Whistle 3 GPS Tracker Review: The Real Benefits and Disadvantages

whistle 3 gps dog collar review
Written by Mark Braeden

I really like to see our dogs actively playing in the backyard. They can exercise and have fun playing with nature. If you haven’t bought a dog tracker but planning to buy one soon, you are probably looking online now and reading customer reviews. In this post, I will talk about the Whistle 3 GPS Tracker perks, cons and how does it work. Our special bond with our dog really meant to us and we don’t want to have a painful experience losing them on our sight.

Microchips, RFID tags and Bluetooth only trackers can just track with a range of 50 feet, it is okay for dog owners if their community is so helpful and participative, or if you don’t mind finding your dog in days or weeks, but if your dog is really important to you, you can find him or her in real time and rest assured that your pet can be found in a safe place. If your canine friend is athletic or wants to wander to different places, having a more effective tracking device is a smart way to keep your dog. If your dog is also aloof to strangers, you might consider this GPS dog collar.

Whistle 3 GPS Tracker benefits and how does it work?

whistle 3 gps pet tracker

With the power of Wi-Fi, GPS and cellular technology, Whistle 3 can locate your pet 3,000 miles away from you. You can check where your dog has been 24 hours before. Whistle 3 GPS dog collar can serve as a dog sport activity tracker too since you can check your dog’s daily activity and rest. By monitoring your dog’s activity, you are also keeping your dog in good shape. A healthy dog results to a happy dog right? You can monitor your dog’s strange habits with the track progress where you can set goals, and get notifications if there is unusual activity or inconsistent sleep patterns.  No worries when it comes to the device’s durability since this waterproof and smart dog collar can withstand sands of the beach, snow from the Alps, and rainy weather although be careful to not let your dog go outside in a rainy day. You can set your designated places using your Wi-Fi and your app. When your dog’s out of the area, you will receive an email and app notification before your dog is getting too far away.

The Whistle smart dog collar is suitable for both large and small dogs. The collar can be adjusted according to your dog’s size.  Whistle 3’s battery can last up to 7 days depending on Wi-Fi and cellular coverage usage. The app will send a notification when the battery needs to be charged and it is strongly advised to charge this GPS dog collar every 2-3 days to keep the battery working longer.

Why do I need the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker?

whistle 3 gps collar pros

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The main priority of every dog owner is their furry friend’s safety. However, our furry friends seem skillful in escaping and venturing around. Because in fact, dogs are genetically built to wander. To keep track of my escape artist, I purchased the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker on Amazon about a month ago.

Truthfully speaking, a lot has changed. I live in a place where immediately finding a fast travelling dog is somehow impossible without a GPS tracker. I believe that it’s my responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that my canine companion is safe all the time.

Microchips would be my last option because it would cause pain to my beloved pooch. Even if microchips comes in handy, the minor wounds it would cause can lead to major complications. My priority is my dog’s safety and that is the last thing we would like to happen.

On the other hand, Bluetooth and RFID tags only collars doesn’t perform efficiently and accurately. I also tried cheaper GPS tracking units before. Even if I purchased cheaper versions, the repair costed me more money. Now, I am regretting that I settled for less.

Luckily, I discovered a product that is designed for tracking my dog and monitoring his activities. I cannot deny that the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker is costly plus the subscription plan but it actually saved me from buying two units!

I am glad to pay more for a GPS tracking device that is definitely worth its price! Same words are saying over 3500 amazon reviews.

Installing the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Tracker

whistle 3 how does it work

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The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker isn’t the first dog tracking device I bought for my dog. I already used a couple of GPS tracking units before but unfortunately, they didn’t work well. I always had troubles with setting up tracking units. Due to that, it has been instilled in my mind that setting up GPS tracking units are complicated. I was expecting that the Whistle 3 GPS tracker isn’t different.

Surprisingly, the Whistle 3 dog unit and app got me out of trouble! Installing the device and connecting it to the app were pretty simple. Understanding the use and functions of the app was clear too! I didn’t have to call customer service because the instructions manual was very handy.

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker contains a battery, a GPS unit receiver, a bluetooth antenna, a Wi-Fi antenna, and a 3G antenna.

In opening the package, the instructions will instruct you to directly go to the app store to download the free Whistle 3 app. Remember that you cannot set up the Whistle 3 device without connecting it to a smartphone. Before setting up the app, make sure to charge the device first so by the time that you’re done with the app, the device can be used.

After downloading the app, it will require you to sign up for a subscription plan and create a profile for your pooch. I was delighted to see that I can invite my family, friends, and my dog’s caretaker to view my dog’s location and activity! To acquire this, all I did was to invite them to download the free Whistle 3 app.

Once you have subscribed to a plan and created your dog’s profile, it will prompt you to connect the device to your phone via bluetooth. Once it has been connected via bluetooth, connect the GPS tracker to your Wi-Fi. Now, the app is completely installed!

Once the GPS unit is done charging, Whistle 3 will send a notification that the unit has finished charging and it is ready to be used. Then, simply attach the Whistle 3 GPS tracker to your dog’s collar and it’s ready to use!

Installing the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker unexpectedly takes all of 10 minutes to set-up! Well, minus the charging part because it takes up to 30 minutes to full recharge. Unlike other GPS tracking units, the installation didn’t give me a headache at all!

