PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar Review

PATPET PTS-018 dog training collar review
Written by Mark Braeden

When your dog is uncontrollably digging on your backyard, growling when you are just about to feed it, and eating almost of the other dogs’ share, these mean it is time to train your dog now. Leaving your dog like that will surely harm you in the future. If you resort to harsh punishments, your pet might become traumatized or aggressive. Command and control your dog’s behavior through using PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar.

PATPET PTS-018 dog training collar


The PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar Effect

At 450 yard range, the PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar with remote can leave a short-term stimulation effect on your dog. The receiver is lightweight (0.12 lb.) and can be comfortable for dogs. You can choose one of these modes: Stimulation, Vibration and Tone. The modes are in colored buttons to avoid confusion or clicking the wrong button. The Stimulation and Vibration can be adjusted gradually up to the 16th level (Levels 1-16) depending on your dog’s reaction.  The Tone mode is gently customized in accordance to the dog hearing system. Proven humane and safe, the electric dog collar will stop the mode for 5 seconds after 10 seconds of continuous shock or vibration.

The PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar is 100% Waterproof and Dustproof

When rain falls while on training, no need to run and hide. The dog shock collar with remote is not water resistant but actually, waterproof as one verified customer review said in a well-known online buy and sell the platform. Your dog can swim with it even on the beach since the dog shock collar is dustproof. At night, the LCD screen is still easier to view because of the blue backlight.

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The TPU collar belt is adjustable for dogs weighing 15lbs. to 100 lbs. For additional info, you can try it on your cute small pet but the dog must be 6 months old and up to be trained by this electric training collar. The contact points are made of stainless steel so it can last longer and no rust can harm your dog. If no shock is needed for your dog, just cover the contact points with insulating covers. What makes PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar special is you can train 2 dogs in one remote control. The package includes a receiver, remote control, adjustable collar, 2 short contact points, 2 long contact points, USB cable, adapter, wrist strap, test light, 2 insulating covers for contact points, and user manual. It’s also reasonably priced (check the price at Amazon).

Great Customer Support

Both the remote and the electric dog collar can be charged in one charger at the same time. In case you have an unpleasant experience in using the dog training shock collar, you can call the support since Patpet has a 90-day money back guarantee. When you get PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar, you will also get a 2-year warranty. Best of all, you will get a lifetime support guarantee. There is really no risk since this is one of the most effective dog training collars without torturing your pet. This is a great deal for dog trainers and dog training beginners. Good training will make your dog lovable and amazing.

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PatPet PTS-018 Dog Training Collar Review
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