Best Indoor Dog Potties in 2020

Best Indoor Dog Potty Trainers
Written by Mark Braeden

Being a responsible dog parent is not easy and can be extremely tiring. One part is training your canine companion to potty at the right time and place. Potty training your pup can be a frustrating process if you fail to recognize your dog’s potty habits. Having a firm plan in hand is a crucial part in potty training, including an indoor dog potty.

Luckily, recent developments of dog potty trainer are escalating the market. This gives you more options to choose from, which can also be confusing. Be at ease as we have gathered all the top five potty trainers for dogs! Below is your guide in choosing the most appropriate indoor dog bathroom and why are they the best ones.

Best Indoor Dog Potties in 2020

Top-5 Indoor Dog Potties by Technobark in 2020.

DoggieLawn Disposable Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty

My dog is peeing on DoggieLawn grass indoor dog potty system.

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If you would observe, most dog potty trainers in the marketplace uses potty pads, which are disposable. Those types of potty trainers are not environment-friendly. Plus, you may not notice, but other dog products that you may have been using are hazardous in the environment. So for your dog potty trainer, why not go for a disposable yet eco-friendly one?


  • eco-friendly
  • use of high-quality grass
  • easy to clean
  • free training calls during business hours

The DoggieLawn Disposable Indoor Dog potty grass is the best eco-friendly alternative to plastic potty pads. It is a disposable potty pad made of REAL grass. DoggieLawn is similar to Fresh Patch but is indeed cheaper. DoggieLawn Real Grass Inddor Dog Potty will save you 10 dollars and 40 dollars for the separately sold plastic tray. Plus, its quality is comparable!

The DoggieLawn Real Grass Indoor Dog Potty provides a comfortable and ample space for your pooch. It measures 24.75 x 21 inches- 25% larger than the other products! I loved how the grass is larger and retains moisture better than faux grass. It spreads and absorbs the urine which eliminates spilling if it gets too full. Plus, the lid of the cardboard box is lined to avoid leakage.

Unlike faux grass, the DoggieLawn’s real grass eliminates order, which is a great plus for me. It’s so easy to use and leaves no mess at all! All you need to do is dispose of the cardboard tray and grass entirely. Once you received your DoggieLawn, simply take the lid off the cardboard box and place the potty in the designated area.

In cleaning DoggieLawn, I just get a handheld scooper to pick up poop once it’s hardened, without getting down on my hands or knees. It will make your box of grass lasts cleaner. Now, the maintenance and upkeep are a breeze now! It will save you from years of having to do all the work and effort in cleaning your dog’s waste.

To keep the grass pads last longer, I spritz them with water at least once a day. DoggieLawn reminds that weather and frequency of use will affect how long the grass will last. Real grass is more ideal in summer, and I will likely use faux grass during winter.

With a little training and cheers from his/her pet parent, your furry friend will instinctively get it right away. The real grass attracts dogs more than faux grass since it is fresher. One of the best things about DoggieLawn is its excellent customer care. Based on reviews by clients, DoggieLawn’s customer service is very accommodating and friendly!

Do not worry if you are beginning to potty train your pup because the company offers free training help. DoggieLawn Real Grass Indoor Dog toilet is available for free training calls during business hours. All you have to do is reach out and set up a consultation! It proves that the product is indeed worth every penny.

Another great thing about the DoggieLawn Indoor Dog Potty is that it’s not only great for dogs but cats and rabbits also! It can be a place for them to lounge on grass for play or nap, while rabbits can find the fresh blades of grass delicious to munch on. I loved how the DoggieLawn is so versatile. Any animal accustomed to indoor life will enjoy DoggieLawn.

P.S. I also love this video review. You can visually see how this indoor doggie lawn works.

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Pet Gear Pro Pawty Indoor Dog Potty

Happy dog after using Pet Gear Pro Pawty Potty Training system.

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If you can’t choose between potty pads or grass pads, then the Pet Gear Pro Pawty Indoor Dog bathroom is for you. It is a container system to help train your dog to use a designated area and considered as one of the best systems of potty training a dog in an apartment. It is not only a tray but a stylish unit that has a wall guard. This is the perfect indoor dog potty trainer for those who want to cover potty pads or grass patches!


  • comes in different sizes
  • unique container indoor dog toilet system
  • protective wall
  • fabric material is easily maintained

The idea of Peat Gear Pro Pawty is so innovative and versatile- being the first product of its kind. The goal is creating a perfect indoor dog pee area. The tray in the unit acts as a pad holder that can be easily slid in and out of the unit. It is sold in three different sizes- small, medium, and large. Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about potty trays being large and comfortable enough for your dog! It also fits most standard sized potty pads and grass patches.

