Best LED Dog Collars in 2020

The selection of 5 best led collars on dogs of the list of 17 in our article.
Written by Mark Braeden

Dog collars and leashes are among the must-have accessories of dog owners around the globe since they come handy in various ways. If you plan on taking your furry friend for a walk, collars are essential for restraining and control. They are also perfect for identification and can be used for fashion accessories, considering their striking designs. With a variety of styles and designs, choosing the most suitable one for your dog can be tough. LED dog collars are getting more popular due to its features.

Mostly, owners use dog collars for identification, and some are specifically designed for this cause. Dark-skinned dogs are difficult to distinguish, especially at night where they even go unseen. It’s a critical problem for every owner considering that it place dogs’ safety at risk. LED dog collar light helps you see the dog in the night time.

Our TOP Pick: BSeen LED Dog Collar

At $10 price point, this LED dog collar is perfect for all dog breeds (especially large dogs), has 3 major modes that I needed, waterproofed and comes with the rechargeable battery. I have been using this LED collar for over a year now and understand why it has such great reviews.

  • Our LED Collar Top pick: BSeen
  • LED Collar With The Best Features: Piccpet
  • Best-Designed LED Collar: Hot Dog
  • Best Budget Light Up Collar: Nite Ize
  • The Most Colorful Light Up Collar: PGXT

 18 Best Led Dog Collars in 2020

The selection of the best LED dog collar in 2020.

Our dogs give light to our lives, so it’s time to provide light to theirs! We have compiled the TOP LED dog collars that will ensure safety and peace of mind at night or in low light conditions.

Fashion & Cool Glowing Dog Collar

Dog has a green Fashion & Cool LED collar on.


Fashion & Cool’s glowing dog collar prioritizes your dog’s comfort, and the collar can be manually cut to your dog’s desired length. With three lighting modes, it features twelve bright LED lights that will ensure your dog is visible for up to 1640 ft. You and your dog can choose slow flash, quick flash or steady glow that can be quickly set with a button. Plus, its available in 5 LED colors – red, green, blue, pink, orange that will fit your any dog’s personality.

When walking with your dog, you wouldn’t have to worry about the collar gets wet. This collar is inexpensive, rechargeable, and waterproof. However, it is not advised to use the collar for swimming or full submersion to water. It still works good even if wet and is USB rechargeable. You wouldn’t have to worry about finding individual batteries that other products require. Plus the collar is long-lasting that gives 3 hours of illumination for a 30-minute charge.

We were impressed with how much light it puts out. If you’re looking for a tool that provides plenty brightness at night, then this one is perfect for you. This flashing dog collar does not only offers maximum visibility, but it also makes your dog stylish. My dog was very much delighted with this collar due to the lighting effect it provides. When it’s time to go out at night, he approaches me and puts his head into the collar.

Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Collar

Pet Industries Metal Buckle LED Collar in green color on the dog.


Unlike most LED collars, Pet Industries collar functions more as a standalone collar and has a traditional look. It glows brightly with its striking neon colours that maximize your dog’s visibility and presence to prevent accidents. The necklace is available in various colours that can change from three lighting modes with a click of a button.

Pet Industries LED Collar is made of quick-dry nylon fabric with optimal abrasion resistance to prevent daily wear and tear. Its metal buckle and D-ring are corrosion resistant, made of heavy-duty steel.

Instead of having replaceable batteries, the collar charges via USB cable, and can glow up to seven hours per one hour charge. It’s a perfect addition for Pet Industries’ LED leash! You can purchase both on Amazon and get 20% off.

The best thing about this collar is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, the same for its partner LED leash. You won’t have to spend if it gets damaged or you need a replacement battery, the manufacturer is proven to be approachable and prioritizes customer satisfaction.

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Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On Dog Light Collar

Nite Ize SpotLit Clip-On LED Light Collar could be used on the dog collar as well as keychain.


This product of Nite Ize is different compare to other LED dog collars. It isn’t a full-collar, it’s a small clip-on light but brightly-illuminated that comes on handy. It does not just work like a typical light up collar, but it can also be attached to your keys or anything that you’d like to be easily identified. It can be easily attached to your dog’s collar as it features a secure stainless steel spring clip carabiner attachment. This feature makes the clip a staple for daily life and adventures alike.

