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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino & Puzzle: Pros and Cons

Written by Tillie Bailey

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Quick Review

Amazon Reviews3.7 out of 5
Technobark Review9.7 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owners who wants to keep their dogs entertained and busy

Physical exercise for your dog is necessary, but exercising your pup’s mind is just as important. Your dog needs an outlet for his mind, and all dog breeds were developed to carry out a certain task. If they are not mentally stimulated, dogs may develop behavioural problems. If your pup developed a destructive behaviour such as chewing, excessive barking, digging, then he lacks mental exercise.

Training your dog’s mind will not only keep them mentally healthy but is also a great bonding activity for the two of you. However, we are unable to train them all the time. Toys are specially designed for this, and I have discovered the perfect toy for my dog. The Nina Ottosson Dog Casino helped my dog to become smarter than ever, and I am so excited to share my experience!

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino Benefits

nina otosson casino dog

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Increases your Dog’s Intelligence

The Nina Ottosson Dog Casino is the 3rd game Paws have tried, and this one is the trickiest. If you want a more challenging play, then this is the perfect one for you. The product is a level 3 game that is recommended for a smarter play but can be used by all dogs. By adding or lessening game elements, you can adjust the level of difficulty according to your dog’s needs.

Easy to Learn

To help Paws learn little by little, I started to leave most of the trays half open and a few locks in place. I first showed her how the game worked and revealed that there are treats inside the drawers. She did eventually get all the food out. Dogs are smarter than you think, our fur babies just need to be taught!

Paws learned how to open the drawers pretty quickly, but locking the bones was challenging for her. Since the toy has a unique design, she used the trick that she did with other toys. If your dog doesn’t have any experience in puzzles, the toy may be too complicated for her. Don’t worry, with basic training and enticing treats; she’ll eventually learn intermediate puzzles!

Extremely Easy to Clean

Some dog toys available in the market are tough to clean, which makes us unable to rinse it thoroughly. The Nina Ottosson Casino didn’t give me a headache. I just removed all the treats or kibbles then hand washed it with warm, soapy water! Excess food and stains wouldn’t be a problem.

Outstandingly Durable

The best thing about the Nina Ottosson Casino is it’s VERY well-built! The first time I introduced the toy, Paws smacked the toy with her paws and threw it around the room. After a few training, she still resorts to putting the toy in her mouth and tossing it around. Nevertheless, all her tossing and smacking didn’t do any harm to the product.

Besides my experience, I read a lot of feedback from clients who testified that this product is extremely durable. I had the same experience with other Nina Ottosson dog toys, which were well-built and well-designed too.

No Removable Parts

The problem with most dog toy games is they are poorly-designed, allowing for removable parts. It will help me to clean the product thoroughly, but I’d rather choose the safe one for my pup. The last thing I want to happen is to rush Paws to the vet because of choking.

Nina Ottosson Dog Casino removed my worries! The product is built with play pieces that don’t come out when your dog plays with it. Being the playful dog that she is, Paws wasn’t able to break some of the pieces apart.

Reduces your Dog’s Boredom

dog casino puzzle

Dogs who are used to basic training and easy dog games will not be interested in simple puzzles anymore. I had the same experience with Paws, so I decided to step up her game. Being the puzzle-adoring pup that she is, she was interested in solving the Dog Casino puzzle.

Since Paws loved her food so much, she was very enticed to get it out. Also, her parent’s cheers persuade her to do so! I loved Nina Ottosson Dog Casino’s ability to stimulate my dog’s brain while reinforcing her relationship with me.

A Perfect Indoor Activity For You and Your Dog

The Nina Ottosson dog casino will not only make your dog smarter, but it will also strengthen your bond with your dog! The truth is, we don’t have all the time and effort to train our furry friends as often as possible. Some owners even hire dog trainers and visit an expensive place to keep their dog mentally exercised. While it will not require too much effort from you, it will cost you more and steals the chance of your bonding with your dog.

But with the dog casino, you don’t have to go outside or spend a lot of money to exercise your dog. Why should you hire a dog trainer if you can train your dog yourself! I am a dog parent myself, and I’ve trained Paws myself with the help of dog puzzles! The dog casino won’t even require too much effort and physical activity from you. This way, you can play with your dog even after a busy day. The puzzle is especially perfect for indoor activities, especially during cold weather!

