Can You Use AirTag To Track Pets?

Using AirTag on a dog or cat
Written by Mark Braeden

Apple AirTag is a device that you can attach to things that can easily be misplaced and it is designed to perform directional precision finding to locate your belongings, however, Apple does not intend it to be an anti-theft device which means it is neither designed to retrieve or locate items that have been stolen or taken away by someone else nor locate your pets.

It only works through Bluetooth connectivity; it does not have GPS, Wi-Fi, and cellular connectivity. They only designed this device to help Apple users in finding their personal properties such as wallet, bag, purse, phone, wallet, keys, luggage, camera, and even bicycles or other similar items that they might have misplaced.

Can You Track Pets Track Pets With Airtag?

There are questions looming around if the Apple AirTag can be used to locate our pets, and the simple answer is no and Apple execs themselves even released a statement that they are not promoting this device to keep track of your pets. Compare to a popular Tile tag, the Apple device has its limitations especially on its reliability in terms of locating moving objects or animals as the moment both your smartphone and the device itself are not within Bluetooth range, it is never going to work anymore. It will have no other way to communicate back to you which proves its unreliability in terms of locating moving objects or animals.

Some people may still attempt to attach this device on their pets even if Apple does not encourage doing this. It is therefore important for pet owners to be fully aware of the limitations of the AirTag and the things it could only do before making rash decisions on attaching this device to their cats or dogs.

Why You Should Use GPS Trackers Instead Of AirTags To Locate Your Pets

Dog GPS trackers are specially designed to locate your pets whether they are hiding indoors or running around chasing other animals outdoors. They have various features and you get more benefits than what AirTags can do, such as:

  • GPS, Cellular Data, And Wifi Connectivity
  • Fitness Trackers And Activity Monitoring
  • Create virtual fences, Safe Zones And Danger Zones, And Instantaneous Alerts
  • LED Lights
  • Lost Dog Mode + Vet support
  • and many more…

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Apple AirTags cannot be used for tracking pets, Apple does not promote it as a tracking device, and therefore, it is best and highly recommended to use proper dog trackers to locate and find your pets instead of using AirTags.

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