Best Dog Fitness & Activity Trackers a.k.a. Fitbits in 2020

best dog fitness trackers
Written by Mark Braeden

You may have already asked yourself this question, “Does my dog need a fitness tracker? Is there any Fitbit for dogs?”. As you know, Fitbit is a popular fitness tracker. This question also crossed my mind and I figured that a fitness tracker may not be listed as a dog’s necessity. But then I asked myself again, “is it worth it to buy a fitness tracker for my dog?” The truth is, knowing about my dog’s activity and nutrition can be a lifesaver. And our list of the best dog fitness trackers in 2020 is literally life-saver for your pal.

★ The Best Dog Fitness Tracker OverallThe Best Activity Monitor w/ Paid SubscriptionBest Fitbit For Dogs (no gps, fitness activity only)The Cheapest Activity Tracker

Fi Activity Tracker Collar+

fi dog collar for tracking dog's activity.

I have Fi Dog Activity Tracker for 2 years and it works perfect to me.

Whistle 3

whistle 3 gps pet tracker

Whistle 3 is a smart collar with activity monitor and GPS. Paid Subscription.


Fitbark dog fitness tracker

FitBark is one of the best-rated dog fitness trackers on Amazon. No GPS feature.

SureFlap Animo

SureFlap is the best activity tracker for dogs if you compare price/quality.

Do you still think those “Fitbit for dogs” are a little over the top? You need to consider that dogs also have the same health-related problems with people. Trying the same approach to give your furry friend an active lifestyle is not impossible. With the wide range of available dog fitness trackers in the market, you can find a perfect dog fitness tracker for your dog! Let’s make their life longer! (Did you know that dogs improve your health?).

With all of the available dog fitness trackers, finding the right one can be a little difficult. Ease your worries because for this article, I gathered all the BEST dog fitness trackers in 2020! Now, you don’t have to worry about finding updated and innovative ones.

10 Best Dog Fitness Trackers a.k.a. Fitbits in 2020

9 best reviewed dog fitness and activity trackers in 2020.

  1. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Dog Fitness Activity Monitor
  2. Findster Duo+ Dog Fitness Tracker
  3. LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar with GPS Tracker & Dog Fitness Activity Monitor
  4. PETBLE Dog & Cat Smart Tag Activity Tracker
  5. DOTT The Smart Dog Tag Fitness Activity Tracker
  6. FitBark Dog Activity Fitness Tracker & Monitor
  7. Tuokiy Dog & Cat Fitness Tracker
  8. SureFlap Animo Activity Tracker and Behavior Monitor for Dogs
  9. Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System & Activity Monitor
  10. Fi Dog Activity Tracker Collar

  1. Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Dog Fitness Activity Monitor

    Whistle 3 dog activity tracker is a FitBit for dogs.

One of the most innovative dog trackers I found is the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Dog Fitness Activity Monitor. It will not only allow you to monitor your pup’s daily activity but it also serves as a GPS tracker! This 2-in-1 pet tracker and activity monitor is the best option for adventurous dog owners with active dogs.

With the power of Wi-Fi, cellular technology, and GPS, Whistle 3 can locate your dog anywhere in the United States. Surprisingly, the device can pinpoint your dog’s location even if he is 3,000 miles away from you! Plus, you can always check where your dog has been the last 24 hours.

Whistle 3 does not only prioritizes your dog’s safety but it gives importance to his health too! You can monitor your dog’s lifestyle and boost his exercise through the Whistle 3 app. You can set goals with the track progress and get notifications if there is any unusual activity from your dog.

You don’t have to worry about the durability of the device. Numerous clients have proven that Whistle 3 can withstand any weather situation! For those with hunting dogs or water-loving pups, the unit is waterproof. Some clients testified that they have been using Whistle 3 for years!

Another feature of Whistle 3 is its long battery life, which can last up to 7 days! You don’t have to check the battery percentage every now and then because you will get notifications if it needs to get charged. Plus, full recharge only takes 2 hours.

Unfortunately, Whistle 3 requires a subscription plan that costs $7.95 per month. It may add up to the cost but for me, $7.95 is a small price for peace of mind.

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  1. Findster Duo+ Dog Fitness Tracker

    Findster Duo+ Dog Fitness Tracker in package.

If you want an upgraded of the Whistle 3 GPS Dog Tracker & Activity Monitor, then here is the product for you. The Findster Duo+ Dog Fitness Tracker is a combination of a GPS tracker and a dog activity monitor, similar to the Whistle 3.

The only difference between these two is that the Findster Duo+ is the first dog fitness tracker that doesn’t require a subscription plan. However, you might need a higher budget for Findster Duo+.

