Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker US Edition Review

Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker US Edition review
Written by Tillie Bailey
Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker US Edition review


Your outdoor loving four-legged friend is now curious and wandering off to other places. Having your dog in your backyard is not enough to relax and tell yourself that your pet is just here playing in your home. Where is your dog playing when you are not around? Thinking of buying an imported pet tech product but worried that the pet tracker might not work here in the US? Pet finding is now easier with the pet tracker that is US Edition only. The smallest GPS dog collar comes with an integrated SIM card that will really work for sure since it is a US Edition with 3G tracker. Find your beloved animal friend in real time and see the tracking history showing where your dog has been.

Waterproof and light weight dog tracker

Weighing only 35 grams and 100% waterproof, you can attach this smart dog collar without getting your dog feel uncomfortable.  Since it is small, you can put it on dogs weighing over 9 lbs. or 4.5 kg. You can even bring your canine friend on the beach or pool party without worrying about water splashing on the dog tracker. At night, you can turn on the LED light of that smart dog collar.

Tracker with Virtual Fence Technology

With the cutting edge technology, the live tracking feature shows where your pet is currently located. The position is updated every 2 to 3 seconds to ensure that the location shown is indeed live. You can take advantage of the Virtual Fence (Geofence) technology where you can set your dog’s area through the dog tracker’s app. This feature will send you notifications on your phone informing you that your pet is out of your predetermined area. Battery can become fully charged in 2 hours and when used, the dog tracking device can last up to 2-5 days depending on usage and network coverage.

Global pet tracker

Tractive 3G GPS Tracker US Edition review


This GPS dog collar can connect with Apple (iPhone 5/iPad 2 or newer) and Android (Android 4.1 or newer) phones and devices. If you don’t have the app, just login to Tractive website and view your dog’s location info. If you and your dog are going abroad, you can still check your dog since Tractive works in more than 150 countries making it a worldwide dog tracker.

The Tractive 3G GPS Pet Tracker can let you monitor your dog 24/7. Even when your runaway or wandering dog goes to the woods and bushes, Tractive can still locate your pet. Since there are costs associated with using the cell phone towers and its infrastructures for using GPS and effective communication with the devices, Tractive can only be used in conjunction with a subscription. With the monthly service fee starting at $5, all you have to do is activate the device, login to the website or the app, then just let the smart dog collar on your dog do its work. No activation charges. No additional charges and no hidden fees. Do not let your dog become unseen forever. Strengthen your bond more and get your dog closer to you.

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