurt our adorable pets but merely initiates stimulation in signalling or reinforcing a command. Such stimulation is being likened to a crawling insect on your skin.

As professional trainer Martin Deeley highlighted, dog gadgets like training collars let owners communicate with their dogs in an ‘off-leash’ milieu which then prevents possibly dangerous circumstances. An example of which is encountering an aggressive canine that provokes your pet or when in an excursion, your dog is ready to chase another animal near a busy road. With this cool dog gadget, you can calm your pet by hitting the stimulation button. Commence collar conditioning with basic commands namely ‘Come’, or ‘Sit’.   Gradually after weeks or months of practice, more commands can be given and familiarized. Garmin dog collars are the top-rated. A good deal can be in the form of Garmin Delta XC Bundle that offers three (3) training configurations for various behaviors and has ½ mile range capability. Conversely, if you have large dogs from 35 pounds and up, a dog device to cast your eyes over is Dogtra Training Collar. Both suitable for amateurs and noteworthy professional trainers, it can prepare your pet for hunting, competitions or K-9. Let us not forget our smaller fur babies which can be trained by Educator E-collar which is equipped with a mini ergonomic stopwatch transmitter, perfectly intended for ‘low-key’ situations.

Dog Treadmills

Techobark has review and tested over 100 different dog treadmills and we selected 7 best ones and placed 5 of these in this image.

Obesity is a predicament that is not only limited among humans. Our pooches are considered ‘overweight’ if they weigh 15% or more that their ideal weight, whilst 30% or more categorizes them as ‘obese’. As an owner who undeniably loves your dog, you are accountable for maintaining an exercise regime for your dog. Human uses treadmills, and our furry pals have such dog gadget too!

Determining factors including age, size or breed should be pondered on. Let us face it, a healthy routine is a huge step away from inevitable death. For a great start, Dog Pacer Treadmill is a feasible option with a unique feature of being foldable. At first glance, it might seem odd to see a dog running on a treadmill. But just imagine how adorable it could certainly be and not to mention, way healthier!  Treadmills may be mechanical which is run by motors or dog-powered which can be sub-categorized into treadwheels (equivalent to an enormous hamster wheel) and dog carpet mills. It does not matter if you come home late after being stuck on traffic coming from work or if it is strongly snowing outside, as you will not feel guilty anymore for not taking your dog outdoors for a walk. This gadget for dogs can make your pet pant in a simple indoor setting.

Make sure to check our list of the best dog treadmills here.

Citronella No-bark Collars

Best citronella collars

If you are not into electronic training collars, then Citronella collar is the impeccable dog gadget for you. The dog collar first detects your dog’s bark then automatically sprays a fine mist of citronella near its face. It is totally harmless but may come off as stinky and annoying to your pooch and make it deter from barking. Over time, the dog will be conditioned that barking is equivalent to spraying and train them to behave better generally in the future. Too much of anything is not good though, which applies to Citronella as well. Large quantities may be toxic and cause lung or stomach irritation. Hence, be mindful that the pooch does not ingest it. PetSafe is a leading brand that sells this dog device, promoting suitability even in wet grass or light rain exposure. Each can has a capacity of 300-400 sprays with collar refills ranging from 30-40 sprays.

Check top rated citronella dog collars here.

Invisible and Wireless Dog Fence

Best Invisible and Wireless Dog Fences

By nature, most dogs are born wanderers. They enjoy basking in the sun, running around the backyard, or just simply chase other animals (or people) that roam across the area.  Therefore, it is important not only to teach them how to manifest good behavior but also how to respect boundaries and know their ‘territory’. This is to inhibit them from being lost and harmed outside. That said, an invisible and wireless dog fence is seemingly an invention sent from heaven. This works with the means of a wireless signal spectrum.

The afore-mentioned spectrum is triggered by the transmitter and receiver in the dog’s collar which implements range restrictions on your beloved pet in relation to the established ‘fenced’ area. Thereafter, a slight shock or stimulation will be felt by your dog alike to what is gently inflicted by dog bark collars. This arrangement is better than the usual hassle experienced in building a traditional in-ground fence which takes time to install, repair, or replace. Take for example the dog gadget like SportDog Fence System that can cover up to 1 1/3 acres of land and maybe expanded to a total of 100 acres using more flags or wires. Similarly, there is the completely waterproof Extreme Dog Fence with a collar submersible up to 10 feet.

Check the list of the best-reviewed invisible dog fences here.

Dog Translators

Who would have thought that we will reach a day and age when we can have a normal conversation with our dog? Yes, it is just like being the main character in the hit animated franchise, Scooby-Doo. That is how magnificent the power of dog high technology is. Developers have used algorithms so as to translate your dog’s barks into English words. Now you can stop being a fortune teller and start being a pseudo-expert in comprehending your dog’s expressed wants, needs, and moods. Would you try this dog gadget?

You will now be aware if they are upset, thrilled, or unhappy. Shared joy with them is much more amplified as you distinguish what they want to convey. It may not be 100% accurate as per the current studies. But one thing is for sure, it can still somewhat gauge the feelings of your fur baby and help you to emotionally connect with them on a deeper level. Dogs indeed are not simply animals, they are family. They also need to be heard and cherished. With a dog gadget like Bowlingual, as their tag line says, ‘Give dogs a voice they never had!” Aside from a translator, Bowlingual comes with a body language reference, medical checklist, training tips, and home alone function. There could nothing be more awesome!

