Pop View Bark Collar Big Review

POP VIEW Bark Collar REview
Written by Mark Braeden

Pop View No-Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews4.8 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

Barking is a natural part of a dog’s behavior and attitude. In fact, specific breeds have been bred to bark as a part of their duties. According to two scientific surveys of dog owners, a third of them reported that their dogs bark excessively. While dogs bark for appropriate reasons, some dogs excessively bark that drive us nuts. Does Pop View Bark Collar will help to train your dog? Honestly, you are better to check Garmin collars, and buy high-quality collar right away.

To be able to cure a dog’s unrestrained barking, a dog owner must first identify why they are barking. However, are you one of the dog owners that tried every possible way to cure their dog’s uncontrolled barking? Worry no more as we review the Pop View bark collar that helped me with the same problem. I listed some reasons that will prove why this anti-bark collar is good solution.

Pop View Bark Collar is One of the Most Versatile Collars

With the wide variety of available no bark collars in the market, you may still be confused about choosing one. Some may also want to try all therapies to find out which suits your dog. The Pop View anti-bark collar is a good option for you! You will find all three stimulation for correcting your dog’s barking in one collar!

No Brainer To Use

The Pop View no bark collar is unexpectedly easy to use! I didn’t encounter any problem with using and assembling the collar. Instructions are included in the package which is helpful and very easy to follow. The collar can slightly be difficult to tighten and loosen, but that’s not a big deal. At least I know that it’s secured around my dog’s neck.

Most anti-bark collars have a single button operation, making it difficult to use. The Pop view collar is the exact opposite. It features four buttons for the vibration and shock mode, adjusting the sensitivity level, and the power button. There is also a small LED screen that shows the current sensitivity level. I loved how the collar saves me from hassle!

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A Humane Approach to Training

Utilizing an anti-bark collar may have crossed your mind before but hesitated to do so because of its bad reputation. As technology grew over the years, more humane anti-bark collars were introduced in the market. One of these humane collars is the Pop View anti-bark collar. We were in the same situation as you before, but we were desperate to train my dog.

Pop View features seven levels of sensitivity and three modes of training, including sound, vibration, and static shock. You can use them all together or separately. With this feature, I was given the freedom to choose the most suitable model to effectively stop barking without causing any harm to my fury baby. I haven’t even used the static shock mode yet, the vibration and sound alone were enough to train my dog.

A Great Learning Tool

Based on my own experience, this Pop View dog collar did not disappoint me. Ever since my dog utilized this product, he portrayed a positive attitude and became happier. My dog never showed signs of pain or discomfort. To be able to receive positive feedback, you must know how to utilize this product correctly.

Keep in mind that your Pop View dog collar shouldn’t be worn on your dog’s neck for a long time. It is recommended only to be utilized during training, not exceeding more than 12 hours a day. Furthermore, do not forget to clean the touch area of your dog and the collar’s prongs. It is necessary to regularly examine the contact area for signs of rash or a sore.

Pop View is Ideal For Dogs of ALL Sizes

POP VIEW Bark Collar dimensions

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Every dog owners’ priority is their pup’s comfort. Worry no more as the Pop View anti-bark collar prioritizes your dog’s comfort, and my dog can prove that. This collar is adjustable that can fit small, medium and large dogs. You wouldn’t have to worry as the no bark collar can fit dogs weighing 6-120lbs.

Rechargeable and Rainproof

One of the best features of the Pop View bark collar is being rechargeable. I wouldn’t have to worry about finding and spending a lot of money on replaceable batteries. That means less hassle for me! Moreover, I loved how it lasts so long. After one hour of charging, my dog was able to utilize the collar for fourteen days and even more!

An additional feature is that this collar is rainproof. My dog and I wouldn’t have to worry about the collar getting wet whenever playing water games or strolling in the park. There was a time when my dog and I were strolling in the park, and it suddenly rained. Even when wet, the collar was still working correctly with no defects at all!