The Nite Ize collar has a glow mode and a flash mode that can be easily accessed through a push button switch. The best thing about this product is that it can be used for multi-purpose like a dog collar, a keychain, carabiner, or camping gear. It explains the product’s reasonable price!

This light-weight and the water-resistant clip makes for a perfect, all-weather dog collar charm or dog collar light. It measures 2.12″ x 1.28″ x .85″ in diameter and weighs 0.56 oz which would not give your dog any trouble. Its powered by easily replaceable 3V lithium batteries, and each will give you 20 hours in glow mode or 25 hours in flash mode. Your pet can freely move and play in the dark without any insecurity and trouble with the help of this quick and easy clip light.

Nite Ize NiteHowl LED Safety Necklace

Nite Ize NiteHowl LED dog necklace looks so cook on Shiba.This functional but straightforward light up dog collar is excellent for your pooch’s visibility at night as it illuminates a full 360° around your dog’s neck. Unlike other light up necklaces, a client testified that it is visible to a car approaching at any angle. It’s adjustable, affordable, and water-resistant that can be cut to fit small, medium, and large dogs from 12″ to 27″. The measurement of the collar is 27” which is the universal size that usually fits all dogs.

The collar is very bright and fits well plus its design is neat, which satisfactorily fulfilled my requirements. It’s design, high visibility glow, and flash modes make my dog look like he’s going to a rave party. Any dog will surely enjoy the colors it produces! However, Nite Ize recommends that it should be worn as an addition to a traditional collar, not as a substitute. This LED dog necklace is just used for nighttime and low light situations anyway.

You will find this dog safety collar simple to use as it can be operated with one push of the button with a flash mode and a steady glow. It is powered by replaceable alkaline batteries and works in all weathers; the safety necklace is water resistant. A client testified that the feature has been tested by his dogs swimming in a lake and the collar still works well weeks after. It is long-lasting and robust, and is backed by Nite Ize’s “Worry-Free Guarantee.” Clients have proved that after months and years of nearly-night use, the collar is still going strong.

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Hot Dog LED Light Up Collar

8 variations of Hot Dog LED light up collars in different and unique design.


Hot Dog’s LED collar is unique of all collars presented in this list. This product gives it consumers a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes to fit most dogs and all personalities. Unlike most light-up collars, this product has various designs to choose from. It gives you the opportunity to use it as a stand-alone collar in the day, and a light up collar at night which allows you to save more money!

The collar is available in four sizes that fit all dogs of all sizes- small, medium, large, and x-large. Each collar is one inch wide and can be adjusted to suit your dog appropriately. The package comes with instructions that show how to improve the collar, which advice to add 1-2 inches more to ensure a comfortable fit. The Hot Dog’s LED collar is powered by a lithium-ion battery that is lightweight and durable that glows up to eight hours. It charges via USB cable, which you can plug into your laptop or phone charger.

You can also set it to any of three distinct light modes- quick flash, slow flash, and stable light. Plus, it is perfect for any weather conditions! It is designed to be water-resistant against rain, splashing, and slobber. Your dog will experience the feeling of fun by the colors and designs of this collar as it is proven to be durable. The collar is made in the USA and was inspected by the manufacturer’s QA Specialists. The best thing is that it’s backed up by a lifetime guarantee! You wouldn’t have a problem if something goes wrong or even the collar was lost, Hot Dog is committed to providing customers’ satisfaction.

Fashion & Cool Light Up Dog Collar

Glow with blue LED light from Fashion & Cool Light Up Dog Collar at night.


Another Light Up collar by Fashion & Cool that will not only keep your furry friend fully guarded in darkness but also allows you to keep an eye on them. The remarkable thing is that you can see your dog from up to 540 yards. It’s adjustable, affordable, water-resistant, and holds a robust battery life that can handle long walks and strolls for your dog.

