PetSafe Auto Dog Feeder Review

PetSafe Auto Dog Feeder Review
Written by Mark Braeden

I used to make fun of people who had automatic pet feeders, and theeennn…….. – review from an online buy and sell platform.

Having an automatic dog food dispenser is a huge convenience in feeding a small up to medium sized dog. Not only it can help you to do other things but also it can feed your pet the right proportions. The feeder can even dispense semi-moist dog foods of different sizes and shapes that is why you don’t have to worry that you are only feeding dry processed foods to your canine friend.  Since you are searching for a quality yet with value for money, you may consider PetSafe’s Healthy Pet Simply Feed auto dog feeder. We have included this device to TOP-10 best smart feeders.

An auto dog feeder that dispenses 12 meals a day

PetSafe Auto Dog Feeder ReviewMeal distribution and scheduling have never been easy. Now, you can set up to 12 scheduled meals per day with each meal portion from 1/8 cup to 4 cups of dog food. The holder stores 24 cups of dry food while the bowl stores 5 cups of food. Your dog will never become hungry for days you are away. When your dog is a fast eater, just set a slow feed mode where it releases more than 1/8 cup meals over 15 minutes. Your pet might choke, gulp or vomit if he or she is eating uncontrollably. An immediate feed releases the next meal right away. A Pause feed temporarily stops feeding your pet without losing your pre-set dog feeding schedule. A truly dog smart feeder!

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This timed dog feeder is also good for dogs of all shapes since you can now manage your pet’s weight to maintain the body shape. No more overweight or underweight dogs. With this dog feeder, a well-balanced diet is now easier to achieve.

Easy to set-up, connect this feeder to your WiFi, install the dog smart feeder’s app, then, you are ready to give your four-legged companion a proper dog diet. When power’s off (adapter sold separately), the 4 D alkaline batteries (not included) will save your dog from hunger. Batteries can run the feeder for 1 year.

 PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder reviewThe lid keeps the food fresh and secure. No pests will eat the food and thrive inside this automatic dog food dispenser. Being pet-proof, the auto dog feeder’s base holds in place and keep your dog from barging into it. Your pet’s prying paws cannot take even a kibble from the dispenser. This automatic dog food dispenser is made of BPA-free plastic materials. The stainless steel bowl is hygienic for your dogs to use. The lid and the bowl are dishwasher safe. For the dispenser itself, you can just wipe it with a wet and dry cloth.

PetSafe is one of the leading pet care brands in the world and has very high rating on amazon reviews. Their quality customer service is ready to assist you. The brand is maintaining its integrity that is why you are assured that buying their products is worth your money. Research and inspections are made to provide pet owners their high quality products.

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