The 20 Best Interactive Dog Toys In 2020

Best interactive dog toys in 2020: 20 toys that worth buying.
Written by Mark Braeden

Interactive dog toys make your pooch happier because they keep them entertained most of the time. It is one of their traits that made them lovable and fun to be with. Our pets always need interactive activities to keep their minds busy. Dogs need a lot of playtime and exercise. But we don’t have the same energy as they do. We’re also not around all day to play with them. According to PetMD, when dogs suffer from loneliness or boredom, it may affect their life. Interactive dog toys are a great solution and that’s why I decided to research and test different smart toys available on the market in 2020 that keep dogs busy! We tried a bunch of toys that would either end up broken, in the trash or something my dog likes. I’ve compiled the list some of the best interactive dog toys we found so far.

The Best Interactive Dog Toys in 2020

We picked 20 best interactive dog toys in 20, you can see 5 of these on this image.

1. OurPets IQ Treat Ball Interactive Food Dispensing Dog Toy

Dog is playing with OurPets IQ Treat Ball.


To make food-dispensing even more challenging, this treat ball is designed with an adjustable difficulty level of dispensing treats. Your dogs will have to exert extra effort for the hard level if they want the treat to come out. You can choose to fill it with treats or kibble. Let your dog roll the ball and play with it because it promotes a healthy lifestyle while he is having fun. This toy teaches your pooches active feeding where they exercise while playing and gets rewarded for it.

This ball is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. You can twist the toy to easily clean each compartment. You can choose to manually wash it or put each part inside the dishwasher. It is made of high-quality materials that can withstand rough play as our furry friends get excited and extremely happy. The treat ball is non-toxic so it is safe for them. This toy is only recommended for small and medium-sized dogs because big ones might easily break it.

2. Siensync Slow Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl

Turquise Siensync Interactive Slow Feeder for dog with and without packaging.


Eating very fast can cause troubling health conditions for dogs. Plenty of dog owners encounter their pets having difficulty breathing or choking on their food. With the Siensync interactive slow feeder, your dog will get to enjoy his meal longer with interactive feeding challenge that keeps dogs busy. They will take longer to finish and actually take time to munch on their food before taking another gulp. This ensures that dogs fully chew meals. Although they eat longer, dogs feel challenged to finish their bowl without feeling bored.

This slow feeder toy is made of environmental-friendly plastic that works well in dishwashers. It is non-toxic and the bowl is made of food-grade materials to ensure it is eco-friendly. The usual second-long eating habit will now turn to minutes. It is fun enough to eat on for dogs that they won’t think of tripping it over. They will feel full even when they eat fewer than usual because they take the time to finish their bowl. The cup size is good for dogs of all sizes since it can contain up to 2 cups of food. It is just the perfect size for travelling and daily use.

3. Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Snoop Interactive Dog Treat Dispenser

Little puppy is playing with Planet Dog Orbee Tuff Snoop Interactive Treat Ball.


This toy is one of the best interactive treat dispensing dog toys we’ve tried so far. Treats and food slices come out quickly, and it keeps my dog busy eating for the next 5-30 minutes depending on the size of the treat. Dogs really like playing with ball-shaped objects and this is definitely like that since it is bouncy and exciting to play with.

Cleaning and putting food inside the toy is easy too! You can put it in the dishwasher for easier cleaning. The materials used for the ball are non-toxic and recyclable. It’s both brain-stimulating and eco-friendly.

This interactive treat dispenser is relatively quiet even when the dog plays with it, though you have to know that wet food does not work well with this dispenser. It is infused with natural mint oil to keep the dispenser smelling fresh and good. Small-sized treats work well with this one because big slices can be frustrating for some dogs. But the overall design of the dispenser can last tough play and it is very thick so they would have trouble in biting holes on it.

4. Interactive Dog Ball by Omega Paw

Interactive Dog Ball by Omega Paw is one of the best smart dog toys in 2020.


Aside from fun, this interactive dog ball develops and raises your dog’s IQ. This toy keeps dogs moving and they can do so much like throw, fetch, roll, bounce, and chew. They will even exert effort on finding the hidden treats. But the toy only fits small treats so you have to cut big pieces so it doesn’t get stuck inside the ball.

