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8 Best Invisible and Virtual Dog Fences In 2024 [Definitive Buying Guide]

Written by Mark Braeden

Invisible dog fences are one of the best pet tech gadgets for keeping your pooch safely contained in your yard without wreaking havoc on your landscaping. Scratch that. I should say the RIGHT invisible fencing system is one of the best gadgets.

See, ever since Richard Peck patented the very first electronic pet containment system (aptly named Invisible Fence®), countless brands have jumped on the bandwagon to cash in on this hot pet tech trend.

Today, there are dozens of virtual dog fences on the market. Some are AMAZING while others are absolute junk. Knowing which is which can mean the difference between keeping your pup safe and losing him forever.

Since you probably don’t have the time or money to try out every wireless dog fence on your own, I did the hard part for you. I tested and reviewed over 20 brands and narrowed the results to only the absolute best.

Feel free to skip straight to the list, otherwise, let’s dig into the topic.

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Our Top 3 Invisible Dog Fence Picks at a Glance

#1 Invisible Dog Fence Pick
Runner Up
Best for Stubborn Dogs
250 square feet minimum, no maximum size. Fences can be as large as you need.
½ acre minimum, no maximum size. Fences can be as large as you need.
Up to 3/4 acre max, no minimum.
Up to 20
Up to 20
#1 Invisible Dog Fence Pick
250 square feet minimum, no maximum size. Fences can be as large as you need.
Up to 20
Runner Up
½ acre minimum, no maximum size. Fences can be as large as you need.
Up to 20
Best for Stubborn Dogs

I’ve gotta say, Halo Collar and later SpotOn were my favorite discoveries. I should also say that while Halo is my top pick for the best GPS dog fence, SpotOn is a VERY close second.

I’ll go over the top features of each below, but you may also want to check out my detailed Halo Collar 2+ review, our Halo Collar 3, or SpotOn review for a more in-depth overview.

Without further ado, let’s get to my reviews of the best wireless and invisible dog fences to consider.

Best-Rated Invisible Fences For Dogs in 2024 (Based On Consumer Ratings, Reports, and Personal Experience)

Here’s a quick list of the invisible and wireless dog fences that I tested. Several have been discontinued, so I removed their reviews from this list. No point getting you excited about an option that doesn’t exist anymore, right?

  1. Halo Collar 3 GPS Dog Fence (Top Pick)
  2. SpotOn GPS Dog Collar (Runner Up)
  3. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence
  4. PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System
  5. Extreme Dog Fence (2 Generation 2020)
  6. FOCUSER Electric Wireless Dog Fence (DISCONTINUED)
  7. SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems
  8. PetControlHQ Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System with Remote Training Collar
  9. Sit Boo-Boo Hidden Dog Fence (Discontinued)
  10. Realhunlee Wireless Electric Dog Fence System (DISCONTINUED)
  11. GoodBoy Electric In-Ground Dog Fence (DISCONTINUED)
  12. Extreme Electric Dog Fence (Max Grade)
  13. Havahart Wireless Radial Shaped Dog Fence System (DISCONTINUED)
  14. My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System

Before we dive in with our first pick, I just want to make sure we’re on the same page with what qualifies as an “invisible” dog fence. As you’ll notice, this list includes both wired and wireless options. While I personally prefer virtual dog fences, technically underground wired fences fit the “invisible” criteria.

That said, if you’re looking specifically for “no dig” options, you’ll want to either check out our top 5 favorite wireless dog fences or stick with the first two options below.

#1 Halo Collar 3: Best Overall Invisible Dog Fence

As you may recall if you’ve read my other GPS dog fence posts, I fluctuated a lot between Halo Collar 2+ and SpotOn for my top pick. I used both collars as a virtual fence, and they were pretty competitive with each other. Honestly, it was hard to choose between those two, and SpotOn usually won by a nose. That changed in September 2023 when Halo Collar 3 came out!

Check out the top features, then read on for more details. Just a quick note, Halo Collar has a TON of features, which we’ve talked about a lot in other posts. So this time, I stuck with those related to how it works as an invisible fence.

