Should You Buy Doggie Cone: Frozen Treat Maker for Dogs?

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Written by Mark Braeden

All dog owners are aware of how our furry friends love their treats, may it be wet or dry or even CBD treats. But can they resist a frozen treat on a hot sunny day? As much as humans love ice cream, our canine companions mostly find frozen treats extremely enticing. Nevertheless, ice cream contains ingredients that can harm your pooch, and specialized dog ice creams are often pricey. Why not make a homemade frozen treat to keep your beloved pooch happy?

Now, you can make frozen treats for your dog in the most convenient way! Instead of buying expensive doggy ice creams, The Doggie Cone: Frozen Treat Maker for Dogs makes it possible to make homemade frozen dog treats as much as you like. It won’t only let you reward your pup, but it also comes with many health benefits! I can’t wait to share my experience so far!

Doggie Cone Pros

1. Easy to Clean and Use

Based on what I encountered, the usual problem with dog treat makers is the mess it leaves. Fortunately, I didn’t have any trouble with the Doggie cone frozen treat maker. It is indeed an innovative product for preparing dog treats without leaving any mess. I don’t have to use kitchen equipment or perform complicated steps to make the treats; it’s that easy to use!

In preparing Doggie cone frozen treats, I will simply fill the can with water to one of the fill lines. It can be a broth or other mixtures as well, depending on your pup’s preference! Then, I will merely stir in any treats, meat, fruit or vegetables my dog loves and freeze overnight. After several hours, remove the lid, and now it’s ready to serve!

Did I mention that the Doggie cone treat maker is dishwasher safe? Because of the product’s small size, it’s extremely easy to clean! We all know how hard to get frozen treats out of its mold. Be at ease as the frozen product comes out of the mold easier as I imagined! Just don’t forget to run water over the top of the lid!

2. Health Benefits

This veterinarian and dog trainer frozen treat maker provides a unique and delicious experience. It keeps your pooch occupied and hydrated at the same time. The Doggie cone frozen treat is indeed a lifesaver if you have an energetic and playful pup. It especially keeps my dog busy and cool on hot summer days!

Frozen treats are not only great for keeping your dog refreshed in the summer, but they are also excellent for teething pups and dogs. During teething, pups want to chew to alleviate the pain and loosen their baby teeth. Frozen treats are also an excellent remedy for dogs with chewing habits! Plus, it is excellent for anxious dogs, keeping them occupied and interested.

3. 100% Safe for Dogs

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When buying products for my dog online, I always check if a product is safe for him. Honestly, I was hesitant to buy the Doggie cone frozen treat maker at first because it is made of plastic. But when I found out that it is made of safe plastic, I immediately purchased one to try. Luckily, Doggie cone did not disappoint me at all!

The whole product, may it be the lid or bottom part, is made of clear food-safe and dishwasher safe plastic. It is chew resistant, so it is safe for chewers, like my dog! With almost three months of use, I have never seen any part of the treat maker come off. Due to my dog and I’s fondness of this treat maker, we now own three!

4. Extremely Durable and Excellently Designed

The Doggie cone treat maker is a bit pricey, but it proved me that it’s worth the price. When I found out that the product has gone into extensive testing time, I was hooked right away! I expected it to be durable, and it lived up to my expectations! All treat makers are also designed for stacking so fitting multiple designs in the freezer is very simple.

I have been using Doggie cone for three months now, and it still looks as good as the first-time use! The bottom blue part has a low profile design to prevent tipping, a replaceable support pole, and rubber feet to minimize sliding. I love how it looks like; it’s concave design capture two hours of meltwater at room temperature.

The lid part has a ribbed design optimized for licking enjoyment. It is also ridged at the top to be stable when inverted for freezing or stacking.  The Doggie cone’s seal is tight. I haven’t experienced any leakage or accidental openings. Plus, it is designed with two fill lines that let you make 22 oz and 12 oz versions.

5. Saves Money, Effort, And Time

For me, the Doggie cone frozen treat maker costs a lot. However, when I started using it, I realized that I’m not only saving money, but also effort, and time. Because I’m an owner of a pooch who loves treats way too much, I always find time to buy different types of treats for him. He loved his dog ice cream, which is costly since I have to spend on ice cream each week.

When I saw the Doggie cone on Amazon, it crossed my mind to make homemade treats that my dog will love even more instead of spending a small fortune on raw treats each week. Just like what homemade products do, it saved me money. Not only money but also time and effort to go to the store just to buy my dog’s treats.

6. 100% Healthy and Organic

The truth is, we are not certain if the food that we buy outside for our dog is healthy and safe for him/her. It is also one of the reasons why I purchased the Doggie cone frozen treat maker. It gave me the opportunity to make different mixes of various healthy foods. I loved how I’m in control of what my pooch eats.

My dog loves ice cubes during hot days, which has become my worry. I’m worried that he might choke when the ice cubes become small, plus, it also collects dirt when in the ground. The frozen dog treats are the best alternative to ice cubes. I had a peace of mind ever since as the Doggie cone frozen treat maker allows me to produce organic, healthy, and preservative-free treats!

Do not worry about what food you will mix in the treat maker because there are many combinations to try. You know your dog well and his favorite treats so you can chop off pieces of each and mix with water. You could also experiment with different recipes; there is a lot on the internet

7. Longer Treats

As a treat lover that he is, my dog usually swallows treats and comes looking for more immediately. I realized that it’s a reason why his treats are costing me a lot. The Doggie cone frozen treats took him a while to work on. He usually spends 20 minutes working on one frozen treat, which is also fun to watch. The Doggie cone is a great way to make treats last longer!

The Doggie cone frozen treat maker is one of my best purchases. At a high price, it actually saved me more money from overpriced treats and the vet. How I wish I could have bought it sooner! My dog and I recommend the treat maker to all dogs, especially those who live in hot countries. It a simple product, unlike other treat makers I used. You just have to keep playing around with recipes to find the perfect combo for your dog and freeze it! Check the reviews and price on Amazon.

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