Unlike Whistle 3 GPS that is only available in the United States, Findster Duo+ works in every country. Since the device does not require cellular coverage to work, it works everywhere off the grid! I love how it provides me great convenience. Now, I can track my dog anywhere and anytime by only using GPS.

Because the Findster Duo+ is similar to the Whistle 3, it has the same features. You can set a safe area around your dog’s position on the map. Once your dog wanders out of range, you will be immediately notified, giving you adequate time to react. You can also revisit the walks of your pup to know where he has been.

But that’s not the deal because the real deal here is the fitness activity tracker. You can see how much time your dog spent walking, the distance he walked (which is measured in miles and paws), how much time your pup spent resting, and how many calories he burned.

Findster does not only allow you to track your dog’s progress but you will also be sent helpful reminders, for example, if your dog spent too much time resting. To boost more motivation, the Findster app features a leaderboard where you can compare your dog’s stats with other Findster users!

Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker is a little more than what you would have paid for a couple of other devices similar to it, but over time, those devices would end up getting more expensive because of the fees adding up!

  1. LINK AKC Dog Fitness Activity Monitor

    Link AKC leather collar with dog tracker activity feature.

This product is a bit different from the two dog fitness trackers above. Unlike Whistle 3 and Findster Duo+, the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar provides you both a collar and a tracking unit. It is also a combination of a GPS tracker & activity monitor.

One major difference of LINK AKC is that you can choose between two collar designs: the “Classic Leather Collar” and the “Sport Collar.” However, the collar can be a bit bulky and big, despite of the smooth feel.

I know that the most common problem in buying dog collars is choosing the perfect size for your pooch. The LINK AKC understands your problem because it comes with a size guarantee! The company will exchange your collar for free!

Furthermore, if your pal would still prefer to wear his/her favorite collar, the tracking unit can be removed from the LINK AKC collar. It can be slid onto any collar with widths between 0.5” to 1.5”. This way, your dog can still have a choice what collar he/she will use!

For me, the size guarantee and versatility is a smart move for LINK AKC. The manufacturer provides solutions to the possible problems that a client might encounter to avoid further difficulties. 5/5 for customer care!

The feature of the LINK AKC dog tracker does not end there. For the activity tracker, your dog’s activity goals are customized by LINK AKC to your dog’s breed, age, and size. It’s my favorite feature because it gives a more accurate daily activity monitoring. You can aid with training because it has a sound feature. It can track your dog’s activity even when your pooch is running on a treadmill.

The product’s feature does not end there because it has a remote turn on LED light, temperature alerts, adventure sharing, and vet record storage! These are unique features that you couldn’t find with other similar products!

Unfortunately, the LINK AKC also requires a subscription plan to work. Since cellular coverage is needed, it is only available in the U.S. Still, the unique features of LINK AKC makes it completely worth it!

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  1. PETBLE Dog & Cat Smart Tag Fitness Activity Tracker

    Shiba is running with PETBLE dog fitness activity tracker.

If you’re only looking for a fitness tracker, then you can start here. The PETBLE Dog Fitness Activity Tracker is a more affordable option for dog owners who are on a tight budget. At only $49.99, you can monitor your pooch daily, with no subscription plans required. It works similar to Fitbit but only for dogs.

The PETBLE SmartTag is similar to smart wristbands for humans, where it records information daily. In order to work, the SmartTag only uses Bluetooth technology to connect to the app. Now, you can start to help your dog stay fit and be informed about his/her health at the same time.

What I really love about PETBLE Dog Fitness Tracker is its lightweight and smart design. Weighing only 10g, my dog never showed any signs of discomfort when wearing it. Also, you can choose the colours between yellow and purple. I still hope that it’s available in many colors so our furry friends have a lot to choose from.

The PETBLE app works by collating and presenting the data gathered as stats. Furthermore, PETBLE offers daily reminders on how to keep your pet fit and healthy. To ensure your pet’s safety, the SmartTag immediately informs you if there is an unusual change in your pet’s behavior. This way, you have adequate time to react or to seek professional help. Well, that’s why a fitness tracker is very helpful in the first place!

You wouldn’t have to worry about missing information when you’re away from your dog. Even if your phone is out of range, the SmartTag will store your dog’s activity and sleep information all day. As soon as your phone is at range, all the stored information will be downloaded and synced.

The SmartTag is also waterproof, not only for rain but also for swimming! Swims can be counted as exercise too that can be saved by SmartTag! Overall, the PETBLE SmartTag Activity Tracker is the best affordable option. You may also want to check this list of the best smart toys for dogs.

