BigLeash V-10 Vibration Remote Trainer Review

bigleash v-10 dog training collar review
Written by Mark Braeden

Your dog is excited when he can communicate clearly with you. If he’s unable to communicate with you, you can use the BigLeash V-10 Vibration Remote Trainer to train him. Let’s do a quick review of this device.

Quick Summary of BigLeash V-10 Vibration Remote Trainer

Amazon Reviews4 out of 5
Technobark Review9.6 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For people who want to communicate with their dog

bigleash v-10 dog training collar reviewThis V-10 Vibration Trainer sends a vibration signal from your hand to the dog’s training collar to get his attention. The dog shock collar with remote is used to strengthen training commands and to change unwanted behaviors. Dog owners use this product to help tame different behaviors especially undesirable behaviors that may affect the relationship between you and your dog.

It is called V-10 because it has ten vibration levels and an audible signal used for keeping in touch with the dog especially when he is far away or too deflected from hearing you. It is an easy way to communicate with your dog. This product is the only one with a digital FM technology and an “In-Touch” two-way communication between the hand transmitter and the e collar for dog training.

BigLeash V-10 Vibration remote trainer’s features

This electric dog collar’s comprehensive LCD Display gives you all the information you need at-a-stare. It informs you about the transmitter-receiver status, battery level, level of training, and how far the dog is from the transmitter.

• It offers two signal options; vibration and audible signals. With the dog trainer’s Firefly Nightlight, the 4 LED lights will help you to walk your dog at night or locate him in the dark.

• Half a mile range: Its signal range goes up to a mile which gives him enough space to roam around when you go out.

• One hand transmitter can accommodate two dogs; all you need to do is to store different settings.

• Both the transmitter and the collar have a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable. They also have an indicator to show when the battery is low.

• The receiver collar is water resistant and light in weight. The transmitter is weatherproof.

What includes the BigLeash V-10 Vibration dog shock collar with remote

The BigLeash V-10 Remote Trainer includes; transmitter & receiver, a charger with Y connector (for both units), black electric dog collar, test light, neck lanyard and a user manual.

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How does BigLeash honor warranties?

Unlike competitors that you will be surprised when you discover that they do not honor some issues for warranty, BigLeash will tell you all here.

Dogwatch Inc. gives a two-year warranty for the receiver and the transmitter from the date of purchase. Parts and labor for batteries have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. Other accessories such as chargers have a one year warranty. Warranty does not cover repairs or replacement caused by the carelessness of the owner or the dog. Warranty is invalid if the product has been modified or if an unauthorized person has worked on it. Finally, the warranty is not transferable.

The good thing is, you can still try this dog electric training collar and with the 2-year warranty, you are sure that you are buying a durable yet reasonably priced dog training product.

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