It also promotes playtime and interaction with your dogs since they exercise and get rewarded with hidden treats. Our furry friends like it with they get food surprises in their toys. This ball keeps your dog entertained for hours.

You’ll feel safe to leave your dog chewing on it because it is made of non-toxic,soft, and highly durable natural rubber that helps massage and keeps their teeth healthy. It also rubs on the gums and keeps their tooth enamel healthy which is important if we want to keep our pets free from sickness.

The best part is that they offer a lifetime guarantee that our dog will love playing with this toy. They stand by their word that you will get 100% money back if your dog did not enjoy playing with this treat-dispensing toy.

5. StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Dog Toy

Dog is moving StarMark Bob-A-Lot Interactive Toy to get some treats on the label.


This wobbling IQ dog toy is another great treat dispensing an item. It has a right hole size to fit largely sized treats, but you can adjust the hole size so small treats won’t fall off quickly. It is great to have a dispensing toy with adjustable opening. You can make it easy or difficult for your pooch to get his treat. This means he needs to exert extra effort to get his reward. This toy mat fit a cup of meal which ensures mealtime feedings can fit inside. But wet food will not work so well in this  treat dispenser.

The bottom is heavy-weighted, so it stays upright. Even with rough play, the toys keep its upright position so your dog will feel excited doing his best to knock out the toy and keep your dog interested! My dog had fun tapping on this toy, so the food keeps rolling out, but it seems too little for big dogs but they will still have fun with it.

6. Pet Qwerks Dog Interactive Talking Babble Ball

Babble interactive dog ball talks and interacts with your dog.


Smart dogs love playing with this talking ball because it makes 20 wisecracks and sounds. The sound coming from the toy will keep calling the attention of your dog. My pooch never got bored since we had this toy. He keeps barking and tapping on it so that it will continue making silly sounds. This is one of the few dog toys I know that is motion activated. It also automatically sleeps when not in use. It turns on as soon as your dog taps into it. It is pretty high technology for a dog toy.

Batteries are easy to replace. If the toy seems not making enough noise, just replace the battery and it will be good again for another playtime. The best feature is that it is highly durable for dogs’ rough play. For us, it is important that the toy will last as long as my dog wants to keep playing with it. Some toys only last us days and it easily gets broken while the Pet Qwerks ball is made of strong materials that made it durable.

7. ANG Interactive Dog Tug Toy

Dog is jumping and interacting with Tug Toy.


Mutual communication between dog owners and their pets is important. ANG Dog Tug Toy lets you have fun while training your dog and giving the physical exercise he needs. Some toys will leave your dog playing alone and exercising until he gets bored. But this tug toy will keep interacting and encourage your dog. Aside from playtime, the tug serves as a training tool to teach your pet tricks and keep him physically fit.

You can last long in using the tug since is it lightweight and easy to use. The handle is non-slip so don’t worry about accidentally dropping it on your pooch. The lure is a braided cotton blend which makes it durable even for strong chewers. The overall design of the handle and the lure is intended to withstand rough play. My dog loves tugging this toy but I make sure we are both in good positions so no one gets pulled in the wrong direction. Furthermore, you can play with the tug inside or outside your home since it is just the right size.

8. Interactive Dog Puzzle Cube by Outward

Puzzle Cube is a great toy to interact with your dog.


It is no surprise that dogs like balls and anything that is round and rolling. This interactive dog puzzle toy contains two squeaker balls that your dog will do everything to release it. There are multiple passage points where your dog can keep trying to release the squeaker balls. The balls are intended to be brightly coloured so it will be immediately visible to your pet. Once your furry friend releases the tennis balls, he can now enjoy fetch and chew on it! It will keep your dog entertained all day.

This Puzzle cube toy chamber has unique shapes, holes and passage points that will keep your dog engaged until he reaches the goal of releasing the balls. My dog surely got occupied when he tried playing with this dog toy. I give my dog treats as soon as he releases the ball. But we will put the squeakers back in after a few minutes for another round of puzzle for our pet. He likes the challenge. The toy is highly durable even if my pet flips the toy over and over again. We like the size of the puzzle cube since we can easily bring it inside and outside for playtime. Personally, it’s my top-1 from this list of interactive dog toys.

9. FocusPet IQ Dog Treat Ball

Dog is happy playing with focus iq treat ball.