  1. DOTT The Smart Dog Tag

    Dog owner is checking dog activity data from DOTT The Smart Dog Tag on iPhone.

The DOTT – The Smart Dog Tag is a more affordable option for you. This ultra lightweight and small dog fitness tracker is the most ideal for your little friend. Weighing only 0.25 oz, the DOTT dog fitness tracker will be bearable to your little pup. Besides their safety and health, one priority is their comfort, right?

The DOTT Dog Fitness Tracker is not a GPS tracker but the virtual leash feature allows you to get notifications if your dog goes out of range. If your pet goes missing, you can report him/her lost in the app.

The “Report pet lost” feature works by informing a network of users and they can report if they’ve seen your dog. The tag will also be tracked if it is in the range of another DOTT user, and this will immediately notify you of your pup’s location. Other DOTT users can also post a missing flier in social media sites to recruit more people to find your dog.

The ability of the “Report pet lost” feature Smart Dog Tag is a bit helpful, especially for a $31.99 dog fitness tracker. However, I don’t think that it is extremely helpful when there aren’t many DOTT users in your city.

The most impressive part here is the DOTT’s 6-9 months of battery life. Regularly charging your device wouldn’t be a big problem. Additionally, you can the feedings of your dog and his/her walks to see how much exercise he/she is getting. You can also see your dog’s water intake, medication, and even potty breaks!

Another best feature of the DOTT Smart Dog Tag is its ability to sync with multiple caretakers and share photos with each other through DOTT App (available in iOS only!). Overall, the DOTT Smart Dog Tag has all the useful tools in a dog tracker. The only problem I encountered with the product is understanding how it works. I think that DOTT should provide more clear and detailed explanations for future clients.

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  1. FitBark Dog Activity Fitness Tracker & Monitor

    Fitbark dog fitness tracker in black color.

Here is the easiest dog activity tracker to use: the FitBark Dog Activity Monitor. It is a high-end activity monitor that has high-quality use and design. The Fitbark dog fitness tracker is ideal for dog owners who are looking for the best fitness tracker and have enough budget for it. They have also released FitBark 2! I would say it’s very similar to FitBit but designed specifically for dogs. You can tell it by its name!

The first thing my dog and I loved about Fitbark is its high-grade design. The bone design of the on-collar unit is very cute and it comes with the variety of colours. You can choose between blue, pink, green, grey, red, violet, and black! My dog and I had trouble choosing which colour is our favorite!

At first, I was suspicious about its size because it looks a bit bulky and heavy. Fortunately, I was wrong! The Fitbark is tiny and only weighs 8 grams to fit dogs of any size. The device is also waterproof and has a 14 days battery life!

The FitBark works by tracking your dog’s daily activity levels. You will be able to see improvements in your dog’s comfort and agility. You can also keep an eye to his/her energy levels and quality of sleep so you can notice early signs of disease or discomfort. Moreover, you can monitor your dog’s anxiety levels when you’re away.

Additionally, your dog’s data can be shared with your vet, trainer, or caretaker so you can work together to monitor your dog’s health. The most exciting part is that you can find and challenge your pup’s friends on the “TopDog Board” to keep everyone motivated!

What I love the most about FitBark is you can access your doggy data on its app or dashboard from the FitBark website. Similar units can only be accessed through their app. The FitBark website is very helpful, especially when you’re at work.

  1. Tuokiy Dog & Cat Fitness Tracker

    Tuokiy dog fitness tracker data records on the smartphone screen.

The Tuokiy Pet Fitness Tracker for Cats and Dogs is the last in the list but definitely not the least. The Tuokiy Fitness Tracker is a bit similar to the DOTT – The Smart Dog Collar. Both of the activity monitors are not GPS trackers, but can alert you if your furry friend is lost.

The Tuokiy Pet Fitness Tracker works by tracking your dog’s active and resting time. Just like a Fitness Tracker, it helps you like you set goals according to your dog’s breed, age, and size. The app will help you to achieve your goals by reminding you when your dog needs to exercise or be active.

Additionally, through the accompanying app of the unit, JoyfulPet, you can see the status of your goals. It reminds you for medicines and vaccinations. Moreover, it tracks the paws of your dog everyday and also it’s sleep. Through this, you are able to know if your dog is sleeping comfortably, if he/she is sleep-derived, or sleeping too much.

The Tuokiy Pet Fitness Tracker is also ideal for breeds and dogs of all sizes because its super lightweight, only weighing 0.30 oz. Unfortunately, the device is not rechargeable. I would still prefer rechargeable devices to eliminate the inconvenience of finding special batteries and regularly checking if it needs to be charged.