Durable and Long-Lasting Pop View Collar

Some clients have testified that they have been using the collar for months and even a year! Made with a sturdy casing, playful dogs wouldn’t knock the collar off. At first look, I know that the collar is high-quality. It has a metal probe and reflective strap that ensures your dog’s comfort and safety. The reflective strap is an additional feature; it can help dog owners identify their dogs at the dark. This is especially useful for owners with dark-skinned dogs and when strolling at night.

Lives Up To Your Expectations

I have a habit of reading reviews from verified purchases before buying something, may it be online or not. Especially when I’m buying a product for my dog. The last thing that I want to happen is to see my dog suffer because of the product I purchased for him. I have no regrets with buying the Pop View bark collar because it works like it’s supposed to do!

At first, I did not believe the reviews of some clients. I felt like it was impossible to correct my dog’s barking for only a few days, especially that he’s an excessive barker. But I was eager to try the Pop View bark collar to eliminate my dog’s barking quickly. It did not meet my expectations, but it exceeded my expectations!

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A Safe Choice

According to some clients, they had encountered some defects for their first-time use. Nevertheless, the manufacturer was kind enough to replace it for them! One client said that the manufacturer was the one who initiated a replace after reading his review. An excellent customer service for Pop View!

The best thing about this product is it guarantees 100% satisfaction and offers 30 days money back guarantee! The manufacturer initiates clients to contact them if they met any issue with the bark collar. Did I mention that the collar also comes with a one year warranty?

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Why Should You Buy The Pop View Bark Collar?

Think of a situation where you can’t utilize your remote to control your dog’s barking. This especially happens when you have guests at home. You don’t always have your remote on hand, so when has his collar on, you wouldn’t be able to correct your dog’s barking. It should have been an opportunity for training right?

The Pop View anti-bark collar understands your situation. With a fresh new update for 2018, the collar has an intelligence chip technology that detects your dog’s barking and immediately provides the proper therapy that you have set ahead of time. The collar saves you from the hassle of always handling a remote. And at the same time, the opportunity of training is always present.

Using the Pop View Bark Collar

If you’re new to the anti-bark collar scene, we got you covered. If you would like to know how it feels when the collar is correcting a bark, especially on shock mode, try it on your arms first. This way, you will know what level is the most appropriate for your pup. Based on my experience, level two of shock mode is already enough. However, I was already able to correct my dog’s barking through vibration and sound.

If your dog hasn’t utilized an anti-bark collar before, it may take some time to make him get used to it. Do not just leave the collar on your dog and let it do its job. Your supervision is needed, as your dog may be confused that will result in negative behavior. Remember, the Pop View no bark collar is a training tool, not the trainer itself.

You need to start with the lowest sensitivity level during the first-time use. Let your dog understand that the collar will deliver a sound, vibration, or shock when he is going to bark. After seeing the response of your dog, then you can decide whether to increase the level or eliminate a mode. Keep in mind the best results always comes with your supervision.

Other reviewers also recommend the collar to be on your dog only during training. I do not let my pooch wear the collar without my supervision and at night. Nevertheless, with the collar’s work and my lessons, my pup’s barking has gone from an all-day affair to non-existent. Believe it or not, his excessive barking has been eliminated over a week!

Pop View Bark Collar: Cons

The most typical problem clients have encountered with the Pop View anti-bark collar is its false triggers. Pop View promised that the collar eliminates false triggers in its product description. But somehow, Pop View failed to do so. Clients were saying that the collar detects barking from other dogs and some noises.

Some said that a dog’s shaking triggers the collar. I had encountered the same problem before, but I learned that it’s because of the strap’s loose fit. Please do make sure that you have adjusted the collar that perfectly fits your dog. It is for your dog’s safety and comfort.

Because of this, you need to take extra measures when using the collar. It may not be ideal for a loud environment. I had encountered false triggers with the collar too, but only a few times. I hope that Pop View will work on this problem.

No bark collars are training aids, not a tool for punishment. The Pop View anti-bark collar proved this statement. Using a no bark collar may be frightening, but I can assure you, as a dog owner, Pop View’s bark collar is an effective training tool. With my help, the collar was able to eliminate my dog’s excessive barking. My house has never been this quiet before! Overall, this is a great product and should be used by owners of excessive barkers.

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Pop View Bark Collar Big Review
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