FocusPet IQ Treat Ball is a fantastic food dispensing machine that will also raise your dog’s IQ. The design is amazingly pictured with the food visible to get their attention. It also has a sound to call them, and they can smell the food right through it. There is no better trick than to keep the food visible but at arm’s length. They will definitely crave for the treat inside the dispensing machine. The tricky part is that they have to discover how to get the treats from inside the dispenser. It will keep dogs engaged and play while trying to figure out how to get their food. It is designed with a special labyrinth to keep the treat from falling off fast. The leaking hole is also adjustable so you can control the speed of dropping treats. It can keep a pretty good size of food and treats inside.

Handling and cleaning are easy with no trouble. Unscrewing the dispenser is no trouble so you can manually wash the compartments with warm water and mild soap. The best part is that it is made of high quality and eco-friendly plastic that is durable and safe. If your dog so happens to be overly fascinated with our dispenser and tightly chews and breaks it, this brand promise a 30-day free replacement or money-back guarantee!

10. Trixie “Move 2 Win” Interactive Dog Toy

This is how Trixie "Move 2 Win" toy for dog looks like.


Dogs are amazingly smart creatures. It is even more astonishing to know that you channel their inner intellect, strength, energy, and curiosity with Trixie interactive dog products. These interactive dog toys come in four training levels that will improve their practice and concentration. They need to move parts of the board to release all hidden treats and master the level. Most of my dogs took days before they finish one level. It kept dogs busy most of the day seeing there are plenty of things to move but they have no idea on how to do it at first.

The idea is they start with level 1 as beginners and move on to the succeeding levels as they master each one. It can take them from few hours to few days to master each level, and that will make them busy for a while. The box is designed with non-slip rubber feet to keep it in place even if your pet plays, pulls, and lifts it. We included a training manual with more tricks and challenges to keep your pet busy as he tries to discover each one.

11. Ootdpet Interactive Dog Bowl

This is the Ootdpet Interactive dog feeder in light-blue color filled with dog dry food.


This is another slow feeding dog bowl that is specially designed to prevent bloating, obesity and puking that is common among fast eating dogs. Ootdpet bowl promotes healthier eating and keeps your dog entertained. Any amount of food will go further and your pooch will feel full even with smaller food allocation. You may notice your dog having trouble at first use of the bowl but it will get better as they get used to it. It is unique from the rest since it has the capacity up to 2 cups of food and works well with dry and wet meals. The size of the bowl works great for both small and large dogs. It also makes it easier for us to bring the bowl during trips and vacations.

The material used for this plate is phthalate-free and high-strength ABS material that is durable. You can easily clean the dog bowl manually or just put it in the dishwasher. This interactive dog toy has four silicon anti-slip pads that will prevent it from moving, spilling, or flipping over as your dog tries to get his food.

12. Interactive Treat Dispensing Dog Toy By West Paw Zogoflex

Bulldog is licking West Paw Zogoflex Qwizl Interactive Dispenser to get treats.


Most treat-dispensing interactive dog toys are meant for small or cut treats. It also takes them a few minutes to finish everything. But West Paw Zogoflex toy can contain kibble slices and even sticks which engages your pup from start to finish! You can prolong treats with this one. Expensive treats can now last longer which will save you tons of money. You can also insert fruit slices, biscuits, and strips of treats.

We are very pleased with this interactive treat-dispensing toy. My dog loves it especially when he is too tired to run and play. But it does not work well for wet food.

The manufacturer guaranteed that this toy will last even the strongest chewer and it is safe from dog damage. They used a highly durable material that is latex-free, BPA-and-phthalate-free, FDA compliant and recyclable. You can easily wash this dog toy by tossing it in the dishwasher. It is available in small and large sizes depending on your pet’s built. This toy will definitely keep dogs busy trying to get the treat out.

13. Nina Ottosson Interactive Doy Toy Puzzle

Famous Nina Ottosson Dog Puzzle Toy has different shapes; this one is "Hide N' Slide Treat Dispensing Dog Toy" in particular


It is natural for dogs to want to solve fun problems and puzzles. Boosting their energy by exercising their mind promotes better health than physical exercise alone. Nina Ottosson specially designed this interactive dog toy puzzle to boost your dogs’ minds and improve their overall health. The puzzle is designed with three levels of difficulty: easy, moderate and genius. You can move up one level after another as soon as your dog masters each step.

