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Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System Review

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Written by Mark Braeden

Another pet tracking GPS collar I tried is the Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System which I bought from Amazon

You can track your pet with the Marco Polo Advanced Pet Tracking System even if you are not connected to the internet. It is waterproof and incredibly durable, making it perfect for active and adventurous cats and dogs. This gadget is appropriate for pets ranging in size from large canines to tiny dogs and cats with collar lengths of 7 inches or more.

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Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System Technical Features Review


Marco Polo functions as a personal radar system when looking for your dog. It scans the area around you as you walk including neighboring homes, garages, and backyards.

Since it does not require an internet connection, the device uses radio signals to pinpoint your pet’s location. Ideally, the tag on the collar should respond to the handheld locator once every 5 seconds while you are within range, this allows the locator to determine the exact location of your dog.

However, because the signals can and will multipath off buildings or other obstructions, the direction that the unit is pointing may keep on changing. The signal strength will also change constantly depending on the environment.

If the arrow on the handheld is swinging back and forth by 90 degrees, head halfway between those spots until the unit can acquire a more direct signal, then travel in that direction and constantly restrict your search in that manner. It is very easy to narrow down the area your pet is in once you understand how to use the unit. 

In my case, I live in an area with a strong signal and there are not much of tall buildings around. The signal is okay so far but sometimes it fluctuates and can’t locate my dog even though he is only several meters away.

I am having a little bit of a hard time adjusting to this kind of device since I am used to the smart collars which give you a map or an estimated number of how far is your dog away from you.

Waterproof Rating

dog is jumping out of water with marco polo GPS tracking collar

Marco Polo is the ultimate option for keeping your dogs safe as they engage in their favorite hobbies. Because it is built for extensive swimming, it can tolerate prolonged exposure to water.

So far, I did not experience any problems with its waterproof capabilities. My dog was able to use it in the rain although I haven’t tried to use it yet while he is swimming.

Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System General Features Review


The device measures 15.24 x 1.59 x 2.54 centimeters and weighs 283.5 grams. It fits small to large dogs and cats with a collar length of seven inches and more.

Color and Design

two small dogs with MARCOPOLO dog tracking collars

The Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System is pretty simple when it comes to color and design. The handheld device has black, gray, and blue hues while the collar has monotonous gray and black colors.

The collar is also quite tough. The Advanced Tracking Tag is designed to resist rugged terrain and long periods of swimming. The streamlined design keeps the tag out of harm’s way, preventing it from becoming entangled in branches or damaged while your fur baby is playing.

You can also add up to two additional tracking tags on your handheld device by purchasing them separately. This will allow you to monitor and track up to three pets.


Two Lithium-Ion batteries are required for this device to operate. It is said on product details that the batteries on the collar can last up to six weeks when continuously monitored but in my experience, it only lasted around four weeks.


I suggest to leave the unit on “monitor” mode if your fur baby doesn’t wander much and you rarely need to track him. This is to prolong the battery life in the tag. 

Pros and Cons of Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System

Pros Cons
  • The collar is waterproof and adventure-proof.
  • You can monitor up to three pets provided that you purchase the other two tracking tags.
  • It can be brought anywhere since it does not require an internet connection
  • No subscription fees needed
  • Not so good battery life.
  • Signal is unpredictable


For someone like me who is used to the GPS and monitoring my pooch through the help of maps, I find this tracker not suitable and something like Fi Collar works way better for me. Although, I believe this device will do wonders for other people and fur babies under different circumstances.

Marco Polo Advanced Pet Monitoring System might be a good purchase for other fur parents, particularly those living in wide spaces. But for those living in the cities and residential areas, I wouldn’t so thrilled to recommend this to you. You can check the latest price on Amazon.


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