Tile Tag: Not Only Key But Also Dog Finder! Big Review

Tile Mate with Replaceable Battery
Written by Mark Braeden

The biggest fear of a dog owner is losing his/her beloved pet. Unfortunately, these occurrences happen almost every day because our furry friends are genetically made to wander. As a result, we do everything that could be done to keep them safe. We install fences, keep our dogs on leashes, and even crate them while we’re outside.

However, even after doing these things to keep them safe, it is still possible for our canine friends to escape and get lost. After trying out these methods myself, I am still willing to try new methods of keeping my dog safe until I found this Bluetooth Tracker. Now, I never have to worry about my dog getting lost again with Tile Tag! 

Tile Tag Advantages To Find The Dog

tile tag tracker for dogs

  1. No More Lost Dogs, Keys, Wallets, and Phone!

As you can see, the Tile Mate and Slim Combo Pack are not primarily built for tracking dogs. Tile Tag is actually built for keeping track of your essential items like your keys, wallet, bag, laptop, and etc. However, these Tile tags can also be used as a GPS tracker for your beloved pooch!

The Tile Combo Pack consists of two Tile Slim and two Tile Mate Bluetooth Trackers. This means that you can have four Bluetooth trackers in one purchase! The Tile Mate is the smaller version, designed with a hole to loop onto keychains or your dog’s collar. On the other hand, Tile Slim is as thin as two credit cards that slides into your wallet and pocket and sticks to thin objects. 

With the four Tile Tags I have, I can easily find my wallet, laptop, keys, and most importantly, my beloved pooch! These four Tile Tags I have are all connected to one app- the Tile app. The application automatically records the last time and place it saw your Tile. So if your item goes missing, you’ll know where to look first! 

The function of the Tile Tags doesn’t end there because you can also use it to find your lost phone! If your phone goes missing, simply double press the button of one of your Tiles. It will make your phone ring even on silent mode! With Tile, I don’t have to look all over my house just to find my keys!

  1. Four Trackers in One

Some might actually say that the Tile Combo Pack is costly. The truth is, it saves us from purchasing multiple tracking devices to prevent many valuables from being lost. If you’re a dog parent who owns multiple dogs, the Tile Tag will save you from buying several tracking devices for each dog! 

In reality, a single GPS tracking collar costs the same as four Tile Tags. Tile will not only save you from losing your furry friend but also saves you a great deal of money! Simply loop the Tile Mate or stick the Tile Slim into your dogs’ collars. Now, you can track every dog you own all at once!

It’s also worth noting that the Four Tile Tags can be split up between four people! You and your friends can share the purchase and own one Tile Tag each! Each person will just need to have the Tile app. The biggest problem that I found is the phone battery usage because Tile requires Bluetooth to stay on in order to work.

  1. Short to Long Range

tile tag for dogs

Since the Tile Tag is a tracking device, the most important feature to consider is the product’s range. When your dog is nearby but out of sight, you can use your smartphone to ring your tile. Your Tile tag will play a loud tune if it’s within Bluetooth range. 

Since the Tile will only ring if it’s within Bluetooth range, you might be thinking that you wouldn’t be able to find your dog if he goes missing in the longer range. Do not worry as Tile features a global network that will help you find your missing dog. When any user Tile user comes within the range of your missing dog, you will be notified of its most recent location.

According to Tile’s statistics, over half a million items are found with Tile! You will be surprised to find numerous Tile users in your neighborhood! 

  1. Long Lasting Battery Life

One of the things I loved about Tile is it’s long-lasting battery! The battery is non-replaceable and not rechargeable so you wouldn’t have to worry about spending more for your Tile tags. The battery of each Tile Tag lasts a year, which for me is worth it when you’re using it every single day!

  1. Loud Noise

Thankfully, Tile Tags produce a loud sound that is enough to hear from a long range! I had similar purchases before and I was extremely upset with the sound that the products produce. Even if my Tiles are inside couch cushions, purses, and pockets, the ring the Tiles produce is loud enough for me to locate my items!

Whenever my dog is in our backyard, I can still hear a little sound coming from the Tile. It alerts us both and after weeks have passed, my dog would automatically go back inside whenever the Tile rings. Additionally, Tile gives us the chance to choose in their four preset ringtones! 

As a dog parent, I am willing to try every method to keep my furry friend safe and healthy. Thankfully, I came across the Tile Tag with the intention of only keeping track of my valuables. But after realizing that it can also be a tracker for my dog, Tile has helped to make my life easier and less stressful! Overall, Tile is a great investment! Check more reviews on Amazon.

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