Keeping your dog away from boredom and keeping him busy prevents the development of destructive behaviour. It is important that dogs naturally develop good behaviour.

Using this dog puzzle is extremely simple, you just put treats around the game’s track and see how your dog will nuzzle and bat the sliders in order to get the treats out of the track. It is best to start with the Easy level when your dog is curious and very excited for treats. You can move up to Moderate level if your dog starts to display one-step solution towards puzzles like pressing levers or sliding tabs. Now, Genius dogs can play the hardest level where they need to solve multi-step puzzles to finish the game.

You can assist your pet at first so they can learn how to use the puzzle. I’ve seen my pet improve greatly after we had this toy around. It keeps my dog busy for hours trying to finish the game. It definitely takes a while for dogs to figure it out, unlike other toys that they can outsmart in minutes. It is highly durable, safe, fun, interactive, and eco-friendly. Read our big full review on Nina Ottosson Dog Casino & Puzzle

14. Petbobi Automatic Interactive Dog Toy

Retriever is listening Petbobi Automatic Interactive Dog Toy and interacts with it.


The Petbobi Automatic Dog Toy is an interactive ball that is covered in a plush, soft, squeaky, furry toy and it will will stimulate your pup’s animal instincts.

It has an auto bounce and an auto squeak feature. It attracts your dog for the first twelve seconds through random sounds, shaking and bouncing. After that, it is activated automatically when your dog interacts with it, making it an interesting and fun experience for your dog.

Your dog will quickly find that Petbobi moving toy growling sounds, bouncing motion, and other features are activated when they interact with it. And would chase it around when they see it, be careful though that when you show it to them, it is turned on. Some dog would lose interest with the toy if they see it lying around and they try to interact with it and it is not turned on.

The best part about the Petbobi automatic moving ball is that it is washable and the cute plush, softcover can be replaced if your pet has been extra aggressive with it. Just rip the Velcro cover off, pop out the plastic ball and the battery and you can wash it just like any other plush pillowcase. This is also good to keep your dog’s playthings hygienic and clean, keeping them away from diseases.

15. Chew Interactive Dog Toy by West Paw Zogoflex

West Paw Zogoflex Tux Interactive Chew Toy that designed to give your dog treats slowly.


For more aggressive pets who tend to bite harder or bigger dogs with heavier jaw power, the West Paw dog chew toy or more commonly known as the West Paw Zogoflex Tux Toy is perfect for you pooch. It is made from non-toxic materials, free from BPA and Phthalate which can damage our pet’s health. It is also 100% FDA compliant and guaranteed safe.

It is recyclable and dishwasher safe and is extremely tough. In fact, it is so tough the makers of the West Paw Zogoflex Tux Toy gives a 100% guarantee against any dog damage on the toy. Plus it floats.

It is specially designed for rough playing dogs, gentle chewers, moderate chewers, and tough and heavy chewers and this yoy eases dog’s loneliness. You can also put in special treats inside the toy like dog food kibbles, fruit slices, dog biscuits, peanut butter, cheese chunks, carrot sticks and a lot more.

We have friends who used the West Paw for months now and we have not seen any sign of animal wear and tear on it, from small beagles to large boxers, this toy can handle them all.

16. RUFFWEAR Gnawt-a-Cone Interactive Dog Toy

Blue RUFFWEAR Gnawt-a-Cone Dog Smart Toy.


RuffWear Gnawt-a-Cone interactive dog cone is especially unique because its shape is designed like the pinecones that are abundant in the areas of Oregon in the USA. It is great for outdoor games of fetch, but I think it is geared more for big dogs who love to play fetch but are too hard of a biter for toys that would produce chunks of plastic or things that could be dangerous for them when swallowed.

It is made of chew-resistant and durable materials, great at keeping our pet’s teeth clean and healthy.

Much like the West Paw Zogoflex Tux, the RuffWear Gnawt-a-Cone toy is also designed to hold and dispense treats and food which is great for encouraging your dog. Making it more interactive and more engaging for our pooches.

From our experience, what we usually do is put peanut butter inside along with the treats, this drives our dogs crazy, making our fetch extra fun and fast-paced. Nothing motivates an overeager dog as much as a wonderful combination of food and outside play.