  • Expert design: Co-founded by Cesar Millan, this smart system integrates dog psychology and smart training into one easy-to-use smart collar. 
  • 24-hour battery life  
  • PrecisionGPS™ 
  • Active GPS Antenna 
  • All-carrier cellular coverage worldwide 
  • Smart roaming between Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE to provide optimized performance, battery life, and responsiveness. 
  • Instantly create and store up fences in the Halo Collar app  
  • Three levels of customizable “prevention” feedback 
  • Waterproof collar 
  • Adjustable Perfect Fit sizing 
  • Magnetic charging port 
  • Four color options: Sunburst, Graphite, Ivory, and Orchid 
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 60-day return window

Halo Collar 3 is an extremely innovative device (we included it in multiple posts, including our list of the best smart collars) that allows you to create, edit, and store unlimited-sized invisible fences starting at as small as 250 square feet.

Fence creation takes place in the easy-to-use Halo App. I can not describe how convenient is it. Users can either walk their property to create fences, or they can just draw them right on the map.

Creating a virtual fence in Halo collar app

As I’m sure you know, all invisible fences require some dog training on your part. Halo Collar makes that a breeze, thanks to the included in-app training program created by Cesar Milan.

While we’re mainly talking about how Halo Collar 3 works as an invisible fence, I just want to point out a few other amazing features that helped launch it to our #1 pick.

First, the collar isn’t just a virtual fence system; it’s also a dog GPS tracker, a training collar, AND an activity monitor. The app has tons of other amazing features, too, like the whistle feature, which is exactly what it sounds like – encouraging your dog to come back to you when you’re out and about together.

It’s also one of the few collars (if not the ONLY one) with all-carrier cellular coverage worldwide. In other words, you don’t need to pre-select a cellular carrier. Halo will auto-connect to the carrier with the best service no matter where you go.

Honestly, I could talk about this one all day. But we have 12 more invisible fences to discuss. I highly recommend checking out Nicole’s Halo Collar 3 review. You may also want to read my huge Halo Collar 2+ review to get an idea of what’s changed between the models.

2024 Best GPS Dog Fence
Halo Collar 3 GPS Wireless Dog Fence

Marketed as the most accurate dog fence ever created, the Halo Collar 3 GPS Dog Fence allows users to create, edit and store unlimited-sized fences, starting at 30 x 30 feet, and is compatible with dogs weighing over 20 lbs. While the invisible fence features help prevent dogs from leaving the yard in the first place, the almost-pin-point accurate GPS tracking features help owners find lost dogs quickly. Last, but far from least, the Halo Collar also has amazing dog training features AND acts as an activity monitor.

Top Features: 

  • 24-hour battery life 
  • PrecisionGPS™
  • Active GPS Antenna
  • Real-time tracking
  • All-carrier cellular coverage worldwide. 

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

#2 SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence (Runner Up)

As I mentioned above, the SpotOn GPS Fence is a super close runner-up. I’ve spent a lot of time testing it and really loved it. It is a little bit pricey but it is definitely worth it.

Speaking of the price, though, I do have some good news! As of 1/1/2024, the price of the SpotOn GPS Fence dropped from $1295 to $999.

I have an amazing SpotOn coupon for you! You can Save $25 by using the code BARK

SpotOn Top Features (again, sticking with just its GPS fencing features):

  • Create and store up to 20 unique fences
  • Covers .5 acres up to thousands.
  • Create “Keep Out zones” with a swipe of a finger.
  • Patented True Location™ GPS technology improves accuracy.
  • Forest mode enhances GPS reception in areas with lots of trees.
  • Sizes fit dogs with necks ranging from 10-26″
  • 22-hour battery life when used as a fence (14 when tracking)
  • NO subscription required to use it as an invisible fence (you do need one for GPS tracking, though)

Okay, now on to the review. As with Halo, SpotOn makes it easy to create fences of up to a thousand acres (maybe even more!) either by walking your property or drawing them on the app. It can take all kinds of shapes which you can also change even after the installation. However, unlike Halo, you’ll need at least a 1/2 acre of property for SpotOn.

SpotOn uses True Location™ Technology to provides incredibly accurate GPS boundaries. The best part? You don’t need a subscription if you’re strictly using SpotOn as a virtual fence!

The SpotOn virtual fence offers 30 levels of “static” correction, which is about twice as many as Halo. Plus, you can install the app and connect it to the collar on more than one phone. So everyone in your household (or even beyond) can manage your dogs and fences. That’s a great feature for dogs who stay with family when you go away on vacation.

