MYOLDSX Pet Grooming Deshedding Tool Review

Written by Mark Braeden

Your dog is now deshedding hair and it falls on any surface. Allergies may hit you because of the pet dander associated with the fallen pet hair. All you have to do is clean the carpets or furniture and consume too much time. Why waste your time? Having a dog grooming equipment like a deshedding tool is a more convenient approach for decreasing falling hair on your home. A deshedding tool is a metal comb with blades that can efficiently and safely remove your dog’s loose hair and undercoat. Using a razor is not recommended as it may cut your furry companion’s skin. You do not want to get your dog bald right?

deshredering grooming tool for dogs


DIY Dog Grooming with a tool

Organize a nice bonding with your pet. Comb your dog’s hair with MYOLDSX Pet Grooming Deshedding tool.  This quality yet small tool can reduce shedding by 95%. The 4 inch stainless steel comb is precisely made after seven inspecting operations to ensure that no sharp edges will scrape against your dog’s skin. MYOLDSX pet tool is gentle for your adorable dog’s skin leaving the top coat shiny and healthier than ever before. What you will need is just a few minutes to remove all the excess fur.

Deshedding Tool’s Features

No need to buy dog grooming tools for short hair since the veterinarian approved tool is safe for German shepherds, Pit bulls and other short haired dogs. Designed by veterinarians, the ergonomic non-slip grip provides a comfortable and safety grip so you won’t accidentally release it and hit your pet. The comb is rust resistant and detachable by the quick release button so its durability and sharpness can last for a long time. Like your own razor, there is an ejector button that helps you to push and clear out your dog’s hair easily.

Dog grooming equipment suitable for all dog sizes

This deshedding tool is suitable for all dogs, even cats and rabbits. Available in Panda or Pig design icon, MYOLDSX is worth trying for since it is an affordable grooming tool considering the good features, durability and safeness it can give to your dog.

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