Keep your dog safe with three flashing modes- steady mode, rapid flashing, and a slow flashing mode that your dog can enjoy. Choose any color of your choice among green, red, blue, and rose red. One best feature of this glowing dog collar is that it fits all neck sizes from 11” to 27”. To comfortably fit your pup, you can cut this collar to the length of your pet. Its standard size is 27.5 inch that is the universal size that fits all dogs.

The glowing dog collar is powered by a USB rechargeable battery that allows it to glow for fours per one hour of charge. It is also suitable for walks in the rain or water games as the collar is water-resistant. You will find this product sturdy and long-lasting since it’s made of soft TPU and light guide rubber strip. Your dog can rub the whole plastic tube part and can enjoy the extrusion in any shape, the light of the collar will not be affected. Overall, this collar is a simple device which is excellent for your dog’s visibility at night and low-light settings.

Moco Light Up LED Nylon Dog Collar

Moco Light Up Collar with greed LED light on soft dog.

Photo Amazon

The Moco Best Dog Collar is a light up nylon collar that lights up with LED lights and is rechargeable to help you keep track of your dog’s so they don’t stray. It has a waterproof and weather protected USB charger that charges a high-capacity battery that is enough to last for a whole week or seven hours of continuous use depending on the light mode being used. The Moco Best Dog Collar has three light settings and a high impact buckle to ensure that it will not come off during aggressive physical movements of your dogs.

HOLDALL Led Dog Collar

HOLDALL Led Dog Collar in pink color.

Photo Amazon

Unlike other dog collars, HOLDALL Dog Collar is made of fashionable materials and creates light though LED Safety Night Light Strips that are embedded with Paw Print Designs. The straps make sure that it remains durable despite being light in weight and still very, very strong. It is made of high-quality, and perfect for any dog size. The LED safety night light strips are a combination of high-tension nylon webbing for support, and the optical fibre for a bright glow without added weight an no compromise on the strength and comfort. It also comes with a 100 per cent money-back guarantee.

LivingABC LED Dog Collar

Black splash-proof LivingABC Dog Collar with blue LED light with unique design.

Photo Amazon

If you can imagine lightsabers as safety belts then it would probably look like the Living ABC LED Dog Collar. It is a USB Rechargeable, all-weather, water and splash-proof reflective collar. It is adjustable, reflective, and is very, very bright. It is made of high-quality nylon cable strands, with three lighting options; flashing, steady and slow reflective flashing. One single two-hour charging session can last up to one week of daily walks or 7 to 8 continuous hours of usage. Because it is adjustable it can be a charge on laptops, and PC that can accommodate a USB dongle.

PGXT Light Up Dog Collar

Red light up PGXT Dog Collar on retriever.

Photo Amazon

For something so small, the PGXT Light Up Dog Collar light packs quite a mean punch when it’s taken out of the box. The waterproof LED lighted safety collar for dogs and cats to come with six extra batteries for six collar tags that have four flashing modes each. The PGXT Dog Collar comes in Green, Yellow, White, Red, Blue, and Purple colours. And when I talk about the collars, I do not mean that you can order them in those colour, what I mean is all those colours come with the pack that you order. It is lightweight, waterproof and comes with a stainless-steel clip carabiner and the batteries last for almost two months.

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Clan_X Led Dog Collar

Pink Clan-x LED Dog Collar on shiba, comes in different sizes.

Photo Amazon

Clan_X Dog Collar are some of the ultra-bright LED-lit collars available in the market today. It is a rechargeable dog collar that glows in the dark and is available in small, medium and large for different sizes of dogs. The ultra-bright glow of the Clan_X Dog Collar can be attributed to its LED and TPU light-guiding tube that runs across a nicely done reflective nylon collar with nylon stitching for added support. Manufacturers claim that it is visible for up to 500 meters. Clan_X Led Dog Collar also has a great 100% satisfaction guarantee clause, ensuring 60 days money-back guarantee if you have any problem with the item.

BSEEN LED Dog Collar

Pink BSEEN LED Dog Collar is one of the cheapest options on LED collars market.