To fit any size and breed, The Pro Pawty Wall Guard indoor dog potty system is available in three different sizes:

  • small
  • medium
  • large

However, it is sold separately. The wall guard is still a great addition to your Pro Pawty tray to help protect from messes. If you used potty pads before, you might know the struggle of missing pads or worse, the pad slipping across the floor.

The wall guard is designed specifically for dogs to lift their legs ‘to go’; instead of going off the edge. You will no longer worry about your dog creating a mess on the interior of the tray, on your carpet, or walls. The purpose of the wall guard is to enclose the pad and tray to discreetly hide it and prevent a further mess.

The unit looks like a playhouse or sleeping area of your dog! It blends into any room into your home, apartment, or condo, and is also great for balconies, patios or decks! Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about hiding your indoor dog potty system when guests are around!

The Pro Pawty Wall guard features a fabric that can easily be maintained. It is also effortless to set up, and you wouldn’t need any tool. The dog potty trainer is perfect for pups who are currently undergoing housetraining or dogs who have limited access outdoors. Although the price is high and potty pads can be costly too, the Pet Gear Pro Pawty is durable and long-lasting!

The Pet Gear Pro Pawty may seem an innovative idea, but it also has its cons. Potty training your pup using this indoor dog potty trainer can be difficult. I highly recommend giving your pooch his/her favorite treats whenever he uses it correctly. The product is costly and demands time, but it will give your beloved pooch nothing but the best experience!

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SonnyRidge Easy Indoor Dog Potty

A puppy is trained to use Sonnyridge Easy Dog Potty.

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If you’re worried about bugs living in the real grass but want to incorporate the idea of grass to your dog potty training, then this is for you! The SonnyRidge is a dog litter box with faux or synthetic grass. Faux grass patches’ biggest benefit is that it does not allow urine to soak through the flooring and provides a natural indoor doggie toilet. Some people call this model indoor fake grass dog potty.


  • three-layered system dog potty system
  • faux grass is easy to maintain
  • ideal for those who live in apartments
  • great soak-up ability

The SonnyRidge Easy Dog Potty is a three-layered system. The outer layer is the synthetic grass that is antimicrobial. SonnyRidge’s faux grass has been treated with a substance that makes it hard for bacteria to grow. It also absorbs odors to prevent nasty smells!

The middle layer is composed of a porous tray that separates the upper and bottom layers. The heavy-duty tray’s purpose is to separate the grass from the urine. The bottom layer consists of the sturdy self-contained tray that holds the urine.

Dogs are so easy to potty train when using grass. My pup easily got the idea of the grass patch. They seem to be drawn to grass instinctively! I highly recommend this for dog owners who are just beginning to potty train their dog. I read reviews from many clients, and they always say the same thing- their dogs easily figured out that the grass was their designated area to potty.

The SonnyRidge indoor dog potty is ideal for dogs who live in apartments and condos where they have limited access outside. The grass patches are great for balconies and patios too if you don’t want a waste tray inside. Don’t worry because the grass patch doesn’t get carried away by the wind! The idea of faux grass is also great for dogs who are used to potty outside since it exactly looks and feels like real grass. Plus, it greatly helps if you’re planning to transition the potty training to the real grass outside.

I loved how the grass feels; it is very fine and comfortable enough to step on! It is also easy to clean, but I highly recommend to soak the potty grass in water with a little beach. It’s like indoor dog litter box. Simple soapy water will not eliminate the odor. One issue of faux grass is there is no way to eliminate the odor completely. I suggest that you should replace the grass patch every two weeks.

I loved how sturdy and durable the trays are; its quality is worth every penny. The only problem is that spilling can occur when you are cleaning and emptying when it gets too full. I suggest to empty it regularly, every couple or three days. It will cause you time but will save you from more inconvenience from spilling pee.

The indoor dog trainer is roughly 16 x 26 inches. It may be small for large breeds, not comfortable enough to pee on. Every dog potty trainer has its cons, may it be potty pads, real grass, litter box, or even faux grass. You just have to choose the best for you and your dog!

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ANYPET Indoor Dog Training Toilet

ANYPET Indoor Dog peeing pad in green color.

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Here’s a indoor dog potty system that is entirely different from the mentioned potty trainers above. The ANYPET Indoor Dog Toilet is a grated dog pee pad. Its idea is having a tray underneath the grate to catch urine with a grate on top to allow urine to drain from the top surface. In this case, your dog won’t have to stand in their urine that leaves smelly marks on your floor.


  • affordable price
  • absorbs dog’s urine
  • easy wash with soap
  • very prone

Keep your pup’s paws dry and away from urine with the high-quality perforated grate, unlike other dog potty trainers. Say goodbye to mops and vacuum cleaners! However, it depends on the dog if they are comfortable in stepping in the grates. But when I read customer reviews, almost all of their dogs seemed pleased with ANYPET indoor training toilet.

