MECO Robotic Vacuum cleaner PURRfect for Pet Hair and Allergens

Written by Mark Braeden

When you have pets, having a brush and at the same time a mop on a single pet vacuum can be a wonderful thing to use in your home. MECO Robotic Vacuum cleaner has a HEPA filter that removes dirt and mites that can cause allergens making it the best vacuum for allergies and pet hair. Using the best vacuum for pet hair is now easy by just pressing a button. No need to brush off your pet’s fur from the carpet or sofa. You can do other chores or relax by leaving and letting the pet hair vacuum do its job.

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 With  its Gyroscope Navigation Sensor, it would not bump around furniture, drop-offs, walls and stairs. It can even return itself to the dock when power is low. This pet vacuum’s built-in powerful 1500Pa motor can absorb, suck or pick up pet hair, dirt and debris on difficult to reach hiding places. With its small size, MECO robotic vacuum pet hair can go under your sofa, bed and other furniture to clean the dust.

Your pet peed on the floor? Paw prints everywhere? No need to take a mop. The pet hair vacuum can do the mopping and dry sweeping for you. Inside the pet hair vacuum, the 260ml water tank can drip the right amount of water to automatically mop the floors. When you stopped the robotic vacuum pet hair, the water tank will not leak. It will also be the same when charging.

With a remote control, you can set its cleaning schedule. Since the pet vacuum can clean quietly, it can be trusted in cleaning your house even you are sleeping or away from home. People outside would not even notice that there is a vacuum cleaner operating in your house.

MECO robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the best rated vacuums for pet hair in the market. With its features, 1-year warranty and 24-hour prompt customer service, you will be assured that the MECO robotic vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuum for pet hair in the market.

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