Boundaries and virtual fence around US ranch with SpotOn collar

Another great feature is the long-lasting battery life. It can last 22 continuous hours when used as a fence. In tracking mode, the battery lasts 14 hours. That’s still enough to find your dog but not to activate the function for the whole day. I recommend charging the battery every night so you can use it all day.

SpotOn offers a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty with accident forgiveness. While they don’t have as extensive an in-app training program as Halo Collar, they do offer a 30-minute consult with a trainer.

Check the latest price on the SpotOn GPS fence here. They recently dropped the price to $999 and provide decent financing options as well.

Best Overall GPS Dog Collar
SpotOn GPS Collar & Invisible Dog Fence

Create GPS dog fences of any size, any shape and almost anywhere. SpotOn GPS Fence is reliable, flexible, and easy to use thanks to our patented True Location™ technology. Experience life unleashed with the SpotOn virtual fence for dogs.

Coupon Code: Use code BARK to save $25

Best Classic Wireless Fences For Dogs

If for some reason you prefer not to go with dog GPS fences, here’s a list of the best alternatives, including both wireless and wired fences.

#3 PetSafe Stay and Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs

Next is the PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System. This is more unique as compared to most on this list because it is an “above-ground electric dog fence.” This means that unlike most of its companions here the main unit is above ground, which means there is no digging and burying of wires to create the invisible dog fence.

However, while it’s technically wireless, it is NOT a GPS fence. Instead, it relies on a beacon-like transmitter to “map” out the boundaries.

Main features of PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System:

  • Static-free reentry
  • Long-lasting battery
  • You can extend/upgrade the current features.
  • No digging required

The static-free reentry refers to the fact that your dog doesn’t receive “correction: when he returns to your yard…only when he leaves his boundaries. It’s similar to an invisible fence dog door.

Like Halo and SpotOn, this system is highly portable. It comes with a waterproof collar and a battery that can run up to more than two months in one go.

It also ships with 50 training flags, a test light tool to know if your system is working properly, an option for a short or a long contact point for long and short-haired dogs, and a one-year warranty. You can extend the zone where your dog can roam around with the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence by adding more base units.

For owners of the Stay and Play Wireless Fence Kit (PIF00-12917) and Transmitter (PIF00-13210), Stay and Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs Kit (PIF00-13663), Free to Roam Wireless Fence Kit (PIF00-15001) and Transmitter (PIF00-15348), and the Wireless Dog Containment System Transmitter (IF-100) this system is fully compatible. You can check the manual that comes with the invisible fence dog collar to see compatibility. Check the current price on Amazon.

PetSafe Stay & Play Wireless Pet Fence for Stubborn Dogs

Sets up in just a few hours; a wireless boundary allows you to create a secure barrier around your yard to protect your pets without the time or hassle of burying wires! Great for the most hard-to-train pets with a tone-only mode and 5 levels of static correction.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

#4 Extreme Dog Fence (2nd Generation 2020)

Next on our list of the best invisible dog fences is the Extreme Dog Fence, particularly the 2nd generation 2020 edition. It comes in the standard package which has all the essentials for your basic invisible dog fence. It is a bit on the pricey end for this type of fence at around $300, but it can accommodate 1 to 5 dogs at once.

Main features of Extreme Wireless Dog Fence:

  • Fences can range from 500 to 2500 feet
  • Waterproof
  • 25-acre capacity
  • Made in the USA

What is different about the 2nd Generation of the Extreme Dog Fence is that it has upgraded electronics that are designed for compatibility with the new collar options. It is also completely waterproof up to 10 feet deep.

Underground Electric Dog Fence Premium - Standard Dog Fence System for Easy Setup and Superior Longevity and Continued Reliable Pet Safety

The 2nd Generation eXtreme Dog Fence STANDARD GRADE Kit Covers Up to 6 Acres. The Collar Receiver is COMPLETELY Waterproof, and can be submerged up to 10' deep. Standard Fence Kit Includes:

  • 20 Gauge High Tensile Boundary Wire with Heavy Protective Jacket
  • Digital Transmitter
  • Collar Receiver(s) w/ Battery
  • Training Flags
  • Splice Kits
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 05:49 pm GMT

This invisible fence system is willing to put its money where its mouth is, too! They offer a 2-year warranty for the wires and a 1-year warranty on the electronics. The regular fence jacket that comes with the Extreme Dog Fence 2nd Generation is made of 20 gauge, high tensile boundary wire with an added layer of protection.

