Stop Dog Barking Collars And Top No Bark Solutions in 2021

best stop dog barking collars
Written by Mark Braeden

All dogs bark at some point and this is fine, it is their way of communication. A dog’s barking become a problem when it is too frequent. Excessive barking means noise, and noise has many adverse effects on your well-being. It will not only affect you, but it can also disturb other people, especially your neighbours. What is the best stop dog barking collars? Thanks 2021 for all the technologies! There are smart dog collars and even more!

Using a stop dog barking collar may have crossed your mind but hesitated to do so because of its bad reputation. There has been controversy with its use, with critics believing that no bark collars are cruel, costly, and simply morally long. Nevertheless, it is a cheaper and easier way to train your dog, they are universally accepted to be physically safe for dogs, and dogs will feel better, more in control of himself.

Due to the demand and popularity, safer and better versions of anti-bark dog collars escalated in the market. However, you may still be unsure on choosing the most appropriate one for your fur baby. I was once in that position, so for this article, we have compiled all the best stop dog barking collars that my dog and I highly recommend and use them as a no bark solution.

Best No Bark Solutions and Stop Dog Barking Collars in 2021

DogRook Anti-Bark Collar

DogRook Anti-Bark Collar 

DogRook No Bark Collar  Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.3 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

The DogRook No Bark Collar has the most humane approach of correcting your dog’s barking. The no shock collar delivers a combination of sound and vibration when your dog begins to nuisance bark. When looking for no bark collars, I always look for the one that can be controlled. This way, I will be able to adjust the collar according to my dog’s needs.

The DogRook No Bark Collar did not disappoint me, it features seven vibration and sound levels that can be adjusted according to your dog’s needs. It works by emitting a warning tone after your dog’s first and second bark. At the third bark, the collar will meet the warning tone and vibration tone and will remain its intensity until the seventh bark. If your dog keeps on barking, it will stop working for a minute.

The anti-bark collar’s features does not stop from there, it features a smart barking detection chip that allows your dog to only trigger the collar. Barking from other dogs will be ignored. The collar is also 100% waterproof! You and your dog wouldn’t have to worry about getting the collar wet when walking outside.

My dog looks so cute on this anti-bark collar! It has two faceplates that can be changed, orange and blue. It is battery-operated, with two extra batteries included in the package. A lot of clients have testified that this collar is durable, and one has been using it for 1 ½ years. My dog never complained when using the collar, since it’s made with high-quality nylon strap!

The DogRook Stop Dog Barking Collar is an excellent product for dogs of all breeds and sizes. If you think that your dog’s barking can be eliminated with a simple sound and vibration, then this is your product! Overall, this is an outstanding product and I really recommend considering it if you are looking for a good no bark solution!

Regirock No Bark Dog Collar

Regirock No Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

Regirock Anti Bark Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews3.4 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

Unlike the previous anti-bark collar, the Regirock has three training modes; beep, vibration, and shock. This stop dog barking collar is perfect for dog owners that is unsure of what type of collar they’re going to purchase for their dog. The collar covers ALL types of anti-bark collars that has seven progressive correction levels.

Regirock No Bark Collar also features an upgraded intelligent detection chip. It will only be triggered by your dog’s barking. The collar also features an automatic protection mode that deactivates the collar when it is continuously activated for seven times in one minute. It will automatically enter sleep mode to protect your dog.

Some battery-operated products can be inconvenient, since some requires special batteries. Fortunately, the Regirock anti-bark collar is rechargeable. When charged for an hour, the collar can be used for 10-14 days. It saved me from the hassle of having to find and purchase special batteries.

When looking for dog products, I tend to look for the feature that will prioritize my dog’s comfort. I don’t want to see my annoyed and bothered pup because of the product that I bought for me. With the Regirock collar, my pup never complained and even scratched his neck. It is adjustable for small to large dogs!

Regirock No Bark Collar looks very durable and has a good quality! It has an additional feature that other bark collars don’t have; it is reflective. It makes my pup visible in the dark that makes him safe! Plus, it’s high-quality design makes my pup looks stylish. Apparently, Regirock No Bark Collar is a good solution to stop dog barking.

