5 Best AirTag Dog Collars in 2022: Never Lose Your AirTag

AirTag dog collars that I tested
Written by Mark Braeden

Some pet owners use AirTag for their pets. And since it is not convenient to put AirTags as it is on your dogs, AirTag dog collars became a popular item for dog owners. Fortunately, there are many solutions available in the market and I have tried many of them. Thus, I made this top 5 best AirTag dog collar list.

AirTag tracks pretty accurate and you do not need to pay a monthly subscription. While more dog owners are happy with using AirTag for tracking pets, Apple does not recommend to use AirTag for such purposes. Instead, we would recommend these dog trackers, but if you want to use Airtag, make sure to check AirTag dog collar holders that we personally tested and hand-picked.

My dog with Airtag collar attachment in the forest

Most likely, Apple only stated that the AirTag is not recommended for monitoring pets for legal purposes. If your dog is missing and the AirTag shows the erroneous location, they will not accept responsibility. 

Anyhow, let’s now proceed to our list of the best AirTag collars for dogs.

Albion AirTag Collar

Leather collar with Airtag holder

Albion is our best choice among AirTag dog collars. It is not only high-quality but is also available in multiple sizes and you can even have your pet’s name engraved on a pet ID tag for free! Who wouldn’t love that?

In addition, the Keepaws AirTag dog collar is adventure proof and waterproof. You wouldn’t have to worry about the Airtag slipping off or being sprayed by water when your dog is moving.

The collar is made of real leather and has a fashionable design. I can confidently state that the leather is of the highest quality! The collar is strong and will not come off easily. Unlike the other brands I tested, it does not peel off easily, too.

Dog with Airtag dog collar

I purchased a small Keepaws AirTag dog collar that fits my beagle nicely. Other collar sizes are also available for smaller and bigger breeds.

If you want the best AirTag-compatible collar for your dog, Keepaws is the greatest option on the market today. Check the price at Amazon.

Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Case for Dog Collars

Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Case for Dog Collars

Photo from case-mate.com

The next item on our list is not a dog collar, but rather an AirTag case or holder that can be attached to your dog’s collar.

Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Case is a fashionable protection case for AirTags. It attaches to dog collars and fits snugly around your pet’s neck. It is intended to accommodate dog collars up to 1 inch wide.

It is made with durable materials and the outer shell securely holds the AirTag. The AirTag will not easily fall off even when your dog is hyperactive. You can easily remove and insert your AirTag without any complexity. You can also simply put and remove the case from the dog collar if you want to change collars.

If you are looking for something where you can put your AirTag without buying another collar, then the Rifle Paper Co. AirTag Case is ideal for you.

FollowPaw AirTag Dog Collar

Another dog collar that made our list is the FollowPaw AirTag dog collar. It is made with durable and sustainable cork leather with a simple design. The collar has a tiny pouch where you can insert your AirTag.

It also has a magnetic buckle which makes the collar more secured and convenient to put on your dog’s neck. What I like most about this product is that it is lightweight and easy to put on. Sometimes, putting a collar on my dog is a struggle — like playing tug of war — but with FollowPaw, it is one less of my problems.

What I don’t like about this product is that there were cracks forming on the collar after a month of use. The paint on the buckle starts to come off and the collar looks like peeling off. It’s not much of a problem now but I’m not sure how it will look after a few more months. Check the current price here.

Feeyar Reflective Apple AirTag Dog Collar

If you are looking for a budget-friendly collar that can fit AirTags, you might consider getting the Feeyar Reflective dog collar.

It is made with 900D nylon thus, the collar is durable and breathable. The AirTag can be securely inserted in its TPV dog AirTag holder. It is also constructed with heavy grade material that is strong enough to withstand the forces of the most active dogs.

The collar also includes 360°reflection stitching. This function makes it simpler to locate your dog in low-light situations. It is available in five sizes that can fit different dog breeds.

Feeyar is actually a cheap choice. So far, it is acceptable but I would not personally recommend it if you wish the best for your dog. If you want a quality collar and you have the budget, it is best to go with the Keepaws AirTag collar. Check the current price here.

Pup Culture Airtag Dog Collar Holder

The Pup Culture AirTag Dog Collar Holder is next on our list which is also an AirTag case. This holder is made of silicone material with water and impact-resistant technology. 

This AirTag protection is great for diggers, swimmers, and energetic dogs. Your dog is free to move around as much as he wants while the AirTag remains safely protected within. This shell protects your AirTag from scratching, biting, and licking because of its robust soft material.

Since this product is just a holder you have to make sure it fits your dog’s collar. It’s not so bulky so you will not have a hard time looking for a collar that will fit it. I love its simple yet chic designs as it suits most dog collars. I got the pink one for my dog and it’s so cute! If you want an affordable AirTag holder for your pooch, Pup Culture is a good choice but I would still rather recommend getting a Keepaws collar for durability and best fit. Check the current price here.


Can I fit an AirTag to my dog’s collar?

You can fit an AirTag on your dog’s collar by using an AirTag case or holder similar to the ones listed above. It is difficult to just put the AirTag itself on a dog’s collar as it may fall off easily. You just have to make sure that the holder fits your dog collar.

Are AirTags better than dog GPS Trackers?

No, AirTags are not better than dog GPS trackers. AirTags are not created for tracking your furbabies. The device may fall out from your dog’s collar while they are on the move. If this happens, you may locate your AirTag but not your pet.

Additionally, since AirTag is not meant to be used for tracking pets, it will likely sustain damage while your dog is wearing it and will cause malfunction. It is also dangerous for your dogs if they happen to get hold of it and accidentally eat it.

The AirTag can only communicate with other iOS devices that have a restricted Bluetooth range. And, because it requires other iPhones to function, it may not be the gadget you want to rely on to help you find your missing dog quickly.

Popular GPS dog trackers, on the other hand, allow you to monitor your pet anywhere in the globe where there is cell coverage, over any range.

I recommend a specialized GPS tracking collar like Fi Collar or Tractive. GPS pet tracking collars are still best for tracking your dogs or cats since it is designed to be used for that intended purpose. You may refer to our article on the best GPS dog trackers.

Why Apple doesn’t want you to use Airtag for tracking your pets?

Apple has said repeatedly that the AirTag is intended to locate items, not humans or pets. Although it may seem apparent, I believe Apple discourages using AirTags on dogs because they do not want to be held accountable if something terrible happens.

Apple is no longer accountable for anything that occurs while using an AirTag to track pets by stating that it should not be utilized for this specific instance.

Are Apple AirTag Collars Water Resistant?

AirTags are not waterproof, however, they are water resistant. They are IP67 certified, which means they may be immersed up to one meter underwater for half an hour. I’m not suggesting that you should try it! If you wish to acquire an AirTag for your dog, make sure you obtain a waterproof dog Airtag holder.


There is no surprise that AirTag is now a popular solution to track your dog. Many dog owners prefer to use this device over GPS tracking dog collars because find it more convenient and economical.

While AirTag is not recommended for pet tracking purposes, we will leave it to you if you prefer to use it on your dogs and cats. Just remember, if you are going to use AirTags on your pups, make sure you have a reliable AirTag dog collar.

If you really want to track your dog and not worry then check our list of the best dog GPS collars.

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