PetSafe-5 Meal Automatic Pet Feeder Review

meal 5 dog automatic feeder
Written by Mark Braeden
meal 5 dog automatic feeder

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It is hard to wake up too early just to feed your medium sized canine friend.  A commute for a day’s work means leaving your adorable dog alone. You do not know your entire neighborhood and it is expensive to get someone to take care of your dog. In other words, it is hard for you to look for a trusted dog sitter. There are affordable dog toys out there but what is missing is an effective way to have an effective weight loss or portion control for your dog’s diet. In that case, you may want to look for a simple automatic dog food dispenser.  You might really get a decent one when you look at this timed dog feeder.

Organizing a dog meal schedule is easier than beforemeal-5 automatic dog feeder

The PetSafe auto dog feeder can feed your pet 5 meals a day with 1 cup per meal. The tray will rotate those 5 meals in one hourincrements. After all the meals were consumed in that day, PetSafe’s dog smart feeder still remembers your last set preference and no need to reschedule again. Unless, you want to set a new food schedule for your dog. For the time, you can set your four-legged friend’s meal schedule though the dog smart feeder’s monitor. If you and your dog cannot wait for the food, just press a button to let the tray rotate your pet’s next meal. You can even set the current time so you will automatically have a clock and a timed dog feeder in one pet feeding device.

Dog food safe from bugs and other pests

Your dog will not barge on that automatic dog food dispenser since it can only see and smell the dispensed food. The auto dog feeder keeps the food fresh and secured where bugs, cockroaches, rats and bad bacteria cannot take over the tray like taking over a territory. This dog feeder helps you to conserve food and save costs because giving food in advance will make your dog eat uncontrollably. If your dog does not have the mood to eat, the served dog food will only spoil. No more spoiled and nasty food when you have an efficient food storage and distribution. No additional mess to clean with when you get home. Powered by D4 batteries, this feeder can last up to 12 months. No need to look for an electric outlet to make this dog feeder work.

Materials are made of BPA-free plastics making the tray safe to touch and eat the food there. Also, the tray is dishwasher safe. To clean the machine, you just wipe it with a cloth.

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Rest assured this is a safe dog feeder

PetSafe is an industry leader in providing high quality pet care products. If you have lost your manual or you find something unsatisfactory with using the automatic dog feeder, PetSafe’s customer care support is ready to give you a human response. When you register a PetSafe product through their website within 30 days, you will enjoy a product’s full warranty.

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