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Enrivik Small Dog Anti-Bark Collar

Enrivik Small Dog Anti-Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

Enrivik Anti-Bark Collar for Small Dogs Summary

Amazon Reviews5 out of 5
Suitable forSpecifically designed for small dogs only

For owners with small dogs, we also got you covered with no bark solution! The Envirik Small Dog Bark Collar, as the name suggests, is perfect for small fur babies! The anti-bark collar has been featured in numerous top articles and received good reviews from critics. It is truly an excellent choice for a small breed under ten pounds.

The Enrivik anti-bark collar is a combination of beep and vibration, especially humane for small dogs. It has sensitivity levels that can be adjusted according to your pup’s needs. Most anti-bark collars has harmful and irritating prongs. The Envirik collar is designed to have no spiky prongs that has no throat pressure.

Even if it is prong-free, your dog’s barking can be distinguished with the help of its smart detection chip. The collar reacts on your dog’s throat vibration. This way, you can be assured that the collar can only be triggered by your dog’s bark. However, it can react on your dog’s crying, so supervision is needed.

The Envirik Small Dog Bark Collar is also rechargeable and waterproof! It has 14 days standby time for a one hour charge. The collar can be charged from the usb port of the usb wall charger, car charger, charging station, portable charger, laptop, and etc. It will effectively work when wet, however, it is not designed for a full immersion into the water.

The Enrivik bark collar also comes with four faceplates of different colors, such as pink, black, green, red. It is possible to change them according to the clothes or accessories of your pup. Not only it will stop dog barking but it will also make him stylish!

SportDOG Stop Dog Barking Collar

SportDOG No Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

SportDOG Anti Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews4 out of 5
Suitable forMedium and Large dog breeds

If you prefer a collar that uses shock therapy instead of sound and vibration, this one is for you. The SportDOG stop dog barking collar is highly rated and widely recommended. It has received excellent reviews from dog trainers and clients have testified that it is an excellent product. The product has a 4 over 5 rating with 2,465 reviews on Amazon.

Packed with unique features, the SportDOG No bark Collar is the top performing collar in this list. The collar’s three selectable modes of operation can work for mild-tempered dogs and even the most stubborn breeds. With ten levels of static stimulation, you can choose the type of bark control according to your dog’s temperament.

You can choose from Temperament Learning, Progressive Correction, and User-Selected. In Temperament Learning mode, the sensitivity starts from the lowest level and gradually increases each time your dog barks within 30 seconds.

The Progressive Correction is similar with Temperament Learning. However, if your dog stops within 30 seconds, the correction will reset to the lowest level. Meanwhile, the User Selected mode allows the owner to set the collar to the level he/she desires.

The product is proven to be dog-friendly. It features dual activation, where the sound of the dog’s bark and its throat vibration can only activate the collar. It eliminates false triggers from other dogs’ barks and noises. The collar fits dogs eight pounds or larger with neck sizes 5-22 inches.

The SportDOG stop dog barking collar is incredibly durable, I can say that it is one of the toughest units available. It is fully submersible, waterproof and is rechargeable. It has a rapid battery charge that can lasts up to four months if fully charged. It also features a low battery indicator to alert you when it’s time to charge.

Although the collar is feature-rich, it may not be ideal for small pups. It is a little bulky so it is more ideal for dogs over 33 pounds. Thus, the single button operation takes a bit of time and challenge for changing between correction modes. Nevertheless, this is a very high-quality product with an excellent performance.

Pop View Anti-Bark Collar

Pop View Anti-Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

Pop View No-Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews4.8 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

The Pop View Anti-Bark Collar is one of the most versatile no bark collars available in the market. The collar is also ideal for owners who are still unsure on what type of collar they are going to purchase. It has seven grade adjustable sensitivity levels and three training modes. You can use beep, vibration, and shock all together or separately.

I loved how this anti-bark collar is easy to use. Most adjustable collars is operated with a single button, making it difficult to control. Fortunately, this collar is the exact opposite. It can be easily controlled through three buttons for each mode.

I can tailor the sensitivity with the Pop View, so it’s not going off all the time or not at all. When using no bark collars, I’d like to take extra measures. I don’t leave it on my dog for so long or whenever he’s alone. I only use it during pieces of training, which is safe yet effective.

