Loomin A320 Robot Floor Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Review

pet hair robotic vacuum cleaner
Written by Mark Braeden

With the love for the animals comes with cleaning their fur off the stairs and floors. After your furry friend’s playing time, manually sweeping and wiping your floor is over. With the Loomin A320 robot floor pet vacuum, you can just press a button and let the pet vacuum do its cleaning without needing intervention.

pet hair robotic vacuum cleaner

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Pets are more sensitive to noise than humans and having a traditional vacuum cleaner is not ideal. With 50db quiet sound, the Loomin A320 cannot distract you and your pet in doing your indoor and outdoor activities. With its 4 in 1 cleaning technology, it can vacuum clumps of fur, sweep the floor tangle-free, dry mop and sanitize the floors with its UV Sanitation system that kill germs and viruses instantly. Because of these features, you do not need to wipe your pet’s paw prints and waste. There is also an optional mopping system where it can sweep and vacuum floors in one passing. Best of all, you do not need additional parts for the mopping system. With its sleek black design, it does not look like a distraction in your living room and it can even go and reach under the beds and sofas to pick up the dust and pet hair.

This pet vacuum will not fall on stairs. With its anti-drop sensors, it will not collide with other objects and fixtures. It can detect more than 3.1 inches of drop-off. The HEPA filter can trap dust-causing allergies. With the pet hair vacuum’s 1 liter dustbin and setting an automatic cleaning schedule with the help of the pet vacuum’s remote control, you can go and relax even in 7 days. Unlike ordinary vacuum cleaners that require manual charging, place the docking station in the room and the pet hair vacuum will automatically go there when its battery become low. 

Have more time with your furry companion and do other activities by getting the Loomin A320, one of the best rated vacuum cleaners for pet hair in Amazon. You will never have to spend a time on sweeping off the heavy fur again.

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