The Portionpro RX Pet Feeding System: A Real Game Changer

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder Review
Written by Mark Braeden

One of the biggest problems in recent history when it comes to pet care is obesity in animals. Worldwide, obesity is on the rise, not just in people but also in animals. While we human beings need to better take care of ourselves, when it comes to animals, we need to take better care of them. As pet parents, we need to be more responsible by taking into consideration the nutrition of our furry families and also discipline them as to how much and when to eat. We live in a household of two cats and three dogs.I love my furry family, and they seem to love each other. But unknown to me and my family, we have a looming health crisis.

I only feed my cats on our table top counter because my dogs would muscle their way into my cat’s food and virtually steal them. And one of my dogs “Arlo” developed an “alpha-like attitude” whenever I am not around and would more or less barge into the different feeding bowls of the two smaller ones. Arlo used to be a fit German shepherd, but after discovering that he can muscle his way into more food he started packing on the fats. After one of our routine veterinary visits, our doctor told us to mind Arlo’s health especially his weight.

A year later, we had an obese German shepherd in our midst and two other dogs who are in the brink of being malnourished, plus cats that can only eat on our countertop because of fear. Luckily, we had an awesome vet who knew an awesome device, the Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System. The Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System is an automated food dispensing machine for our furry loves. It automatically measures out the portions and the delivery schedules of meals for your pets. Easy and common enough right? So, what is so game-changing and awe-inspiring about an automated feeding system? A lot of companies have it right? In fact, three other companies try to match Portion Pro Rx in the market, it is the Wireless Whiskers, Surefeed and Wagz. We have included this device to our list of the best dog smart feeders in 2020.

The Portionpro RX Pet Feeding System Competitor Advantages

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder

Wireless Whiskers uses a gravity feed and time system to try and distribute regulated portions of food. The problem with the Wireless Whiskers system is that it simply does not work in multi pet-owning households. The Surefeed, on the other hand, uses a hoop structure system to control feeding frequency and amount. The downside to this system is that pets can approach the system from the side, top or from the back. Another thing about Surefeed is it does not properly regulate the portions of each meal, defeating the idea of controlling your pet’s food intake to be healthier. Wagz is the newest thing in the market. Its weakness is that it jams very easily and pets can easily learn how to access and steal from its bin or storage area.

Plus Wireless Whiskers, Surefeed and Wagz have virtually non-working RFID or Radio Frequency Identification systems. The RFID system is common among automated controlled feeding systems for pets because it is the same RFID system in their collar that would let the system know when and how much your pet should eat. That is where Portion Pro Rx has the advantage. Portion Pro Rx has a surefire RFID system that can be put on the collar of different pets.

RFID collar

Photo Portion Pro RX Website

The cat or dog that is allowed to eat from the system gets the “allowed access” RFID collar, while all the other pets get the “no access allowed” collar.”This prevents stealing as only allowed pets get access to the Portion Pro Rx. Its door automatically closes when a no access allowed collar wearing dog or cat comes near. This teaches our cats and dogs to eat only from the Portion Pro Rx system that they are assigned in or in our case, Arlo can’t muscle his way into any food systems that he is not allowed in. Plus, our cats can eat peacefully on the ground now. After a week or just a couple of days of trying to steal food, Arlo stopped trying to steal food, sensing that it just would not work.

Speaking of stealing, let us not think that Arlo the German shepherd is the only pet that tries to steal from the Portion Pro Rx. The other two dogs, Maxie and Zeus are equally guilty. The two other cats Violet and Zara are also equally guilty from trying to steal from their Portion Pro Rx from time to time. Luckily, the Portion Pro Rx is designed to be claw safe. Even the food storage bin is designed so that you can easily look inside and see if there is still food left, but it will not open easily if our furry loves try to be sneaky and steal food. The closing lid or door has a built-in safety feature detects if a paw or a claw is stuck when it is closing the door automatically retracts back and try to close again. Our pets will have ample time to move back and away before getting pinched or before it gets jammed. The door or lid design is also a unique overlapping design, and the food bin cover requires opposable thumbs to operate making it virtually impossible to be stolen from by even the most dedicated pushy and committed cats or dogs.

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The Portionpro RX Pet Feeding System Pros

PortionPro Rx Pet Feeder How it works

Photo Portion Pro RX Website

The Food Does Not Jam

One of the great things about the Portion Pro Rx is that it fits most consumer and Rx Kibble foods and does not jam. The Portion Pro Rx was designed by a top of the line research and development team that has done work for industry-leading names and a company like Black & Decker, Stanley, Stanley Bostitch, and Shark/Ninja with nine different United States and foreign patents under its name. We’ve raved about the Portion Pro Rx so much you’d think we are in love with the damn thing, and yeah, maybe we are. But no product is perfect, and even though Portion Pro Rx is revolutionary and game-changing there are things that we want them to look into in the future. One is the access and no access tags for the collars. It is a bit big and bulky for me. Arlo and the bigger dogs have no problem with it, but I feel as though sometimes the cats find it heavy or cumbersome in their collars. I also have mixed feelings with the one-year battery life for the access and no access tags for the Portion Pro Rx. One year is an ideal battery time but it lacks a system that would remind us or alert us if the Portion Pro Rx access tags’ battery is running out or has run out. God forbid we go on a weekend trip and the battery suddenly dies on their Portion Pro Rx access tags, imagine how scary that would be for our furry family.

Internet Connected

Another thing is that Portion Pro Rx is internet connected, I worry a lot about our internet connection all throughout the day that it scares me what would happen to my furry loves if the internet connection goes out. I want the future versions of the Portion Pro Rx to be protected from a bad internet connection or at least operational memory in the system that I can rest easy knowing my pets will eat no matter if the internet goes out. And one last minor thing, I wished the door would be quieter when closing or opening, it scares some of the smaller cats away. Other than that, we have a revolutionary, game-changing, miraculous material in the Portion Pro Rx Pet Feeding System. You can learn more about them at Amazon.

  • Price: $299
  • Reviews: 4.3/5
  • Where to get and read more reviews: here at Amazon

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