The standard set is shipped with a digital transmitter which has a 25-acre capacity along with that juicy and heavy-duty gauge wire, 1 waterproof collar receiver, 2500 feet of 20 AWG Extreme Dog Fence boundary wire, 250 units of training flags, two sets of contact points-one for medium comfort and one for large steel, one set of rubber contact covers, two professional splicing kits and a set of batteries for the collar receiver.

#5 SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence System

The SportDOG Brand In-Ground is one of the most popular electric wired fence systems. However, it’s a bit on the pricey side compared to other wired fences. You can get the containment system and the rechargeable collar separately for just over $300.

That said, this electric dog fence is one of the easiest to use on this list as far as wired options go. The basic package can cover more than an acre of land for one dog. With added flags and extended wires, you can increase this to more than 100 acres. It can also accommodate an unlimited number of dogs, but only if you add more collars.

The SportDOG Brand In-Ground Fence Systems has three settings for its collar.

  1. One is tone-setting, where the collar gives a beep.
  2. Second is the vibration or vibrating mode, where the collar buzzes and shakes to warn your dogs.
  3. Last, there are four static stimulation levels which you can pick depending on the size of your dogs, the thickness of their fur, and their level of responsiveness

The collars are waterproof and have a remote trainer option. In my opinion, and based on user comments, this is probably one of the more versatile non-GPS wireless and invisible systems out in the market today. Most users I know use this on large farms and ranches. It is perfect for large areas and has a built-in lightning protector, with a huge battery capacity that can last up to six months to even a year. Thanks to its anti-linger feature which prevents your dogs from draining the battery by standing on or near the power zone undisturbed by the sounds or the buzzing vibrators. Read our full review of SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence System.

SportDOG Brand Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Systems from the Invisible Fence Company

The Rechargeable In-Ground Fence system features a smaller and sleeker collar than the original In-Ground Fence system (SDF-100A). The collar features a Li-Ion battery that charges in two hours and has a one to two-month battery life. Now featuring seven levels of static stimulation as well as vibration and tone, it’s easier than ever to keep your dog safe and secure.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 05:51 pm GMT

#6 PetControlHQ Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System with Remote Training Collar

Price-wise, the PetControlHQ Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System is very competitive with the other brands here coming in at more than $200 and it comes with two collars and a remote.

Main features of PetControlHQ Wireless Dog Fence:

  • customizable electronic invisible dog fence;
  • designed for medium to large and extra-large dogs;
  • rated IPX.

It has a customizable electronic invisible dog fence that you can keep above or below ground depending on your preference. Initially, it can only cover about a hundred yards, but it can be expanded to more than 10 acres depending on your preference.

The training collar can accommodate medium to large and extra-large dogs and is waterproof. It is even waterproof-rated IPX7 which means you can use it at the lake, pool and so on.

The PetControlHQ Dog Fence System has three levels of automatic static correction, and the training remote collar has 10 levels of vibration and correction. Along with the collar and remote trainer, the PetControlHQ Wireless Combo Electric Dog Fence System also ships with one wall-mounted transmitter, 4 different sizes of contact points depending on your dog’s needs, 1 spanner, 2 test lights, 50 training flags, two rechargeable and waterproof receivers, 2 adjustable dog collars, one black and one in emergency orange, two boundary wire connectors and a very thorough step-by-step dog and owner training guide.

The setup for the PetControlHQ Wireless Dog Fence System is pretty easy. You can customize the zoning and the fencing for your homes and your farms, or where you want to use it. I know someone who even fenced off his garden beds to make sure the dogs do not get to them in their excitement. Basically, it is a custom-shaped wireless dog fence.

PetControl Wireless Dog Fence System - Dog Fence Electric Shock Collar Training with Remote - Pet Containment System with Fence Wire Underground Perimeter - 1 Bark Collar Included

 Enjoy the benefits of an easy-to-layout dog fence wireless system, along with 492 feet of 20 AWG inground, above ground, or underground electric dog fence wire. The heavy-duty solid copper core wire can withstand any weather, allowing you to customize your wireless fencing system to stop your dogs from digging, jumping, and causing complaints from neighbors.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 05:51 pm GMT

#7 PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence is different from the PetSafe Wireless Dog Containment System that was earlier featured here. While the other one is a great and effective invisible and wireless dog fence, this particular model as the name suggests, is for the even more stubborn, larger, and hard-to-train dogs.

The PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Dog Fence main features:

  • extra adjustable level;
  • static-free reentry feature;
  • compatible with dog kits.

The reason for that is that the PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground System has an extra adjustable level in addition to the standard three. It also has the standard tone and vibration setting for early setup and training.

Just like the PetSafe Wireless Dog Fence this one also has a static-free reentry feature or sort of an invisible fence dog door. It comes with a bigger and wider waterproof collar, the same 9-volt battery.

It features the same training flags, test light tools, short and long contact points, and a one-year warranty. It is also fully compatible with the Stay and Play Wireless Fence Kit (PIF00-12917) and Transmitter (PIF00-13210), Stay and Play Wireless Fence for Stubborn Dogs Kit (PIF00-13663), Free to Roam Wireless Fence Kit (PIF00-15001) and Transmitter (PIF00-15348), and the Wireless Pet Containment System Transmitter (IF-100).

PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Pet Fence for Dogs and Cats - from the Parent Company of INVISIBLE FENCE Brand - Multiple Wire Gauge Options - Keep Pets Secure in Your Yard

Create a safe 1/3-acre play area for your best friend with the included 500 ft of wire; purchase additional wire to expand up to a 25-acre yard

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 05:52 pm GMT

#8 My Pet Command Wireless Underground Dog Fence System

My Pet Command Underground Wireless Dog shock collar Fence System, Dual Function With Remote Dog Training Collar System Safe Pet Containment Waterproof Extra Thick Durable Polyolefin 13 AWG Wire Fence

My Pet Command Wireless Underground Fence System is an effective “subterranean” fence containment option for your pooch. The collars fit dogs weighing 5 to 70 kg with neck diameters ranging from 121 to 68 cm.

Main features of My Pet Command Wireless Underground Fence System:

  • You can customize the containment area depending on your land size.
  • You can add more collars (sold separately); up to three collars may be attached to a single remote for manual training, and an infinite number of collars can be utilized in fence mode.
  • The collar is wireless and also waterproof IP7.

My Pet Command Wireless Underground Fence System has the dual functionality of a dog training system (although I wouldn’t use it for that as it’s a shock collar) and a dog fence.

The fence works by sending automated wireless signals to the collars and the manual control hand-held remote when the dog approaches the wire barrier. 

The package comes with 492 feet of high-quality polyolefin fence cable, which was plenty enough for my use. The cable is quite flexible and works great for creating bespoke borders. 

The collar and remote control are rechargeables; my collar lasts approximately two days in training mode and about a week in fence mode before needing to be recharged. The remote has a battery that lasts more than a week before needing to be recharged and is quite simple to use.

My Pet Command Underground Wireless Dog shock collar Fence System, Dual Function With Remote Dog Training Collar System Safe Pet Containment Waterproof Extra Thick Durable Polyolefin 13 AWG Wire Fence

Dual function electric dog fence and training collar system is a quick cost effective and practical solution allowing you to train your dog to stay in the yard and also train your pet when you are out for a walk ! 2 uses with the 1 kit !!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
07/17/2024 05:59 pm GMT

Our “Invisible Dog Fence” Pick

When picking the best invisible dog fence, I have considered the following factors:

  • range;
  • battery lifetime;
  • price;
  • technology;
  • flexibility;
  • user reviews;
  • extra features.

My #1 recommendation would be the Halo Collar 3 followed the SpotOn. If you are looking for the “classic” invisible dog fence… Without a doubt, I picked PetSafe invisible fence for dogs! It has a huge range (more than 10 acres!), uses the latest technologies, the battery capacity lasts up to six months to even a year and it has great reviews and is reasonably priced.

Invisible Dog Fence Buying Guide: Everything Else You Need to Know

Now that we’ve gone over the best of the bunch, let’s cover the important things that we need to know about invisible and wireless dog fences so that we can understand better the reviews and the products. This is important so that we can make better choices when it comes to the pick of our electric dog fences. Keep in mind, that having an invisible dog fence is a big commitment, and not every dog owner can handle this device.

