SOTION WiFi IP Security Video Camera for Dogs Review

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Written by Mark Braeden

Quick Summary of Sotion Camera for Dogs

Amazon Reviews4 out of 5
Technobark Review9.1 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? Perfect for the pet owners who want to monitor their pets when you are not home

Our pets might sometimes become out of our sight. If you have a cat, dog, or other lovable pet, we believe that there’s a huge chance that you worry about them the moment you step out of the door. As pet owners, we wonder from time to time what exactly our furry friends are doing- are they playing around the house or are they simply lonely and sad whenever we’re not around? How about getting a dog webcam?

How to stay connected with your pet (spoiler: Sotion Camera)

wifi dog cameraHave you ever wondered what life is like if only you can get a real-time video recording and streaming of a camera to watch your dog at the exact moment? With the help of modern day technology, staying connected to your pooches and other pets is as simple as using your mobile device! One of the ways that can help you look on your pets is by installing an interactive dog camera. Having a dog webcam in your household would definitely give you the opportunity to look, talk, and interact with your dog no matter how far you are away from home.  Most of us are familiar with the idea that there are some dogs who are inclined to do mischief whenever their owners are not around, so in order to monitor their behavior, one can easily make use of this device.

One of the best security camera for your dog

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of dog video cameras available all over the internet. There are some that include scent diffusers as well as dog camera treat machines for your furry friend but if you’re more of a straightforward pet owner who simply wants to stay connected with their loving pets then we might have a perfect suggestion for you. One example of that is the SOTION WiFi IP Security Video Camera on Amazon. This dog home camera boasts a super HD remote live video streaming of your furry companion straight to your devices like smartphones, tablets, PC, and Mac. It is also equipped with advanced two-way audio with extraordinary quality integrated microphone and crystal audio output speaker so that you can listen and talk to your pets. In addition to that, one of the best things about this interactive dog camera is that it has a clear night vision up to 30 feet with intelligent motion detection alarm/alert and video recording for your home security.

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Sotion Camera features

There is also an important feature that this dog monitor camera has to offer. It has a pan & tilt as well as digital zoom capabilities making it easy for you to follow your dogs and find out whether they are the ones who are secretly eating your cookies. Kidding aside, SOTION Wi-Fi video camera has lenses that can be remotely panned up to 355 degrees and tilted 110 degrees giving you a complete view of the room. So if you are in a market for a WiFi dog camera, then feel free to check out the SOTION WiFi Video Camera because it is definitely worth your time.

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