If you are still having trouble with setting up your Whistle 3 GPS tracker, you could reached out to customer service. A lot of clients testified that the customer service is extremely approachable and friendly. You can be at ease!

I really love that YouTube video that shows abilities of Whistle 3.

Is The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker a Safe Choice?

Whenever I am buying products online, I always look if it’s backed up with a warranty or money back guarantee. I’m too scared to waste plenty of money on poor and defective products. I’ve experienced buying products that aren’t worth their price. Nevertheless, I still wanted to find the perfect GPS tracker for my dog to ensure his safety.

Good thing, I found the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker that offers a 90 day money back guarantee! If you or your dog are not satisfied with the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker during those 90 days, feel free to return it! Clients that are not satisfied with the tracking unit can get a full refund on the purchase price.

Whistle also offers a pro-rated refund on unused time of your subscription plan. However, take note that you can only get a refund if you ordered through the official website at Whistle.com.

To get a refund, the first thing that you need to do is to submit a ticket. Whistle will send you a return authorization and after receiving it, package your Whistle 3 to send it to the warehouse. Useful instructions are provided. Lastly, wait for 5-10 days of processing to receive your refund. It’s that easy!

To obtain more information about the refund, you can check the official website of Whistle or call their customer service. You don’t have to worry about a bad customer service because a lot of clients proved that Whistle offers an excellent customer support!

My dog and I were completely happy with Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker since the beginning so I haven’t utilized the 90 day money back guarantee. Nevertheless, a lot of clients testified that they were delighted with the customer support of Whistle.

One client tested Whistle’s customer service. Even if he haven’t had a reason to reach out to the customer service and get a refund, he emailed them a question that wasn’t answered in the website’s FAQs. Surprisingly, the client got a very understandable response within a few hours! The customer support also offered to take care of the issue.

When the client didn’t respond back, he received a second email reminding him that Whistle can fix things he wanted too. This experience may be a small gesture to some but it proves how Whistle values their customers and their clients’ dogs too!

Another client even said that the customer service he received from Whistle is far and beyond from what he’s used to! Impressively, Whistle 3 is a high-rated product manufactured by a high-rated company!

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Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker Subscription Plans

Whistle 3 subscription plans

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Understanding how the device works may be confusing to comprehend with the subscription plans adding up to the work. Honestly, I was also confused on how the product works because the approach of Whistle 3 is completely unique for me. Nevertheless, with Whistle’s amazing support and useful guide, it didn’t took me a while to understand the product.

To help you in understanding the subscription plans, I made it simple for you. Pre-paid or free subscriptions should be activated within 12 months of purchase. Each Whistle 3 GPS requires a subscription plan to work so you will be prompted to select a plan after installing the app.

Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor uses America’s biggest cellular network. It works by using GPS and AT&T cellular towers to accurately and efficiently track your beloved pooch when he leaves the safe place.

You have three subscription plan options. Take note that the longer the subscription, the cheaper the price. The one year and two years options will be billing you for the full amount. The one year subscription plan costs $95.40, if estimated, it would cost $7.95 per month. The two year plan costs $166.80, if estimated, it costs $6.95 per month.

The last option is the monthly option where you will be billed $9.95 per month in a 12 months commitment. Take note that if you discontinue your subscription plan before reaching 12 months, you will be charged an “Early Termination Fee.”

I am currently using the one year plan and so far, I don’t have any plans in discontinuing the service. To save more money, I highly suggest to buy the two year subscription plan. If you are still having doubts with the product, I recommend to buy the monthly plan.

Be at ease because the 90 day money back guarantee also covers your subscription plan! However, the unused time in the subscription is only eligible for refund. The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker is still a safe choice!

The cons and the additional work for the Whistle 3 GPS Tracker

You must have a Wi-Fi connection to activate the tracker and set your pet’s designated place or let’s say invisible fence in your home. The advantage is while your pet is within the Wi-Fi range, you can preserve your battery with the power save mode and the app will just notify you when they are outside your area. Within the Wi-Fi area, the power save mode will not track your pet since the pre-set Wi-Fi area is assumed to be your dog’s safe place.

Unfortunately, as of now, Whistle 3 is only available in the US. I am extremely hoping that the manufacturer could work on this and provide service to other countries as well! No dog can miss the chance of owning this product!

Another negative thing is that your mobile phone can use any carrier but the device uses only AT&T. A subscription plan is required since GPS and cellular coverage are what really needed to accurately locate your pet live miles away than using other pet locators where delays will be on hours, days or weeks.

The biggest advantage of the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker and Activity Monitor is its price. The subscription plan can also add up to the burden. But if you prioritizes your dog’s safety and doesn’t want to be uneasy whenever your dog leaves your sight, spending more money is worth it. It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Further advantages of Whistle 3 GPS Tracker

The dog tracker’s advantage over others is it was featured on popular news and magazine websites. Thousands of customers (Amazon) are overall satisfied with the dog sport activity tracker. So far, it is still working great.

A customer can take advantage of the dog tracking device since Whistle 3 GPS Tracker offers a 90-day money back guarantee. Try the device and let the customer support and everyone know how happy you are or how overhyped this dog tech product is.


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