How Does Invisible & Wireless Dog Fence Work?

Visual explanation on how invisible dog fences work
Photo: Petector Wireless Dog Fence System

The invisible and wireless dog fence is usually paired with a collar that either sends an electric shock or another signal to the dog that they have gone past the designated area where they are allowed to roam.

It operates through a system that defines boundaries and lines that you designed when setting up the wireless and invisible dog fence system. It also has a monitoring and transmitting component as part of the unit’s base, and a receiver paired with your dog’s collar or collar attachment.

A good invisible and wireless dog fence would ideally have a warning system in the form of a tone or a vibration that reminds your dogs that they should not go past any pre-determined point.

Do Invisible Dog Fences Really Work?

Checking if wireless dog fence really work
SportDOG Wireless Dog Fence System

Behavioral scientists have long determined that a domesticated dog’s behavior is generally affected by internal or external stimuli. If we condition the dog enough to know the difference between an external action that results in slight pain or irritation, they will quickly learn and adapt this behavior making it less likely for them to roam outside of their designated invisible fence area.

But invisible dog fences are not magic pills that you give to your dogs and expect them to be 100% proficient in them. You have to actually be involved in the training process, especially when using the wireless invisible fence for large dogs.

Owning and maintaining an invisible and wireless dog fence means that there will be exercises for the owners and the dogs themselves before all goes well.

How Much is An Invisible Dog Fence?

With all that technology thrown in any wireless dog fence system, it seems a tad bit expensive. How much does an invisible dog fence cost? Well, that depends on what you think expensive is. Any effective invisible dog fence would run you from around $300 to $999.

How to Train Your Dog to Use an Invisible Fence

Training your dogs in preparation for an invisible and wireless dog fence is not always simple. It depends largely on the system but with every single one of them, we need to properly introduce the new system and the new practice to our dogs. Never use the system and just let your dogs learn on their own. They will not understand what is happening.

Teach your dogs to respond to the signals and the warning. More importantly during all these, make sure you observe your dogs for their reactions and changes in behavior. Most invisible and wireless fences do come with great manuals that are detailed and give tips on how to respond and how to train your dogs for the new system. More or less, dogs should be trained in using invisible fences for around two to three weeks. 

It is an advantage if the radio signals would transmit a warning sign before the shock. It is even better to set the signal at warning mode only so he would instead learn to stop within the boundaries without the added potential trauma of a shock. Make sure that all reinforcements will be made only within the boundaries of the invisible fences. 

Put up flags for visual cues

Extreme dog fence flags installati

The flags that come with invisible fences are good markings for your dogs to help them learn the boundaries of your yard. These are markers that should be placed on the spots where a warning signal will be emitted to your dog’s collar, which is usually around ten feet apart before the invisible fence. During your initial training, you can also use a long leash to help establish boundaries. Just make sure it’s non-metallic, as metal can disrupt the signals to your invisible fence collar. 

Every time the warning signal is transmitted, stop for a brief moment for about 2 seconds and gently move away from your dog to the boundaries of the invisible fences to get him used to moving away once you stop using the leash. You might also want to try calling your dog to get back to you when he gets too close to the boundaries. 

As they say, that practice makes perfect! Repeat the process for all the flags or boundaries until your dog is already familiarized with the scenario. After every successful training session, just like with any other dog trick, reward your dog with treats or a new toy. Give lots of positive reinforcement and praise for every successful action of your dog. Never leave your dogs unattended during training so you can see your dog’s progress.

Once your dog is used to the warning signal and moving away from the boundaries of the invisible fences, it is time to set the static correction signal at the lowest level. Since this is the next level of training, you might go for next-level distractions too, such as a family member walking by or any moving object that might typically cause your dog to go beyond the boundaries of the invisible fences. When he responds by staying within the boundaries upon receiving the correction static signal, great…but what if he doesn’t? It might be time to set the correction static signal one level higher. Alternatively, you might want to go back to the leash training until your dog gets the boundaries of the invisible fences.

Since training is stressful, let your dogs take their time and relax and make your sessions short. About ten to fifteen minutes per session is more than enough. It’s better to make sure that your dogs are already trained well than to speed up the training process just to realize that you have to start from scratch because your poor pups were stressed with the speedy process of training with invisible fences.