Photo Amazon

The BSEEN LED Dog Collar is also another USB rechargeable dog collar which helps keep our dogs safe and easy to spot especially when camping or taking night walks. It has the three standard glowing modes. This Dog Collar is made out of flexible silicone which can be adjusted to feet small, medium, and most large dogs. Neck adjustments can range from as little as 11 inches to as big as 27 inches.  It is very light and convenient to wear for our pet dogs, even the smaller ones. Unlike the bulky battery-weighted ones that we usually see in the market today. It can be charged through micro-USBs and comes in different colors.

PetIsay LED Dog Collar

PetIsay blue LED Dog Collar with bright light on labrador.

Photo Amazon

You a company is a serious believer of their own products when they put a 100% lifetime guarantee behind their products. And that is exactly what PetIsay, the makers of the PetIsay LED Dog Collar did. They are so confident with their LED light-up dog collar that they are willing to give a lifetime guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their products. At first look you can see where their confidence is coming from, the PetIsay Collar has a sturdy adjustable buckle, a USB charger and battery that is well secured in a hard plastic nub, a solid metal leash hook-up just in case you walk your dog with a leash and slim fixed buckles made from high impact ABS plastic material.

Great-Dealz LED Dog Collar

Great-Dealz collar with red LED light and nylon material.

Photo Amazon

When you first see the Great-Dealz LED dog collar, there are two things that you would usually notice. One, it is a huge dog collar and two, it is quite heavy. Suffice to say, the Great-Dealz LED dog collar is not for small dogs. Obviously it is designed for heavy medium to big dogs and not the toy and miniature ones. For once its smallest adjustment is at 18 inches. Second, it is quite sturdy and heavy and comes with extra batteries. It is built for outdoor heavy duty safety for dogs. The batteries last for 60-80 hours with an extra set of standard cr2032 button batteries included just for good measure. The collar is water-resistant, but not swimming or wading resistant made of high quality, durable nylon that is lit up by LED lights using four different modes of lighting.

Piccpet LED Dog Collar

Ultra bright, rechargeable and waterproof Piccpet LED Dog Collar in blue color and power on button.

While some of our furry friends have been proven to be excellent guard dogs, they also need protection. The Piccpet LED Dog Collar is more than an ordinary collar, it’s a helpful tool to keep your beloved pooch protected at night! Other than the product’s benefits, the Piccpet LED Dog Collar has competitive and excellent features that gained 4.7 stars on Amazon.

With the Piccpet LED Dog Collar’s brightest colours and glow in the dark feature, be ensured that your dog is visible up to 350 yards! The collar is not only used for romping around at night but it can also be a companion in your dog’s adventures!

Being ipx7 waterproof, the Piccpet LED collar can be used in your trips to the beach with your dog. The collar’s durable nylon webbing can withstand all kinds of weather and strenuous exercise. With the Piccpet LED collar, running in the snow, swimming underwater, or hiking on the mountains while keeping your dog protected is now possible!

The most common problem of customers with pet collars is getting the right size for their dog. It’s no doubt that it is a crucial part of buying online because size reflects comfortability! Worry no more because the Piccpet LED Dog Collar caters dogs of all breeds and sizes! It is available in small, medium, and large sizes.

In terms of design, the Piccpet LED Dog Collar offers three LED flashing modes: solid flash, quick flash, and slow flash. It does not only make your pet look cool but it also adds to your dog’s visibility. When it comes to price, the Piccpet may cost more than other LED collars but its features and durability speaks for itself!

MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar

MASBRILL light up collar comes in green, red and blue colors.

Here’s another great LED collar option that will significantly improve the safety of our furry friends. Earning 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar is another dog collar that has been loved by many! It’s undoubtedly our favorite too because of the comfort, features, and robustness it offers.

The MASBRILL Light Up collar is composed of high-quality flat optical fibres that are 50% brighter than other LED collars. My dog is a German Shepherd with a dark coat that is hard to see in the dark. This collar has helped my dog to be always visible and stand out perfectly in any situation! Plus, I loved how he seemed to like the collar too since it is bright enough to shine around him.

It’s also worth noting that the MASBRILL LED collar is USB rechargeable that helps save expenses and time to find batteries. Once it is fully charged, the collar can last up to 10 hours of use! I usually charge the collar every couple weeks and it has never died during usage!

