Tuokiy Pet Tracker Review: It’s Thin and Lightweight

Tuokiy Pet Tracker review

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Searching for a good pet health tracker is the best that you can do for your dog. Tuokiy Pet Tracker is one of the dog trackers you may consider. We love our pets so much that we want to see them lively and healthy. We feel good when we greet our dogs and they respond with their tails wagging. We presume that our dogs are always healthy but there are times when they are not feeling well. The hard work for us is we cannot determine what makes our pets become lonely, not able to eat and many more. Tuokiy might help in determining the dog’s activity and sleep.  Let your dog stay active and happy. This is also perfect for overweight dogs that need to shed their extra pounds. Underweight dogs can eat better and strengthen their muscles to have a good body shape. Even healthy and active dogs might still need this to maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Tuokiy Pet Tracker Features

Setting reminders and recording your dog’s events

You can set a daily activity goal and accompany your dog in doing his or her activity. Instead of using another note app or using a scrapbook, you can use an event note of the dog tracker’s app and record there your dog’s consultation, vaccination or other miscellaneous info. Set up a reminder, takes pictures and save those precious moments with your pet on the event note.

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Tuokiy Pet Tracker: Explain your dog’s condition better

The daily activity goal shown depends on the dog’s age, breed and weight. With the colorful and easy to read graphic data, you can understand what goes with your pet’s playing and walking. You can monitor how light or deep your cute dog sleeps.  With the records on the event note, daily activity goal and the graphic data shown on the app, you will not have a hard time explaining to your veterinarian about your dog’s mood, activity and sleep.

Dog Health Tracker and Dog Locator in One Device

Aside from being a smart dog collar, this pet tracker can locate your dog using Bluetooth technology. Tuokiy Pet Tracker is not a GPS dog collar. No SIM card and no money to shell out on monthly subscription fees. All you have to do is enable the Anti-lost function in your app. This is great because you can find your pet before he or she runs to far-flung places. The app will send you a notification when your dog is out of your range.  The tracker will also record 3 days of your dog’s activity.

Ultra-thin and lightweight (0.3 oz.), this smart dog collar can be attached to dogs of any size.  This is like Fitbit for dogs. Being IP66 waterproof, your dog can shower with the device. Rest assured that if you are away, you will able to detect if your trusted dog caretaker is really taking walks with your dog. With the dog tracker, you can now tell what makes your pet happy, sad and agitated.

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