Kingneed and TK Star Dog Tracking Devices

There are pet tracking devices for dogs everywhere and it is a hassle to look for the specific one that we really need. Our dog is already a part of our family. He or she is like a best friend to us that is wh

Kingneed V30 //

y we cannot afford to lose them but at the same time, we have to consider our budget and the quality of the pet tracking device. These two dog tracking devices might help you to decide and choose the best dog tracker.

For a waterproof dog tracker with more features that has a cute paw design, but still not too expensive, try the Kingneed V30 that has a battery life of 30 hours and up.  The tracker’s measurement is 47 x 50 x 15 mm.

Another one which is the TKStar, has a screen size that is under 2 inches and its whole device measurement is 55 x 37 x 17 mm. Same with the Kingneed, it is waterproof and when fully charged, its battery can last for a minimum of 30 hours.

If you own a WiFi connection in your home, you can set 2 WiFi addresses as your pet’s area, if he or she is out of your designated area, the dog tracking device will send an alarm message.

Smart LED Light

If it gets dark, the LED light from the paw design of the Kingneed V30 dog tracker will turn on automatically. Real-time tracking can be adjusted to save battery by setting it from Normal, Accurate and Power safe type.

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Real-time position tracking and choosing tracking types to save battery consumption

Normal – Location for every 10 minutes, works for three (3) days

Accurate – With the most battery usage, location every 30 seconds, works for six (6) hours

Power Safe – With the least battery usage, location every 1 hour, works for five (5) days

TK Star //

If you really have to find your pet right now, you can set the dog locator to Accurate first and then, turn it back to Normal tracking again.

Being shockproof, the Kingneed V30 and TKStar trackers do not break easily even your dog is very active and often runs around. Knowing the places the pet had went to can be seen with the help of the historical route feature of the app. Over speeding can be monitored too in case you want to know if your dog is chasing something

Those GPS pet collars mentioned especially the Kingneed V30 are the cheapest durable trackers so far with many good reviews. These pet trackers can be charged in 110-220 volts and have Lithium ion batteries. Voice monitors and low battery alarms do not consume much battery. The usual accessories are:

  • User manual
  • 1 Multi-function USB cable
  • 1 Pet collar (depends on the seller)
  • SIM card (depends on the seller)

Prepaid SIM card can also work for these trackers.

Just for the heads up! Do not forget to ask the seller if a SIM card is included on the tracker you are planning to buy. If it is not, just search for the SIM card with the cheapest balance rates from the network carriers in your place. Having to receive additional collar is a bonus! It will be best if more dog gps and cat gps trackers will emerge so these kinds of products will be improved rapidly. More pet safety measures equates to more happiness for the pet lovers around!

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Author: Mark Braeden

Mark is the dog breeder for 16 years. Mark also has 4 dogs: Alaskan Malamute, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Terrier and Mutt. Mark also into latest technologies and he is trying all the latest dog gadgets on the market and sharing his experience.

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