BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty Review

BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty Review
Written by Mark Braeden

Quick Summary: BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning Dog Potty

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BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty ReviewDogs are pretty fun to have around. They lighten up the mood and provides company to their owners. Overall, pet care for dogs are fun, and they put up some sense of responsibility to their owners and little kids as well. One of the primary responsibilities includes feeding. But the worse task is cleaning their waste. It seems gross especially if they have to pee and poop inside the house. It gets messy and stressful! But things should not always be like that. To make it even better, we discovered a super handy and automatic self-cleaning dog potty! It makes the work all easier, faster and cleaner. So let’s review BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty. Here are some of its features:

Long Lasting and Durable

The BrilliantPad Automatic Indoor Dog Potty can last days or even a few weeks with its long-lasting roll similar size to 27 traditional rolls. It automatically cleans the waste, and you don’t have to worry about it. The indoor dog toilet can handle both waste #1 and waste #2.

I observed the motor when my dog peed. It replaced the soiled pad with a fresh and clean one, so the house remains smelling clean and odor-free. The machine also seals and wraps the dirty pad upon changing.

Super Absorbent Indoor Dog Potty

The pads amazingly absorbs plenty of liquid in case your dogs pee more than usual. It is designed to be thin but absorbs very well. It doesn’t break easily unlike the usual dog potty pad. When the whole roll has been used up, you can remove it and throw.

However, I think the only downside of The BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty is that you have to buy the pad roll separately since it doesn’t come in the package of the machine. Though, you can simply add one roll to your cart.

BrilliantPad Automatic Indoor Dog Potty ReviewEco-friendly Pads for Indoor Dog Toilet

The pads sold for The BrilliantPad Dog Pad are eco-friendly. They use 33% less material, unlike traditional indoor dog toilet pads. Plus, the disposable rods and end-caps are treated with EcoPure to ensure that it biodegrades well in any landfill.

Free Training Guide for BrilliantPad Dog Pad

Some people who bought the machine testified that it was effortless for their pets to transition from a traditional pad to the BrilliantPad. The machine comes with a free training guide so dog owners will not have trouble teaching their dogs how to use the machine in peeing and pooping.

A lot of BrilliantPad users recommended the machine after successfully adapting it to their home. It comes handy especially if you need to leave the dog alone in the house during work hours or short road trips.

The BrilliantPad Self-Cleaning, Automatic Indoor Dog Potty is definitely one of the best indoor dog toilet on the market. Our life with dogs has never been this easy. It is automatic, clean, safe and works well. All I need to do is make sure the roll doesn’t go out and replace it before it does. No more messy and stinky house for my family too. Our dog got used to it right away. It is a must-have for every dog owner.

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