ILife V3s: A Smart Auto Cleaner for Pet Hair

ilife vacuum cleaner for pet hair
Written by Mark Braeden

ilife vacuum cleaner for pet hairThere are many pet vacuum cleaners in the market but ILife V3s little, smart and easy auto vacuum cleaner can focus more on picking up dust and clumps of pet hair. With its 3 inch sleek slim design, it can clean the hardest to reach dust and fur under the furniture and fixtures. Aside from cleaning carpets, this smart auto cleaner for pet hair can be used not just to pick up dirt on floors, but also to wet and dry mop the floors. Because of this, you do not need to wipe your pet’s waste. What you have to do is press the CLEAN button and let the pet hair vacuum do its cleaning job while you are doing your tasks or sleeping in your room with your pet.

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Are you afraid that it may fall or bump into stairs? The pet hair vacuum cleaner‘s sensors keep it from falling from stairs and bumping into furniture or obstacles. Both the vacuum and the furniture will not be destroyed because of the TPU bumper on the ILife V3s pet hair vacuum cleaner. This pet vacuum cleaner can climb up to 15mm degrees maximum and cross the barrier or obstacle height of up to 10mm. With the remote control, you can set the pet vacuum automatic cleaning schedule so it can clean the floors and stairs automatically even when you cannot come in the house on some days. Pets are more prone to loud noise that is why the robot vacuum for pet hair runs in 55db low noise when cleaning, making you and your neighbors surely not feel disturbed.  It can do constant cleaning for 90-110 minutes. When battery is low, it automatically goes to the docking station located in a wide open area to recharge. You may also choose to manually recharge it. This product is one of the good vacuums for pet hair based from the so many positive reviews in Amazon.

ILIFE has been developing robotic pet vacuum cleaners for more than 10 years and with international FCC CE and ROHS certifications, you can be assured that the robotic vacuum pet hair is safe and produced in high quality.

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