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Tracking Your Dog With iPhone

Tracking dog with iPhone
Written by Mark Braeden

Have you ever experienced losing something and never recovered it? Then you just prayed that it would come back to you. Luckily, with the technology right now, thanks to dog GPS trackers and iPhones, we could track the locations of anything with GPS tracker in it, be it a phone, car and now, on dogs…and you can track it with iPhone! Just imagine yourself walking outside your door when you realized that the dog that you are looking for is already gone out of nowhere. Dogs are naturally playful and they intend to get easily distracted that they may roam far away from your house. If they are not well trained enough, it will be hard for them to get back to their home sweet home. Sometimes, your furry best friend is so cute to cuddle, that those preying thieves might bring carry them and bring them to their houses or to be sold in the black market.

Many dog owners start using Airtag for tracking their dogs since it’s compatible with iOS devices. If you want to use AirTag for such purposes, consider buying a good AirTag dog collar.

During the times of our forefathers, losing a dog, either by accident or through theft, is burdensome not just emotionally but financially. Usually, rewards are at stake just to have your precious dog get back to you. Recovering it from the dog pound is also a financial hassle with all the payment of penalties. With the technology of tracking your dogs through smart collars, it will not only save you from emotional distress, but will also save you time in looking for your lost dogs, and money from payments of rewards of penalties of dog impounds. This would certainly bring you peace of mind even when your dogs keep wandering around. With over ten million pets going missing in the United States every year alone, with only roughly about twenty to twenty-two percent of dogs that entered the animal shelters were reunited with their families, there are so many tracking devices for your dogs out in the market. Since every dog owner has different preferences and priorities in buying their trackers for their dogs, listed herein are different iPhone compatible dog trackers that you may find in the market:

Fi Collar

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I personally use this collar on my own. It combines two major features I need: GPS tracking and activity monitoring. Read more in my Fi collar review.


Solar-Track is considered as a solar-powered GPS tracker attachable to a dog collar that can be used for iPhones and Androids. Dog owners just need to download an app as to serve as the device’s map. You do not have any smartphone? Fret no more, as your dog’s location can also be enabled through SMS messaging, laptop or desktop. Its battery is chargeable through its solar panels. In this way, there is no need for the dog owners to detach the GPS trackers into the dog collars just to have it charged. Talking about convenience, isn’t it? How cool is this gadget? The device remains turned off when it detects that your dog is at home. This way, it saves battery lifespan too!

Tagg-the Pet Tracker

Tagg-the Pet Tracker is also a GPS tracker for dogs that is accessible via iPhones or laptops. This device is also attachable to your dog’s collar and this is even waterproof and would certainly still be in use even when your dog goes for a swim. This device is USB chargeable. The down side of this device is that in creating a log in account, there is a need to input credit card details because there is a monthly fee in using this device, though the first month is for free. This is also recommended for dogs that weight over ten pounds since your dog might notice the weight if he would weigh to light for this 1.6-ounce device. The home or safe zone is at the span of seventy-five thousand to one hundred thousand yards. There is also a need to download an app powered by Verizon wireless network to send your dogs current location to your mobile device or laptop.

Genie Bluetooth Tracker

This is a Bluetooth tracker attachable not just on your dogs but on other things that you commonly misplace as well. Since this rechargeable device is only Bluetooth enabled, its scope is only up to a hundred feet. Compatible with iPhone too.

SpotLite 2.0 GPS Pet Locator

This device, while same as those other GPS trackers that lets you attach it to your dog’s collar, is one of a kind. Since this could track your dog that is wandering around real-time for twenty-four hours, in collaboration with the American Kennel Club Companion Animal Recovery (AKC CAR) service, you can determine the “safe spots” in your neighborhood or area and if your dog would be able to get there, AKC CAR could determine such and members could recover your dog for you. There is also an emergency button included in this device such that if your dog was able to recover your dog even outside the safe zones, he or she could just simply press the button to let you know your dog’s whereabouts. There is also no need to worry for a membership fee with AKC CAR since each GPS tracking device already includes a lifetime membership with the Club.


This self-declared shockproof GPS tracking device is a dog collar in itself. You simply need to text the number for GEODOG to get the GPS tracking device on the run in locating the exact spot where your dog is. The message that you will receive comes with a link of the location of your dog where you can click on to open the coordinates in the maps on your iPhone. The safe zone coordinates could also be determined around your yard so that this GPS tracking device could send a signal when your dog starts to wandering outside the safe zone. The updates also are excellent as GEODOG would send messages every change of location of your dog for about a hundred meters.

DOTT Smart Dog Tag

With DOTT Smart Dog Tag, you only won’t get a locator for your missing dog, but also a monitoring device as to the health care of your dog’s surroundings and you can track it with your iPhone or Android device. While this GPS tracking device sends the actual location of your dog in your mobile device, it also sends, through its 360 Pet Care, hazards and other dangerous circumstances surrounding the are of your dog, such as flood, a poisonous substance, and even high temperature that may lead to your dog’s heat stroke.


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