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Benefits of CBD Oil and Treats for Dogs

Dog is happy after taking CBD product.
Written by Mark Braeden

Various researches and anecdotal evidence have shown that CBD plays a big role in healing and improving the overall health of dogs. For instance, a 2020 study conducted by Baylor College of Medicine found that dogs which had higher intake of CBD experienced substantial improvements in their osteoarthritis condition. Even FDA approved a hemp-based medicine way back in 2018 for dealing with seizures. Several veterinary clinical trials have established that CBD has tremendous efficacy for alleviating anxiety, neuroprotection, smooth gastrointestinal functions, cancer treatments, and other conditions. Contrary to popular belief, CBD has no intoxicating effects and does not make dogs ‘high’ as it is extracted from industrial hemp that has no psychoactive properties. Yet, it might cause only a bit of sleepiness or trigger thirst. Additionally, it is tasteless and can be hidden in your dog’s usual meal. Continue reading as we collate the top CBD benefits for dogs.

How CBD Helps Or 12 Benefits Of CBD Products For Your Dog

1. Anxiety and Stress Reduction

Anxiety and stress among dogs can be prompted by several factors such as moving to a new house, travelling, thunderstorm, fireworks, adapting to new people or animals in their surroundings, visits to the groomer or veterinarian, or especially if your pet is a rescue pup suffering from PTSD. According to studies, it has been found that hemp oil benefits for dogs are maximized by naturally acting with your pet body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) to sooth or calm anxiety and stress. Reportedly, such system is composed of cannabinoid receptors that are dispersed throughout the brain, the internal organs, and the central nervous system. To achieve the calming effect, it is generally advised to give small drops, specifically 0.5 mg. Still, it is vital to follow included directions. The relief provided likewise varies among pooches. It might take effect immediately or work only after a few days.

2. Seizures, Tremors, Tics, and Spasms

CBD and dog spasms.

Included in the CBD treats for dogs benefits is it’s being a natural anticonvulsant, which means that it can alleviate muscle spasms, tics, tremors and seizures. Seizures can be associated with a bewildered appearance, heavy breathing, twitching, or involuntary eye movements. Meanwhile, spasms occur when muscle contractions were disrupted due to vigorous physical activity such as energetic playtime. This can therefore bring pain to your pet. CBD helps dogs by restoring order in the hyperactive neurons of the brain to prevent bursts of ‘uncontrollable electricity’ which then results in seizures or spasms. As mentioned earlier, there are numerous cannabinoid receptors in a dog’s body which can be classified as CB1 (nervous system and brain) and CB2 (located in the immune system). CB1 receptors have more impact on the treatment of dog seizures and spasms by initiating the process of ‘external modulation’ that entails regulating neurons.

3. Pain and Inflammation

Dog pain and CBD

Just like humans, dogs are not immune to pain especially the old and disabled ones. Pain can emanate from an injury, an Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), arthritis, hip dysplasia and other progressive or chronic ailments. What is pivotal in order for your dog to achieve a quality of life despite the circumstances is pain management and inflammation reduction. Though there are effectual drugs like opioids or NSAIDs, serious side effects are inevitable. CBD works with aforesaid drugs to boost their effectivity without the need for higher dosages for dogs. CBD not only reduces the pain, but is so effective that it has been shown to hinder the progression of Osteoarthritis by preventing nerve damage brought about by inflammation. Consequently with lesser joint problems, dogs increase their mobility leading to daily exercise and just an entirely healthier life.

4. Skin Conditions

CBD helps to improve dog skin conditions

Characterized by itching, swelling, or discomfort, some skin conditions like allergies or atopic dermatitis also affect dogs particularly sensitive ones such as Golden Retrievers and German Shepherds. Allergies may be classified into environmental allergies (due to the presence of flea bites, pollen, mites, dust, and many others) and into food allergies. Conversely, atopic dermatitis initiated by the dog’s family history of skin allergies manifests by the age of 3 months to 6 years. They have the tendency to profusely scratch, lick, or even chew few parts of their bodies, oftentimes leading to skin damage. CBD inhibits the immune system to produce allergic reactions thereby decreasing skin itchiness and gradually heals it. CBD joins forces with the dog’s ECS, as previously mentioned, that has receptors spread all over the body including in keratinocytes, one of the cell types in the skin which is beneficial for dogs. Hence, CBD aids in skin cell healing, survival, and proliferation.

5. Symptoms of Cancer

CBD and dog cancer.

Cancer is prevalent among dogs like it is in humans especially, but not limited to, those aged 10 years and up. The most common are canine mammary cancer, lymphoma, and melanoma. Fighting cancer normally involves a multifaceted methodology, depending on the diagnosis of your dog’s veterinary oncologist. It might be in the form of tumour removal (surgery), chemotherapy, or other medical treatments. In a few cases, nonetheless, CBD is recommended which is believed to have tumour-shrinking properties. It may also promote decreased dosages in radiation therapy without affecting the efficiency, subsequently lessening or eliminating dangerous side effects. What’s more, there is a great possibility of increasing the survival rate or contributing to total cancer apoptosis (death of cancer cells) as proven with experiments on mice. Researchers also find that the ECS is closely related to the formation of cancer which, as formerly highlighted, responds well to CBD. In my opinion, it’s one of the best CBD benefits for dogs.

6. Depression

CBD helps dog to treat depression.