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  1. SureFlap Animo Activity Tracker and Behavior Monitor for Dogs

Dog is playing with tennis ball while SureFlap Animo activity tracker and behavior monitor is tracking the activity.

SureFlap brand got into dog’s marketing manufacturing smart doors and other devices. Last year, they introduced the activity tracker for dogs that is called Animo.

They really got into dog fitness trackers market. It is similar to Fitbit but even more. The most unique thing about SureFlap Animo is medical insights feature that allows you to see how your dog react to a new treatment or nutrition. It is also tracking the medical conditions of your dog, e.g. diabetes, post-surgical recovery, weight loss and more.

The battery is long-lasting and may work for 6 months in a raw. When the battery needs replacement, you will receive the notification via Sure Petcare App.

No paid subscription needed. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.

On top of that, SureFlap Animo behaviour monitor for dogs is made of durable and waterproofed materials and will last you for a long period of time. I did not have a chance to try it yet, but I am planning to buy it and provide a big review in 2020. However, it seems to be the best dog fitness tracker in terms of price and quality.

  1. Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System & Activity Monitor

Garmin Delta Smart dog activity tracker in black and white color.

Among the most innovative smart fitness trackers of 2020, Garmin Delta Smart Dog Training System is one of those that stood out. They made an innovative design that combined Garmin’s proven on-collar technology with a user-friendly application that is compatible with most smartphones. It’s basically popular analogue of Fitbit, only for dogs and designed by Garmin,

All you need is a smartphone to bring out the best in your dog. The fitness tracker gives you connectivity, monitoring, and correction tools to ensure your dog is safe, trained, and healthy. You can customize the training features which gives you the freedom to select the type of signal that works for your pet.

With its Integrative Activity Monitoring, you can determine how active your dog is from day-to-day, when is your dog most active during the day, and how active he/she is for the whole month. This allows you to adjust training or activity based on his performance.

Delta Smart fitness tracker also has a built-in bark limiting technology that can detect a bark through vibrations from the dog’s throat.

Garmin offers a Keep Away Tag as an add-on or separate purchase that provides an added safety feature. Even when you are away and unable to interact with your dog, the Keep Away Tag offers geofenced alert zones (from 1 to 3-foot range). This keeps your dog away from areas that they are not supposed to be like trashcans, flowerbeds, or other off-limit zones. You might want to check our ultimate guide on the best Garmin dog collars.

  1. Fi Dog Activity Tracker Collar

fi dog collar for tracking dog's activity.

Fi smart collar for tracking your dog’s activity is one of the newest and most innovative products out there. They positioned their product as a “smartest smart collar”. Indeed, it’s a great fitness dog collar and this is why.

First, it is not only chew-proof but also water-proof. Fi fitbit collar is even good to use in the oceans water which makes this dog activity tracker very durable and at the same time, you can allow you to dog’s any form of activity. The battery life is huge. Fi fitness collar manufacturers claim it is up to 3 months between charges under usual usage conditions.

Second, on top of dog activity tracking functionality, Fi is also a great GPS collar. You can create your own safe zone and you will receive a push notification if your dog is escaped. It will show you where is your dog and how many miles & steps apart.

With Fi dog activity collar you can create daily fitness goals for your pooch and follow all the stats: steps, calories lost, heartrate etc. Also, you are able to compare your score with other dogs in your area.

Finally, Fi is the only fitness dog collar in our list that uses LTE-M Network. You are always getting the best coverage in the United States.

The Best Dog Fitness Trackers Comparison

Dog Fitness

Tracker Name


Require Paid




More Information

Whistle 3
Findster Duo+
LINK AKC Dog Fitness Activity Monitor
PETBLE Dog Activity Tracker
DOTT Dog Fitness Activity Tracker




FitBark Dog Activity Fitness Tracker


Tuokiy Dog Fitness Tracker

A dog fitness tracker is a very helpful tool and fun addition to our canine companions’ needs. Activity monitors provide solutions and prevents complications for a healthy and happy dog. We hope you found your perfect Fitbit for your pooch!

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  • Thanks for the reviews – we had a fitbark 2 for just over a year and it stopped working and they won’t replace it! Don’t waste your time with this brand.

    • Oh really? No way! I personally think it’s a good device as an analogue of FitBit. So bad they provide 1-year warranty only…

  • I bought a FitBark for my first dog works great , got another one for my sencond dog has never worked . Don’t get this brand nothing but trouble . Looking for a different brand for second dog

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