CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog Review

CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog review
Written by Mark Braeden

If you are a tech lover and at the same time a pet lover, a new high tech gadget is now available for you! CHiP: WowWee is a white robot dog toy that is smart and has a sweet personality. He can be controlled with an app and a wristwatch strap-like SmartBand. Let do a quick review of CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog

Before adopting and starting to use this robotic dog toy, download the latest CHiP app from Google Play and App Store to see his latest features.

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CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog Features

Like a real dog, he responds uniquely to your touch and he can grow his character over a period of  time like having a dog that is gradually feeling closer to you.  He even has his mood swings. He feels excited when you play with him.  You can turn him on and off depending on your time and desire to interact with him.

With a SmartBall, you can play fetch with him. CHiP will not just roll the SmartBall, but he will also bring the ball back to you since he can locate the ball that is equipped with Beacon Sense technology.  CHiP is very smart that when he is low in battery, he can return to his SmartBed and recharge on his own.  With his high tech sensors, he can see, speak, listen and feel. Pick up his front legs and he will dance with you.  He can nuzzle you back when you lovingly rub your nose against his.

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Made by WowWee, a company that focuses on cutting-edge technologies, CHiP weighs 2.2 pounds with a dimension of 15 x 8.7 x 11.8 inches making him to carry easily like carrying a puppy.  Together with him are SmartBall, SmartBand and SmartBed. 1 Lithium Polymer battery is sold separately. Warranty for manufacturer defects is 90 days. CHiP: WowWee Robot Toy Dog can be brought to your family with a shipping weight of 5.9 pounds.

You will not only enjoy having this robot pet dog, but you will also appreciate how he can interact with your whole family especially with kids and teens that are 8 to 15 years old. Adopt him and he can recreate a fun and memorable dog experience.

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