Top 4 Best Dog WiFi Cameras to Monitor Your Dog in 2019

furbo dog camera review
Written by Mark Braeden

Searching now for the right dog home camera that is not too expensive nor too cheap that will break in a few months’ use? You do not need a dog home camera with too many useless features but you can also get a value for your money when you buy one of these webcams where you can really use the nice features for your pet and the household. Whether you want a wide-angle lens, night vision or with a pet treat one, check these best dog webcams and assess if these are really for you. Let’s take a look at the best dog home cameras to monitor your dog in 2018.

Furbo Dog Home Camera

furbo camera reviewsThe good thing with this dog home camera is it can toss a treat to your pet. Aside from 2-way audio, Furbo Dog camera has a bark alert where it will send you notifications straight to your smartphone. The reason for this is you can immediately go back home or call someone when there’s something wrong with your dog.

Use the smart dog alerts free trial and view your dog selfie and activity alert. There’s a person alert too. The 4X zoom is available both for day and night. The night vision is still in high quality. Enjoy your pet’s show and its secret life through the 1080p live video streaming quality and 160º wide angle view.  Take snapshots and send these to the whole world through various social media sites integrated into the mobile app.

This dog camera allows you to record your own voice and play it when the dog cam will toss a treat up in the air for your furry friend.  Isn’t this dog video camera the best? An HD dog camera with wide-angle view, bark alert, voice recording and a dog food dispenser in one dog tech product! See more at the official website.

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SOTION WiFi IP Security Dog Camera

SOTION WiFi reviewWith super HD remote live video streaming, you cannot say you cannot view the room and your dog clearly. Don’t forget, the person entering your house. Equipped with advanced 2-way audio with integrated mic and crystal clear audio output, talking and hearing your pet’s response have never been easy. Sotion WiFi dog home camera can support up to 4 live videos where you and your trusted family/friends can watch your canine friend’s live show together. With these features, your adorable dog can hear you and you will know how your pet is really feeling and doing. The pan (355º) and tilt (110º) will help you view your dog even on the corners of the room. The digital zoom makes you find out that your adorable pet is secretly eating your cookies. Kidding aside! One of the best things about this interactive dog camera is its clear night vision that can still detect motion up to 30 feet and send you a motion alert through push notifications.

Annoyed of too much email alerts? Images will be saved on the app instead of sending these to email. Best of all, you can edit your dog’s candid moments and share these to your friends online. Check the Sotion WiFi IP dog camera and you will never be disappointed.

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H.View IP Dog Home Camera

keeping an eye on your dog cameraUnlike other dog home cameras where you cannot hear your dog’s barks, the H.View IP Camera makes you and your canine friend’s worlds closer with the 2-way audio and HD video.

Your voice tone affects the mood and behavior of your furry friend. With this in mind, your voice alone can motivate your dog to have fun while you are away. You may instill discipline on your dog with your stern voice if you look at how it misbehaves. Your pet will be pleased if you sound sweet when it does a good behavior.

While hearing the way your dog responds, you can feel how sad or still happy your pet is.  You can clearly see how your companion is doing well in your home. You can even screencap your dog’s candid moments and share these through your social media accounts that are connected to the dog camera app. This dog webcam will record the detected motion automatically on the SD card so you would not need to worry about watching and deleting clips. The night vision helps you to view the household clearly.

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Wireless XM Dog Home Camera

XM dog camera reviewTalk to your dog and hear his adorable barks in real time through the two-way audio communication. Since the dog home camera can rotate 120º vertically and 355º horizontally, you can scan the whole room by the camera’s pan and tilt view through your dog camera app. You would not know your dog have other animal friends inside your house. Just like a photographer’s camera, you can rotate this dog webcam’s lens to fine tune its video and image quality. With its clear quality camera and great night vision, you can check your dog in any light condition even at night time.

For 24 hour uninterrupted video recording and playback, you can put a 32 GB memory card inside the TF slot of the dog video camera. Worried about deleting videos and pics with nothing but boring photos? This dog webcam will only record when there’s a motion detected. Since the image is in 960P high quality and has 6 layers of optical glass lens, no false motion alarms will be recorded and sent to your smartphone.  Make your dog a star by sharing its candid moments via social media apps.

You do not need an electrical expertise in setting these home and pet surveillance cameras. All these 4 dog cameras are easy to install. All you have to do is to have a WiFi home network connection, put the camera on the place you want it to conduct the surveillance, download the webcam’s app and start connecting it wirelessly to your WiFi and to your smartphone. No matter how you reach the farthest places on earth, with Internet connection, you can view and talk to your dog remotely. As a dog parent, don’t forget to get back home to give your dog the tender loving care it deserves.

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