You have two options to use the ANYPET grated toilet. Often, they are combined with potty pads inside the urine to absorb urine. Some also put a newspaper, but it is not recommended because it will be messier to clean. For those who want to go eco-friendly or are saving money, they simply provide a tray to hold urine. If you choose only to use the tray, then be sure to check if the tray is full to avoid spilling regularly.

Training your dog with this indoor dog potty pad is not difficult. You just have to be patient with your dog and do not forget to reward him with his favorite treats when he used the indoor toilet properly! Cleaning the ANYPET indoor toilet is also easy. You only need to lift the crate to pour the urine or snap off the grate system to dispose of pads then wash it with soap! Just make sure to remove the solid waste instantly. If your dog steps on his waste and it gets on the grid, cleaning it can be cumbersome.

One issue of grated surfaces is the comfort because it does not provide the comfort provided by grass patches. It depends on the dog; some may become uncomfortable with the grates that might deter them from using the toilet. Also, it is very prone to spilling so you should always check the tray. This is why putting a potty pad is highly recommended. If you’re saving money, you can put a potty pad only when leaving your dog alone at home.

The ANYPET indoor dog pee pad is perfect for those who are having issues with potty pads. Since the potty pad is enclosed in the tray, it will prevent pups from getting pads or newspaper in the holder. Much better, it will avoid teething puppies from chewing the paper pads. Some dogs also don’t like to use potty pads twice and would only pee on them once. If you own those kinds of dogs, then this is the ideal indoor potty trainer for your dog. Now, you can use potty pads longer and save more money!

PETMAKER Puppy Indoor Potty Trainer

Large dog is using PETMAKER indoor grass potty.

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The fifth option in this list would be one of the best indoor dog potty system a faux grass again but lesser in price yet comparable with the SonnyRidge quality and performance. This indoor dog potty trainer is perfect for dog parents who want to potty train their canine companions but work long hours or live in an apartment. The concept of this dog potty trainer focuses on providing an indoor grass section where dogs can use the toilet without having to go outside. If you ever ask yourself: “my dog is 6 months old and not potty trained”, – you would probably find this option the best.


  • use of faux grass
  • three-layer system
  • non-toxic
  • detachable bottom base tray

If you ever heard of “indoor fake grass dog potty” this is the one. Don’t be scared with the word “fake”. In fact, it’s called faux grass. One benefit of faux grass patches is their ability to train a dog to potty in the area easily. Dogs instinctively recognize grass as a place to potty. So this is for you if you are a dog owner who lives on an apartment, condo, or can’t regularly take their pooch outside to potty. Also, the PETMAKER puppy potty trainer is ideal for old and injured dogs since they won’t have to climb too high or walk too far to potty.

Just like the SonnyRidge Easy Dog Potty Training, the PETMAKER version has a three-layer system. The first layer of this dog potty is the fake grass mat which looks and feels exactly like real grass. It provides comfort to your dog while being completely safe and non-toxic! Due to the comfort it provides, some clients said that their pups even sleep on it! 

The second layer of the PETMAKER indoor dog potty training pad is the detachable grid tray. It allows urine or liquid to drain to the bottom base tray. It is also a way to separate the grass patch and bottom layer to keep the grass patch dry and not soaked in urine- always ready to use.

The last or bottom part of the PETMAKER dog potty trainer would be the detachable bottom base tray. This is where the urine goes down which can be easily detached for a simple clean up. When cleaning the middle and bottom trays, all you have to do is detach them, wash with soap and water.

The PETMAKER indoor potty trainer is specially designed to accommodate the potty training needs of puppies that are unable to make it outside. It allows not only your dog but also other pets in your house to have a comfortable place to relieve themselves. It is also necessary to provide your furry friend with a comfortable area to potty, to ensure a cleaner house, apartment, or condo. Based on many reviews, people say that it is the best indoor dog potty system.

The PETMAKER’s durability and quality are more outstanding than the version of SonnyRidge. It also offers two sizes to fit all dog breeds and sizes, unlike SonnyRidge’s. However, SonnyRidge’s faux grass is antimicrobial. Nevertheless, both have the same cons, which is the odor. All faux grasses need to be maintained and cleaned to avoid a nasty smell. Still, the downside in faux grasses is that you can’t completely take off its smell.

How to Pick The Best Indoor Dog Potty Trainer: Conclusion

Potty training or housetraining your canine companion will be easier if you know his/her potty needs, have a firm plan in hand, and the best indoor dog potty trainer. Potty training your dog at an early age is simpler than potty training a grown dog. Therefore, you need to start training your pooch as early as possible. Do not worry too much because the Top 5 Indoor Dog Potties above will help you with your journey! You only need to choose the most suitable for your dog according to his/her needs and living condition. There’s no training that can be easily learned, just be patient!

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