Pop View promised that the collar eliminates false triggers in its product description. It really works as expected! I always observe my dog whenever he’s wearing the collar. My dog has always been playful and the collar doesn’t activate by his shaking or nearby dogs.

The Pop View Anti-Bark Collar is also rechargeable and rainproof. It still works well even when it gets wet. My dog used this under the rain for several times, yet it works perfectly fine. It didn’t even short-circuited.

With a fresh new update for 2018, the collar is adjustable for dogs from 6 to 120 lbs. The strap can be adjusted from 3.7 inches to 21.5 inches. This is a great product and I would recommend it as a no bark solution, however,  other also reviewers recommend the collar to be on your pup only during training. I think all anti-bark collars need supervision, because all have its downside.

P.S. Don’t forget to check out full review on Pop View Bark Collar

TIFTAF Anti-Bark Collar

tiftaf bark collar

Photo Amazon

TIFTAF No Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews4.2 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

The TIFTAF Anti-Bark Collar looks like your ordinary anti-bark collar. Don’t let the look fool you because this product is feature-rich. The anti-bark collar is built with the goal of producing a safe and simple device to gently train dogs. With this collar, it is possible to stop barking without hurting your furry baby!

Just like other anti-bark collars in the list, the TIFTAF no bark collar has three modes. You can choose from beep, vibration, and shock. It also has 1-7 levels of sensitivity, 0-7 gears of vibration and shock. This way, you can adjust the collar according to your dog’s needs.

Other anti-bark collars identifies barking through sound, not safe for false triggers. Fortunately, the TIFTAF anti-bark collar senses vibration in your dog’s vocal chords. It effectively eliminates false triggers from other noise or your dog’s movements.

Another feature proves the product to be humane and safe. When your dog barks seven times in a minute, the device deactivates. It allows your dog to react to real danger. Leaving the collar on your dog at night isn’t a problem for me.

The TIFTAF anti-bark collar is designed to work effectively on small, medium and large dogs that weighs from 15 to 150 lbs. It has a fully adjustable strap from 7 to 23 inches. In addition, the collar is also reflective. It definitely helps for identification in the dark, especially for dark-skinned dogs.

The no bark collar is affordable, waterproof, and rechargeable. One of the best features of this product is that it comes with a LCD display panel on the collar. It indicates the sensitivity level and battery level, allowing for a more convenient use. Moreover, this product is extremely lightweight, only weighing 3.2 oz.

Whenever we’re looking for anti-bark collars, we tend to look for a product that prioritizes our dogs’ safety and comfort. The TIFTAF anti-bark collar is what I’ve been looking for! The only downside is it doesn’t work well for thick-coated dogs. The prongs were too short and couldn’t make continuous contact, I hope that they will include two pairs of prongs.

AVA Electric Anti-Bark Collar

AVA Electric Anti-Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

AVA Electric No Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews3.7 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

If you prefer to correct your dog’s barking without zapping him, then this is for you. The AVA Electric Anti-Bark Collar trains your dog by using progressively increasing sound and vibration. I loved its consistent effect. There are seven levels, which allows a dog to understand that he should stop barking.

If an anti-bark collar has progressive levels, it trains your dog instead of punishing them. When your dog starts to bark, the device delivers two warning tones. It alerts him and allows him to realize that he should stop barking immediately. Whenever your dog continues to bark, the collar will deliver a combination of sound and vibration.

To ensure your dog’s safety, the collar will stop working for one minute if it reached the highest level. This will allow your dog to react to unsafe conditions. For your dog’s comfort, AVA Electric recommends the collar for dogs ranging from 6.6-120 lbs. The strap can be adjustable from 8.46 to 23.82 inches.

The strap is made with a high-quality black polyester belt that did not irritate my dog’s skin. It also has two reflective strips, which allows for more visibility. The package has free LED tag for the collar! This is a great help for your dog to be seen at night, especially dark-skinned dogs.

The best thing about this stop dog barking collar is the manual included in the set. It was very useful for me to train my dog effectively! They do not advise to leave the collar on your dog. It promises to eliminate your dog’s excessive barking not less than 14 days!

The only downside in the product is it becomes too sensitive at some time. Reviews have said that it reacts to other noises, but only happened a couple of times. Therefore, it should not be left on your dog in a noisy environment. Overall, this product is a safe way to teach your dog!

