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Pethree Remote Controlled Dog Training Collar Review

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Correcting dog behavior requires patience and understanding. Though love is really a tough thing to do but this must be done to shape your beloved pet’s behavior. Positive reinforcement is a good way to make them do what you want but in case your dog is still stubborn, you have to use a negative reinforcement. Hitting and starving your dog are not good negative reinforcements. Maybe, an electric dog collar can do the trick. It is proven safe and humane for dogs. This e-collar training for dog will not make him or her become agitated or timid too much.

One of the decent and at the same time, not too expensive dog training collars is the Pethree Dog training collar with remote control. Aside from being used by dog training experts, dog training newbies can use dog shock collar with remote to instill correct behavioral obedience. The dog collar makes training become easier for them.

Is Pethree a good electric dog collar?

Compared to Garmin dog collars, with the help of the RF434Mhz technology, you can train your dog as far as 660 yards. Since the electric training collar is IPX7 waterproof, you can have training not only on the backyard but also on the mud or swim on the river. What makes this e-collar training for dog unique is you can charge both the receiver and the remote control at the same time in one charger. Saves you time right? When training is still going on and night time comes, the LCD display features a blue back light so you can still see the stimulation level and the remote control battery status. The remote control’s standby time is 12 days while the receiver is 6 days.

A shock collar for all dog sizes

Shocks are adjustable so you can determine if the stimulus produced is too harsh or too soft for your active pet. By the way, the adjustable levels are from 1 to 16. There are 3 stimulation modes to choose from: Beep, Vibration and Static shock mode. Don’t worry! Your pet will still be safe from it. You will just use it when your dog is hard-headed in following your commands or wants to do his or her own unruly behavior. The Pethree dog training shock collar can fit to all dogs weighing from 10 lbs. to 100 lbs. meaning a cute poodle is no exception in using the dog training device.

Money back guarantee with 2-year warranty

100% safe and in high quality, this electric dog collar is made of AB+PC materials for extra durability.  Don’t risk buying on cheap but unregulated ones. You can try this e-collar training for dog without risk. There is a 30-day money back guarantee together with a 2-year warranty to make sure that dog owners will experience Pethree’s satisfaction guaranteed product and service.

The whole package includes the remote control, collar, receiver, neck strap, usb cable, charger, contact points, test light and the user manual. Get a dog training shock collar and make your dog become a well-rounded lovable pet.

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