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Using The Nina Ottosson Dog Casinodog casino toy

Did you know that fifteen minutes of mental activity with dog treat games is equal to thirty minutes of physical exercise? The fact is according to the company itself! In using the Nina Ottosson Dog Casino, all you need to do is put your dog’s favorite treat on the six treat compartments. You can set different treats on each drawer to make playing more fun!

To teach your dog about how the puzzle works, start by leaving most treat compartments open. It will allow your pooch to know that there are treats inside the drawers. The next step is to demonstrate how to open the drawers. Guide your dog’s paws in opening a drawer one by one. You can also teach him/her to use his/her mouth.

If your pup has already understood the techniques in opening the drawers, the next step is showing him/her the methods for unlocking the bones. Do not lock the bones during first-time play, as it will make your dog confused. Demonstrate how the treats can be accessed by turning the bones first. Always start with the first step until the technique in pulling the drawer out.

Repeat the process over until your dog understands how his/her favorite food can be accessed! Some dogs will figure it out quickly. Some will require your guidance more. Nevertheless, your time and effort in teaching your dog will all be worth it! Plus, it’s a great indoor activity for the both of you!

Dog Casino Games Benefits

Can’t your dog settle in one place time to time? Does he chew on everything at home? Is he obsessed in chasing his tail? Is he an excessive barker? How about excessive whining? Has he dug plenty of holes? Or has he been sleeping a lot?

Have you ever wondered why your dog developed those behaviors after all your efforts of running with him every day? Believe it or not- these are all the signs indicating that your beloved pooch lacks mental stimulation! If your dog shows all these signs, then he’s in desperate need of mental stimulation such as dog puzzle games!

Nina Ottosson, the designer, and CEO of Outward Hound, philosophy is a “dog has four legs and one head, and all five need activity in different ways – both physical and mental.” The most significant benefit of dog puzzle games is their potential of curing your dog’s boredom. Boredom can result in the development of behavioural issues. Giving your dog a puzzle to play and work on at the same time will mentally activate him.

While dog puzzle games can be used for solo play, it can also strengthen your bond! Of course, when you introduced a game to your pooch for the first time, you will need to teach him how it works first. As Ottosson says, “The purpose of these puzzle games is to play together with the dog, so the owner can activate the dog in an easy and fun way at home.”

Lastly, dog puzzle games can also be used for training. With all the mental play, dogs won’t only be mentally stimulated, but it will also make them smarter! Dogs are more intelligent than we think, we just need to activate their minds!

What I love about dog puzzle games the most is that they can be introduced to all dogs! Regardless of their size, age, health condition, or physical activity level, puzzle games will benefit them all! You just need to choose the most suitable for your dog.

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Nina Ottosson Dog Casino: Cons

Even an excellent product can also have its cons. Placed at the Level 3 (advanced level) among all Nina Ottosson dog puzzles, the dog casino can be too complex for some dogs. The game can be challenging for little puppies, injured dogs, or beginner. According to some clients, their dogs just paw at the puzzle until the drawers open, flip it upside down, and throw them away. I guess that the game is harder than it looks!

However, some clients also testified that their dogs easily figured out how the game works within minutes. Even a seven months old puppy did! It seems like some of the clients did not teach their dogs about how the dog casino works. Or maybe, the Nina Ottosson dog casino is not just for some dogs.

Don’t be troubled because there are more Nina Ottosson dog puzzle games available in the market! The company has been developing a wide range of dog activity games and toys since 1990 to keep dogs healthy. Whether your beloved pooch is a beginner or a veteran, Nina Ottosson will cater his/her needs!

Another slightly negative thing I noticed is my dog has trouble pulling out the drawers when the puzzle is on the floor or carpet. There is not much ground clearance between the handle of the drawer and the ground. Every time Paws tried to grab the handles with her teeth; she ends up picking up the whole puzzle until the tray opens then drops the toy. Whenever she’s using her paws, there are tendencies that the tray won’t open. I have to put the game on a box for her to use.

I concluded that the reason why the Nina Ottosson dog casino is too hard for some dogs is because of its ground clearance. The puzzle should be more elevated and with all the reviews, I hope Nina Ottosson will work on it! Nevertheless, it is just a slight inconvenience and can still be used!

The Nina Ottosson Dog Casino does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Paws and I loved the product’s unique mechanism that requires mental and physical agility to solve the challenge. After all the products we have tried, Dog Casino is Paw’s favorite! The product is the best option for dogs who want to improve their ability and pups who want a more challenging play. Overall, this is an exceptional product!

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