There may be times when you notice a shift in your dog’s behaviours such as sleeping more, not eating or drinking as much, refusing to go for long walks, or simply being more lethargic than usual. These can indicate that your fur baby is suffering from depression and it usually happens to shelter dogs or when summer holidays are over and everybody comes back to work and school (therefore leaving the dog alone in the house). With CBD oil benefits for dogs, depression can be gradually treated with calming impacts, relaxing properties, and triggering serotonin (mood stabilizer) receptors. In the same way that it reduces anxiety, CBD improves dogs’ overly fragile, emotional state. According to Neuropharmacology research, CBD generates quick antidepressant-like mechanisms by modulating emotional aspects and causes “extinction of aversive memories”.

7. Appetite Loss

CBD and dog appetite loss

Commonly, appetite loss is experienced by ill dogs, those that are recuperating from a surgery, or those suffering from depression, anxiety or pain. Furthermore, your dog might have dental issues like plaque build-up that is stopping them from eating properly. CBD dog oil assists in somewhat ‘jumpstarting’ the ECS which apparently controls endocrine processes too. Simply put, the endocrine system involves metabolism that accelerates when a dog eats, digests, or stores food. Correspondingly, as discussed, CBD betters a dog’s mood leading to a revitalized appetite. CBD works rapidly when administered through the food and giving them a much-needed dose shall ensure that they feel famished enough to munch on their meal. In the interim, CBD treats for dogs can play a significant role an alternative for the dog’s food. Typically, such treats are reinforced with dogs as ‘rewards’ and they will eat them.

8. Glaucoma

Similar to humans, CBD helps dogs with glaucoma.

One of the most horrible circumstances that a dog can go through is losing its eyesight—not being able to chase other dogs, properly explore its milieu, or see the expressions of its owner. Such condition is referred to as ‘glaucoma’ which has a rapid progression and circa 40% of dogs affected will be totally blind within a few months or even have their eyes entirely removed. Normally caused by a blockage in the ‘aqueous humour’ (an eye fluid drainage), glaucoma can either be an inherited condition or a result of formerly undetected eye disease. Holistic veterinary medicine campaigns for using CBD as an option in coping with the symptoms of this illness. Some studies narrate how CBD has neuroprotective implications that are essential in treating glaucoma. CBD oil and treats aid as ‘protector’ against glutamate, a neurotransmitter that brings about death in eye cells, and save your dog’s vision thereafter.

9. Sleeplessness

Dogs suffering from insomnia can use CBD.

Canine insomnia may be attributed to several factors, namely lack of exercise (especially among energetic breeds), anxiety, or pain caused by arthritis or an injury that is not apparent. Whatever the reason may be, sleeplessness is a dilemma that must be addressed by any dog parent as it can wholly affect the pet’s health. Aside from planning an exercise regimen, regulating their diets, or checking the disturbances in the environment that might affect your dog, using CBD oils and treats is another viable option. As previously tackled, CBD for dogs encompasses treatments from managing stress, minimizing pain, and eradicating depression up to boosting the dog’s overall appetite. At the end of the day, it is an all-in-one remedy that equates to a deep and refreshing sleep!

10. Antiemetic

Antiemetic benefits of CBD for dogs.

There might times when you experience as if the ground is swaying under your feet or you feel your stomach churn so bad that you feel like throwing up. This is an example of nausea, which not only happens to you but to dogs too. Mostly, the underlying reason for this is dietary factors. Feeding the wrong kind of food may lead to vomiting, overeating, fast eating, or if the meal is given right before exercise. This may arise as well if your dog is riding a car or undergoing particular medical treatments like chemotherapy. The good thing is that CBD can ease nausea-like behaviour by indirectly activating a serotonin receptor situated in the brain called ‘HT1A’. This was proved by a 2012 research in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Further, CBD works together with ECS receptors that are distributed all throughout the gastrointestinal tract entailed in nausea and vomiting.

11. Promote Homeostasis

CBD promotes homeostasis for dogs.

To put it simply, homeostasis is the maintenance of internal balance where all parts and functions of one’s body are working at an optimal level. It must be the case not only for humans but for other living beings like dogs. Keeping them continuously healthy and happy will not solely reassure a dog parent that their pooch shall live longer, but also avoid costly expenses in veterinarian consultations, treatments, and auxiliary medicines. With CBD benefits for dogs, homeostasis is naturally doable as it has terpenes and antioxidant properties which aid in exterminating free radicals that cause sicknesses like heart disease, cancer, liver problems, pancreatitis, and other illnesses generating from oxidative stress. CBD also facilitates cell growth and renewal preventing brain cell death, for instance. Psychologically, CBD oil and treats have antidepressant qualities that prevent depression, anxiety, stress, or insomnia thereby keeping your pooch relaxed all day long.

12. Improves Digestion

CBD Improves dog's digestion

One of the most common reasons why dogs are being taken to the vet is digestive distress. Such a dilemma may be due to the kinds of food given and its quality, a bacterial infection, or merely because your dog is under exhaustive stress. Whichever is the root cause, the symptoms are similar like diarrhoea, regurgitation, or vomiting. CBD treats and oil are one of the options that holistic veterinarians prefer in solving this type of issue. CBD certainly influences the endocrine system through close interaction with ECS receptors that are highly present in the dog’s digestive system and is fundamental in gastrointestinal motility (how intestines are mobilizing wastes along its tract) in dogs. What’s more, CBD helps in even healing damaged tissues positioned in the intestinal barrier. As a result, conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome/IBS, gluten sensitivity, food allergies, and Celiac disease are avoided or eliminated.


CBD benefits for dogs are commendable for their emerging popularity in impeding and treating dogs’ diseases as well as maintaining the equilibrium within the body. It is important to bear in mind that CBD is not the ultimate cure, but does a fine job at paving the way for optimum health. CBD might have a long way to go before its potential benefits are amplified and it becomes normalized all across the globe. However, it is undeniably a promising breakthrough both in the veterinary medicine. All the very best for ourselves and our fur babies!


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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