Electric Dog Nail Trimmers

Best electric dog trimmers, grinders & clippers

Most people say that the key to determining if a person is well-groomed or a totally hygienic individual at one glance, is to look at their shoes or at their nails. This is likewise applicable to dogs. Since they do not usually wear shoes, then the spotlight is focused on how trimmed their nails are. Unlike humans, it does not entail high maintenance and fashionable manicures or pedicures to make your dog look adorable. However, it is not as easy as it sounds because dogs have the tendency to be restless when ‘getting their nails done’.

The good thing is, there is a dog gadget like electric dog nail trimmers available in the market which uses a grinder to make the experience safe, fast, and comfortable for your pet. Though you will still need to steady your dog, it will not involve the same level of meticulousness required with using ordinary clippers. Casfuy Nail Trimmer can attest to this as it is prominently recommended by pet grooming professionals and veterinarians because it promotes painless nail clipping with less sound and vibration, therefore reducing the anxiety of your pooch. The same goes with Hertzko Electric Dog Nail Grinder which has those advantages and even includes a USB wire for charging convenience.

Automatic Ball Launchers

Best dog ball launchers

There might be a lot of dog toys out there, yet there is nothing more splendid in a dog’s eyes than playing balls. It can really uplift their oxytocin levels and at the same time give them the much-needed exercise on a daily basis. While playing catch with them is entirely fun, you have certain limitations as well and become tired sooner or later.

A dog gadget like automatic ball launcher is an answer to this struggle. What happens is it throws a ball for your dog to fetch. Thereafter, your pooch gets the ball, drops it again in the launcher to be shot again. This is endless dog entertainment for as long as the battery is not running empty.  The ball can be launched for up to hundreds of yards and the launch power may be adjusted as you please. Idogmate is a perfect catch (pun intended) as a ball launcher. Their balls are created like tennis balls, are smooth for your dog’s teeth, and can be thrown for up to 35 feet. Another launcher that does not disappoint is manufactured by PetSafe that is comprised of a motion sensor that ensures safety while enjoyment as it protects other dogs and people in the vicinity from launched balls up to 7 feet away. Make sure to check our list of the best automatic ball launchers.

Innovative Bathing Tools

Best dog bathing tools

If you are fond of watching Youtube videos or scrolling through trends in the famous app Tiktok, you will often find clips of dogs who refuse to get into a tub and apparently having ‘tantrums’ for fear of being showered or given a nice bath. Does this scenario sound familiar? Well, bath time can be now perceived as fun time with the latest innovative bathing tools and dog gadgets that are emerging in the market.

What’s more, some of them are portable and you can turn any room in your abode into a ‘bathhouse’ for your adorable pet. A no-rinse shampoo oftentimes comes with the whole package too! For instance, Barkbath™ QT Portable Bath and Grooming System totally eradicates the need to bathe your pooch in a tub. It advocates the use of a less messy method with specially crafted nozzles that can go under your dog’s hair, allowing shampoo and rinsing water easily seep in your dog’s skin. Accordingly, there is a suction function that pulls water and dirt away and separately pours everything in a dirty water tank. The sounds produced are likened to a whirring vacuum. So before using, it is advisable to ensure that your pooch is not afraid of vacuum sounds. We highly recommend checking the list of the best innovative bathing tools for dogs here.

Indoor Dog Potties

Best Indoor Dog Potty Trainers

Have you ever had that sinking feeling when you are about to leave the house for work and suddenly your dog comes running to you whimpering as if to say, ‘Please do not leave me’? A dog alone in your house is definitely a heartbreaking thought with the nagging worry if their needs are met and that you will not come home to untidy and stinky surroundings filled with dog pee and poop.

Indoor dog potties solve this dilemma by providing a safe and mess-free area for dogs to ‘do their business’ conveniently and most precisely designed to hold training pads with firmness. Moreover, it prevents them from chewing the pads and protects your floor from the moisture underneath. This is not only helpful in the dog potty of our energetic babies, but also intended for new puppies or old dogs that have difficulty in bladder control. It is vital to mention the faux grass that is quite enticing for dogs to sit on as it is similar to how a real patch of grass feels. This truly works much better than usual puppy paper pads. This is how products like PetSafe Portable Indoor Dog Potty enters the picture which comprises of a tray, 1 grass pad, removable waste container, 1 disposable pee pod, and a wee sponge powder. Correspondingly, Sonnyridge stands by its eco-friendly potty training pad which is antimicrobial. All of these equates to a win-win situation entailing a worry-free fur parent, an independent pet, and an odor-free apartment!

In the midst of the hustle and bustle, technology can lessen your qualms of neglecting your dear pooches particularly if you are away from home or solely preoccupied by the daily demands of work, business, or family engagements.  Convenience is the new norm when it comes to monitoring your dog’s health, eating habits, potty training, disciplinary enforcement and yes, playtime has never been this exciting. Though individuals have grown accustomed to conventional tricks, methods, or training procedures, it is wonderful to be open to the limitless possibilities that high technology engulfs both people and pets’ lives with. Just think of the newly-introduced dog gadgets as new toys to tinker with. Always explore and unleash the childish curiosity within you.

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