One more thing that I loved about the MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar is its durability! I encountered using a cheap LED collar before that flashes off even with the tiniest bit of movement. However, with MASBRILL, I never encountered a single flash, blink, or interruption of any kind after using it for a couple of months!

The MASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar is water-proof, rust-proof, lightweight, strong, and durable that makes it ideal in all weather and environment conditions. No worries because the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee making it a safe choice. MASBRILL offers a 90-day money-back guarantee if you’re unsatisfied with your collar. But I’m sure you wouldn’t!

HiGuard LED Dog Collar

Lightweight, HiGuard LED Dog Collar with green light in the dark.

If you want a cheaper option yet provides the same benefits, then this one’s for you. This lightweight, rechargeable, and durable LED collar exactly does what it needs to do! The HiGuard LED Dog Collar will help you keep track of your dog at night, be visible to motorists, and illuminates your path!

With the HiGuard’s three working modes, it makes your dog super visible and glow in the dark. I tried all three modes with my dog, which are the flashlight mode, slow light mode, and glowing mode. All modes were bright enough to make my dog visible even from afar!

The HiGuard LED Dog Collar is also USB rechargeable. However, the battery is not very long-lasting when compared to other brands. One trick that I’ve discovered is that the charge might last a shorter time if turned to blink mode. It’s good that the collar is rechargeable, I just wish that the collars could take up a little longer.

To ensure your dog’s comfort, the HiGuard LED Dog Collar is made of heavy-duty nylon webbing material that makes your dog more comfortable. It also comes with a D-ring so it can be attached to a leash.

To cater to dogs of all breeds and sizes, the HiGuard LED Dog Collar is available in small, medium, and large sizes. Overall, HiGuard’s LED Collar is a great product that can be used for your dog’s protection at night.

LED Dog Collars Comparison

LED / Light Up Collar Brand

PhotoGeneral ReviewsRechargeableWaterproof/resistant
Fashion & Cool GlowingFashion & Cool Glowing LED Dog Collar4.2/5
Pet IndustriesPet Industries Metal Buckle LED Dog Collar4.2/5
Nite Ize SpotLitNite Ize SpotLit Clip-On LED Light Collar3.7/5
Nite Ize NiteHowlNite Ize NiteHowl LED Dog Light Collar4.3/5
Hot DogHot Dog Light Up Collar4.0/5
YesNo, but material repel water pretty well
Fashion & CoolFashion & Cool Light Up Dog Collar4.2/5
Moco BestMoco Light Up Nylon Dog Collar4.4/5
YesProven water resistance but NOT waterproof
HOLDALLHOLDALL Led Dog Collar4.5/5
LivingABCLivingABC LED Dog Collar4.1/5
PGXTPGXT Dog Collar Light 4.1/5
Clan_XClan-x LED Dog Collar 4.1/5
BSEENBSEEN LED Dog Collar4.8/5
PetIsayPetIsay LED Dog Collar2.9/5
Great-DealzGreat-Dealz LED dog Collar3.9/5
NoYes, but not suitable for swimming
PiccpetPiccpet LED Dog Collar4.7/5
MASBRILLMASBRILL Light Up Dog Collar4.4/5
HiGuardHiGuard LED Dog Collar4.2/5

Final Summary

The list above is just a few of the LED dog collars that are available in the market. Nevertheless, to minimize your trouble in finding the perfect one for your dog, we have chosen the best dog safety collars available online that are the most-favoured by consumers and got the most excellent feedbacks.

Before purchasing any LED dog collar light, you must consider the features that are the most suitable for your dog and his/her environment. You must pay attention to the style, design, colours, brightness, durability, quality, battery, the comfort it brings, resistance to water along with adjusting and resizing feature.

What’s important is your dog’s safety and yours. Research has proven that almost all fatal accidents occur at night involving pets that are caused by lack of visibility. LED dog collars are shown to be a great way to keep both of you visible at night, especially when taking long walks or when taking a vacation and camps. After all, every owner’s priority is their dog’s safety.

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