PetSpy 1100 Premium Training Dog Collar Review

PetSpy 1100 Premium Training Dog Collar Review


Have you ever felt like a failure for not having a trained dog? Well, I know how that felt like, but everything changed when I purchased the Premium Training Dog Collar PetSpy 1100. It was a game changer for my dog and me. It was exactly what we needed to train him easily. I summarized this review to share my experience with this electric dog collar. Hope it helps!

A few months ago, I was a first-time dog owner. A friend of mine recommended having a dog so someone would always be there to look after the house when I’m out working. I thought it was so easy to own a dog, but it really is frustrating because my dog cannot follow simple instructions. I started doubting dog trainer ads because it seems impossible and just a complete waste of time and money. Until one day while looking for dog accessories, I stumbled upon dog training shock collars.

I was eager to try the dog shock collar with remote after reading tons of reviews. So basically, it works efficiently for first-time pet owners and makes the job easier for professional dog trainers since it comes with two collars for two dogs. My thought back then was, “I don’t need a trainer with this electric training collar.” It was what I needed, and I was all ready to try any product that will train my dog. 

I was sold and made the purchase right away. The waterproof dog training collars were reasonable for my budget and worth the price. Everything you will need for the product, like guides and videos, is included, it has a lifetime warranty and a 24/7 customer support service. Well, that sounded amazing to me.

Upon receiving the PetSpy 1100 e-collar training for dog, we used it right away for my 12-pound dog. My dog is pretty small, but it fit him just right with the adjustable strap. I read that they recommend the electric collar for dogs weighing 10-140 lbs. So, it’s tr

PetSpy 1100 Training Dog Collar Review


At first, our e collar dog training was shocking to my little dog. It was my dog’s first time to feel the shock that comes from the device; he still needs some guidance to recognize how to respond to the vibration and beeping sound. My dog started to address the signals and apparently show that he understands what he needs to do. I can even call him from a distance after a long walk since it covers 1100 yards distance between the collar and the remote. What I love most about this product is that I can shut my dog immediately when he barks at nonsense objects. I don’t need to worry about water spilling or my dog getting wet while wearing the product since it is waterproof and safe.

The battery seems to last long. I read one review that says he charges once a week only and uses both collars for his two dogs. There are over five hundred reviews saying how extremely satisfied they were and I’m one of them now. There are a few with slight issues that were easily addressed by the customer representative who makes their experience even better.

The only disadvantage I would mention is a poor manual inside, I must investigate in YouTube how to use it.

Overall, this product serves a great purpose for all dog owners. I literally saw my dog change his behavior for the better after we used this product. This collar is really good for puppies though. The PetSpy 1100 is a must have. I am even considering buying my second dog to use the second set of the collar. Next, I want to try Garmin collars and compare them with PetSpy.

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