VegasDoggy Stop Dog Barking Collar

VegasDoggy Anti-Bark Collar

Photo Amazon


VegasDoggy No Bark Collar Summary

Amazon Reviews3.9 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

Here is another option for dog owners that want to try all three types of anti-bark collars. The VegasDoggy stop dog barking collar is a combination of sound, vibration, and shock. You can use the three training modes altogether or separately. It features a no harm shock.

The VegasDoggy anti-bark collar allows you to select the most suitable sensitive level and model to ensure your dog’s safety. The collar uses the upgraded sensitivity chip that uses the latest vibration sensor technology. Your dog’s barking sound and vibration of vocal chords will only trigger the collar.

To ensure your dog’s safety, the automatic protection mode deactivates the collar if activated seven times in one minute. After one minute, it will get back to work. The collar’s shock does not sting, I tried it on myself. Nevertheless, it’s up to you if you want to use shock therapy.

The collar is incredibly lightweight, weighing only 2.5 oz. It is recommended for dogs weighing 6 to 150 lbs. VegasDoggy recommends the collar to be used on dogs over 6.6 lbs or 6 months old. The package also comes with a user manual that is very useful.

I love that the collar starts out as a noise to distract the dog and interrupt his barking. It gives you the control to increase to vibration and shock if necessary. However, I recommend to use the vibration and sound at first use. It helped to stop dog barking.

The collar is also rechargeable and rainproof. It is designed to be used for both indoor and outdoor use in different weather. However, it is not advised to be worn when swimming or taking a shower.

Another feature that I like with the VegasDoggy collar is it has an LCD that shows the current sensitivity level. The collar has four buttons for sensitivity level, shock and vibration mode, and the power button. It is so easy to use, saving me from inconvenience! Amazing stop dog barking collar for its price.

Everyday Urban Anti-Bark Collar

Everyday Urban Anti-Bark Collar

Photo Amazon


Everyday Urban r Summary

Amazon Reviews3.8 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

The Everyday Urban Anti-Bark Collar is one of the most trusted no bark collars. Upgraded for 2021, it promises a fast, safe, and easy option. It’s no doubt why a lot of clients trust this brand, it really lives up to its promises! Did I mention that the collar is feature-rich?

The Everyday Urban anti-bark collar uses vibration and sound to correct your dog’s barking for maximum effect. It uses progressive vibration and sound to provide a set of warnings. There are seven warning cycles, with warning sounds from cycles one and two plus vibration cycles (three-seven). If the collar reached the seventh cycle, it will rest for a minute before restarting the cycle.

Built with high-quality collar with double reflective strips, the product prioritizes your dog’s safety. One size fits all breeds and sizes, from small to large dogs. However, Everyday Urban cannot assure that the collar will work on very small dogs. If you’re an owner of one, then look for anti-bark collar specifically for small breeds.

The device also has two colors of faceplates; orange and blue. The collar is not only durable and stylish, but it is also easy to adjust. It is not recommended to leave the collar for more than twelve hours per day.

Two pairs of electrodes are included in the package. Allowing the collar to be effective for both short-haired and long-haired dogs. Unfortunately, the collar is battery-operated. Nevertheless, the VegasDoggy anti-bark collar is worth it. This is one of the best no bark solutions to stop dog barking for those who want to use vibration and beep therapy.

ZenDoggo Anti-Bark Collar

ZenDoggo Anti Bark Collar

Photo Amazon

ZenDoggo Summary

Amazon Reviews3.8 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

Here’s another collar that is a combination of vibration and sound. The ZenDoggo Anti-Bark Collar is somehow similar to Everyday Urban Anti-Bark Collar. But if you analyze its features closely, you’ll see a big difference.

The ZenDoggo anti-bark collar also works for seven cycles. The difference is each cycle emits a warning sound before delivering a vibration. When your dog starts to bark, the collar will first emit two warning sounds then progressively increases with vibration. I love how it works, it won’t shock your dog, allowing him to react first.

The collar also turns to sleep mode at the eighth bark. It allows your dog to react to real danger. The collar is controlled by a fully updated microprocessor voice recognition technology. It will only distinguish your dog’s bark from other environmental noises.

