Wireless XM Dog Webcam Review

xm dog camera
Written by Mark Braeden

You will be away from your home for a few weeks and unfortunately, you cannot bring your dog with you. Even when you have someone like your neighbour or pet care services to watch your dog, you will never know if they are doing their job well.  Worse, they might be doing other business in your house. With the dog camera app, you can now remotely view and communicate to your pet via your mobile device. This is perfect for pet owners who want to connect with their pets even when they are very far away from one another.

Dog webcam specifications and benefits

xm dog cameraA camera to watch your dog is the best way to get your pet out of loneliness. No more guessing what your dog is up to. Be vigilant and do not let your dog and belongings get away without knowing what really happened. Setting the dog video camera up is simple and easy. All you have to do is to plug the dog video camera and turn it on. Then, download the dog camera app. After that, you will add this WiFi dog camera to your WiFi router’s network.  With the 2 way audio, you can hear sounds and talk to your dog. You can see how your dog will react to your sound in real time. Since the dog home camera can rotate 120 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally, you can scan the whole room, pan and tilt the view through your dog camera app. With this feature, you can surely view if there are other people or any other animals (hoping a new friend for your dog) inside your house. For clearest recording, you can fine tune the dog monitor camera by rotating the lens. With its quality camera and night vision, you can check your dog in any light condition and when night time comes.

How to save memory space on your webcam

To save memory space, this dog home camera records only when there is motion detected. No worries, the camera has 6 layers of optical glass lens to ensure there is no false alarm caused by the poor and pixelated image quality. It can show you and record even the smallest motion made. The dog webcam has 960P megapixel image quality. You can share videos and photos to your friends via social media apps like Facebook and Instagram. For 24 hour uninterrupted video recording and playback, you can put a 32 GB memory card inside the TF slot of the dog video camera.

Watching your dog together

While you have a business meeting, you can let someone you trust even 2 or 3 people simultaneously to watch or stream your dog using their mobile phones. In case there is no Internet, you can connect the WiFi dog camera by using the WiFi AP mode.

For your pet’s security and comfort, purchase the Wireless XM Dog Webcam today and turn your dog’s supposedly sad days into still happy ones.

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