Also like I said, earlier, the RuffWear Gnawt-a-Cone is geared more towards bigger dogs, because of its size which is more or less as big as a normal human hand.

17. PetSafe Squirrel Dude Dog Interactive Toy

PetSafe Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude Interactive Dog Toy in action filled with dried dog food.


PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude is quite unique interactive dog toy not only in its features but also in its shape. It literally looks like a busy squirrel who is a great interactive buddy for your dog whenever he is at play. It also keeps dogs moving which is good for health.

Like the last two products here, it is designed for bigger dogs at around 20 pounds to around 50-pound dogs who are aggressive biters and chewers. It is also made of quality materials, which are proven, tested safe and healthy for our pets. Plus it is made by PetSafe, a very well-known manufacturer and product producer in the pet market today.

PetSafe’s Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude toy also holds treats and food inside, and it comes with a treat meter so you can measure treats that can fit inside it. It is also dishwasher safe and friendly to make cleaning and maintenance easier.

And because of its unusual and weird shape, the Busy Buddy Squirrel Dude is unstable enough that it looks like it’s trying to roll and interact with your dogs. It is a great toy to keep your dog’s pre-occupied especially those tense or dogs suffering from anxiety like separation anxiety or loneliness.

18. PetSafe Tug-A-Jug Interactive Toy For Dogs

Doggie interacts with PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jugg Smart Toy.


Your dog’s dental health is just as important as his/her mental health. This interactive tug toy from PetSafe provides multi-sensory stimulation while keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy. The toy is made of all-natural materials and can stand up to aggressive chewing for your dog’s safety.

Dog’s boredom and lack of mental stimulation can lead to inappropriate chewing. The PetSafe Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug Toy provides a fun new way to help fight dog’s boredom for even the toughest chewers! It is not only perfect for anxious dogs left at home, but it is also perfect for overly eager eaters! The toy can be used as a kibble dispensing feeder for a better meal pace for your pooch as well as it stimulates your dog’s animal instincts.

The unique idea of the tug rope design is to make your dog work for a meal. The good news is that it is available in three sizes: x-small, small, and medium/large. Dogs of all sizes and breeds can own one! You can easily clean the toy by hand or by simply putting it in the dishwasher.

19. Outward Hound Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado Toy

Another Nina Ottosson interactive dog toy named Outward Hound Tornado Puzzle Toy.


Another puzzle dog toy from Outward Hound made into our list! The Dog Tornado toy by Nina Ottosson is an intermediate level game for a more advanced mental stimulation and increasing dog’s IQ. If your dog has lost interest in his/her basic toy puzzle, then this toy is a perfect upgrade!

The puzzle works by placing your dog’s favourite treats in the three levels of twelve spinning treat compartments and let your pooch solve the puzzle. It is extremely simple, your pup just spins the interactive layers to get his treats. The toy can be used for feeding your dog any healthy treat or dry kibble. You can even put it in the freezer with tasty frozen treats!

The toy is designed with safe, strong, and sturdy materials that last longer than you think! It has a non-slip base to ensure a better game experience for your dog. It is also made for easier cleaning, simply wash the toy by hand with soapy water. Once again, it can be seen that Outward Hound is a trustworthy brand!

20. LumoLeaf Interactive Dog Treat Ball

 LumoLeaf Dog Treat Ball designed for your dog to be smarter and eat slower.


Play smarter and feed slower with the LumoLeaf treat ball! The ball design challenges your dog to work to get his/her favourite treats out. This puzzle will improve your dog’s problem-solving IQ and promotes good digestion by slowing down his eating pace at the same time.

The exciting feature of the LumoLeaf interactive toy is that the treats outlet size can be adjustable for different levels of difficulty. You can adjust it to a bigger opening during the first use so that your dog would learn that the toy dispenses treats. Once it has become easier to dispense the treats, you can narrow the opening.

With the 5 and 7 inches sized ball, you can put a lot of your dog’s favourite treats inside! However, the treats should not be larger than 0.4 inches as it is harder to get out. The manufacturer used durable, odour-free and non-toxic TPE and plastic material to ensure your dog’s safety. Your pooch will never get hurt by broken plastic!

I hope this shortlist will help you figure which toys to get your buddy. I got them all for mine so we can shift from one to another as he gets used to playing with these interactive dog toys.

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