The collar has interchangeable faceplates that comes in blue and orange. The collar requires batteries, however, there are two batteries included in the package. Only one battery is needed for a long operation. Clients reported that one battery lasts for a month of daily use.

The stop dog barking collar also has an adjustable strap that fits dog of all sizes. It is also designed to work on both short-haired and thick-coated dogs. The package includes four interchangeable short and long electrode covers. Plus, there’s a free training guide on how to stop barking included!

The best thing about this product is it is backed by a 30 day money back guarantee with one year free replacement warranty. Clients have also testified that the manufacturer provides great customer service. I just hope that the batteries would last longer. Nevertheless, it is an excellent product from an outstanding company!

The Best Industries Anti-Bark Collar

the best industries bark collar

Can’t decide on whether you want a collar that delivers a sound, vibration, or shock? Fortunately, there’s an anti-bark collar that has all of the three. This unique and stylish collar has adjustable sensitivity and three training modes. You can choose between gentle shock or even no shock at all.

The Best Industries Anti-Bark Collar is 100% dog-friendly! My dog doesn’t get accidentally shocked. He always gets two warning tones that already makes him stop barking. I have never utilized the shock mode. The beep and vibration alone were effective!

This no bark collar was designed with the help of professional dog trainers, with the goal of producing a safe anti-bark collar. As the company says, security is the most important thing for shock collars. The company did live up to their promise, building an anti-bark collar that features an automatic protection mode.

The collar will deactivate if activated for seven times in one minute, then will get back to work when your dog won’t stop barking. Some anti-bark collars doesn’t have this feature, that may cause harm. Luckily, the Best Industries prioritizes dogs’ safety.

Built with the newest intelligent barking detection, the collar can only be triggered by your dog’s barking. However, some clients said that the collar sometimes activates by other noises and when your dog is scratching. Therefore, supervision is needed when using this collar.

The Best Industries stop dog barking collar is affordable IP67 waterproof, rechargeable, and lightweight. It fits dogs of all sizes, from 15 to 120 lbs. The package has two pairs of electrodes for short-haired and medium-haired dogs. Plus, the collar’s design is unique compared to other collars, making your dog stylish.

The only thing that I don’t like is I can’t control when the collar shocks. This collar is not ideal for those who doesn’t want to use shock therapy. Overall, the Best Industries anti-bark collar is a good product!

Nicexx Stop Dog Barking Collar

Nicexx Anti-Bark Collar

Nicexx Bark Collar Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4.1 out of 5
Suitable forSmall, medium and large dogs

This product is similar to the DogRook Bark Collar. The Nicexx Bark Collar is also a combination of vibration and sound. It also has seven levels that can be adjusted according to your dog’s needs. Nevertheless, the collar has unique features that makes it distinctive from other collars!

The Nicexx stop dog barking collar is designed to work for any breeds and all sizes, specifically 6-120lbs. I learned the collar from my friend, who has a 2-year-old Golden retriever that weighs 90lbs. They didn’t have any problem with the fit because the strap is adjustable. Plus, she also testified that the collar doesn’t get loose whenever her retriever runs or shakes his head.

Eliminating your pup’s excessive barking will get you a peace of mind, but some collars can hurt your pup. The Nicexx Bark Collar is the opposite, as you get a peace of mind without hurting your dog. The adjustable collar can also be put in auto mode which is proven to be effective. Moreover, it is designed to distinguish your dog’s bark from other noises to prevent false triggering.

The Nicexx Bark Collar is certified according to IPX6 waterproof standard. My friend was able to walk her dog in the rain and in wet weather without worrying of short-circuiting. The collar still works great even when wet! The collar is also night reflective that helps your dog to be visible in the dark.

What makes the Nicexx collar unique is that it comes with two short prongs and two long prongs. It can work for medium-haired and thick-coated dogs! Best of all, the company guarantees 100% satisfaction or your money back. The product is definitely a safe choice!

All stop dog barking collars included in the list are the most trusted brands that are available in the market and best in the industry. All anti-bark collars have their own features and downsides. It is still in the hands of dog owners to choose the most suitable one for their dog to avoid negative outcomes. It is essential to understand your dog and his/her needs first before utilizing one. Remember, anti-bark collars are used as a training tool, not for punishment. Now, you know how to stop dog barking!

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