SportDOG Bark Collar HUGE Review: Worth to buy?

sport dog bark collar big review
Written by Tillie Bailey

Dog parenthood is not as easy as non-dog owners think they could be. Regardless of the joy and peacefulness, our furry babies bring in our home, training them is the most challenging task every dog owner face, especially if your dog barks excessively. Are you having a difficult time in training your dog’s barking? Well, I know how that felt like, but everything changed when I found this product. No, it’s not expensive Garmin dog collars.

I’ve tried every method I can,  from trying all possible and techniques to hiring a dog trainer. Unfortunately, my dog’s unnecessary barking was never eliminated. That was until my friend introduced me to SportDOG Bark Collar. The collar has helped my friend to train his dog’s barking, so I decided to get a little help from technology. I also checked Amazon Reviews (it’s 4.2/5) before buying it. The product was everything I expected! I’ll tell you why this bark collar is a must-have. Let me provide a long SportDOG Bark Collar review.

SportDOG Bark Collar Features

sportdog bark collar review features

  1. A Great Trainer

I first tried the collar on my dog for a few hours, and it worked instantly. One bark from him, the collar immediately reacts, and that’s it. My dog was the same energetic pup I know, but his excessive barking was eliminated. He never showed positive energy like this before!

  1. You’re Still the One in Control

The SportDog no bark collar gives you three options in training your dog, it is designed explicitly with three modes of programming and ten levels of intensity. The first program increases sensitivity with each bark.

  • Once the barking stops, the program will use the last sensitivity level if the dog barks again.
  • Program 2 starts at the lowest level that increases with the dog’s continuous barks. However, it resets back to the lowest level once the barking stops.
  • Program 3 is the last mode, and it administers same sensitivity, which is set by the user, throughout the barks.

The mode I use to train my dog is program two because it seemed like the most humane, and I have never changed it ever since. Once my dog starts barking, the collar administers the lowest level of shock, and he instantly becomes silent.

  1. No More False Triggers

I was hesitating to buy a no bark collar before because it may work even when my dog isn’t barking. My worries were gone when I found out that the SportDog anti-bark collar is equipped with Silent Partner technology. It has to be set off by a combination of the dog’s barking and vocal cord vibrations to administer a shock.

I witnessed my dog wearing his SportDog anti-bark collar while playing with my friend’s dog. Even when other dogs nearby is barking, the collar did not go off. My dog has whined, shook his head, growled at other dogs, and still, the collar is not administering a single shock.

  1. Waterproof

One of the best parts of the SPortDog bark collar is that it’s waterproof and can be used in any weather conditions. My dog and I will be able to take a stroll on the park and play water games without worrying that the collar might get wet.

  1. Can be Adjusted and Rechargeable

My dog’s comfort is my one of my main priority. This product prioritizes every dog comfort because it can be adjusted and fit small, medium, and large dogs. The product comes with rechargeable batteries that can be charged for 2 hours and lasts for 200 hours! Plus, the collar features a low battery indicator that reminds me when it’s time to charge. Did I mention that the collar’s design is a plus too?

SportDOG Bark Collar Common Problems

sportdog problems review

Photo Amazon

Personally, I have not faced any problems using SportDOG Bark Collar. However, let me do the of the main problems and complaints from the customers:

  • Sportdog collar not working. Shipping process for electronic devices is a big pain and often, products are damaged. Whether it’s defective device or it was damage while shipping, SportDOG has 30-day return policy.
  • Sportdog collar not charging. It can be defected device OR it’s required to insert lithium ion batteries. Double check if you have the right batteries inside.
  • Weak battery: probably the most common complaint. In my case, it lasts for about 200 hours and I consider this as well enough battery life.

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SportDOG Bark Collar Final Verdict

SportDOG Bark Collar is everything I dreamed of. It doesn’t only works wonders, but it is very dog-friendly! My dog proved that this no bark collar prioritizes his safety and comfort, a reason why he loved it so much. However, I would prefer if the collar would give a warning vibration first before administering shocks. Nevertheless, a lot of clients gave feedbacks that the collar still works great after years of use. My dog and I recommend this product to all dog owners who are having the same problem like mine before. Overall, SportDOG Bark Collar is worth the price!


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