You will find out if your dog is used to the invisible fences once he is already comfortable playing within the said boundaries. Make sure that there is no sign of distress or fear in walking within the boundaries of the invisible fences. At this time, your dog should already be free from the leash, Check to make sure Fido still stays within the boundaries even without the leash. You might want to leave the flags up for a bit longer, though. 

How Do You Install an Invisible Dog Fence?

The installation of the invisible dog fence

An invisible and wireless dog fence usually consists of an underground or buried wire or system that detects where your dog is through the collar and sends the designated signal when it detects movement beyond the boundaries. That’s the short version, anyway. There’s a ton of science behind it but I’m guessing you’re really not here for a big engineering lesson, right?  Wireless dog fence installation is the main factor that stops many dog owners from buying one of these systems. This is why I switched over to the virtual fence solution that Halo 2 provides.

For mobile users or dog owners who do not have much time to replay videos. I will show you here how to install the invisible dog fence technology. You can just read this or better yet print this and highlight the text for easy reference.

Before we proceed, there are 2 types of invisible dog fences. These are wired and wireless. 

  • Wired: You will dig and bury the dog fence wire a bit underground in the area where you want your dog to stay. Depending on your lot shape, the good thing about a wired fence is you can adapt the wire to the lot’s shape. You can also tape the wire to the fence if you want less effort but the wires might be unstable and might get knocked around by animals or strong winds. Wires can also be caught by a running mower.
  • Wireless: No actual fence will be installed. You will just put transmitters on your lawn. Convenient but transmitters might get lost or might not work in the long run because of the strong winds. Not adaptable to the area you really wanted to set the pet containment.

Whether wired or not, here are the tips on how you install the invisible dog fence:

#1 Measure your backyard

Measuring backyard for installing a invisible dog fence system

How long do you want your wire to be? How vast or how small is your dog’s freedom area? Draw a blueprint or just simply draw out your dog’s roaming area on paper and plot where to put the wires or the transmitters.

You may consider buying twisted wires for your dog to cross over some areas without receiving dog collar stimulation.

#2 Choose a thick wire and get a power backup

Installing dog wireless fence

No matter what brand of wire you buy, a lower gauge means thicker wire. If possible, get a professional quality or graded wire to make the dog security fence last longer and no additional time to dig and replace the wires again. Since you already know the measurements and basic perimeter of your outdoor dog playing area, you can estimate your wire being 1/3 acre = 500 ft. to 25 acres = 5000 ft. long. 

During power surges due to lightning storms or power outages, a surge protector is a must-have to make your dog’s invisible fence surely last longer, Power surges will damage your transmitters and the product itself.

UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) is not only for desktop computer power backup use but also for dog invisible fence too. Imagine when electricity’s out and your pooch is still outside, he might jump out and will not be back on time. Having UPS is a must to be able to secure and discipline your dog 24/7. 

#3 Bury the wire, test the dog collar and mark it

Burying Petsafe invisible fence under ground

For a wired invisible dog fence, dig the garden or trench using garden tools at least 3-5 inches deep, then bury the wire. Take note before burying the wire, test it using a strip test or any test kit coming with the product and test the product again after burying. If you do not have a test kit, get the dog collar and when you turn on the product, see if the collar blinks. If yes, it works. For better installation,  put the wires on a PVC pipe before burying it.

I recommend watching this amazing video from “The Handyguys”, where they amazingly explained everything you need to know about wireless dog fence installation.

  • If you want to install the wire above the ground and on the fences, you’ll need a thicker wire to avoid electric shocks and burns. 
  • For concrete ground, clean the joints with tolls or screwdrivers to remove the debris. Put the wire and seal the wire by caulking. 
  • For driveways, a saw blade will make a good crack on the surface and you can install the wire there.
  • For wireless invisible dog fences, plant the transmitters on the ground or mount these to the walls. 
  • After installing the wires or transmitters, put flags, signs, or any markers where these are located so you will not have a hard time checking the wires again.
  • Investing in a dog fence is a convenient way to watch and guard your dog while doing your other important tasks.

Should You Get An Invisible Dog Fence?

At the end of the day, it will be up to you as a dog owner to look and see what is best for you. I have been using my invisible and wireless dog fence for years now. After an initial adjustment period, I have to say that I love them!


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    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

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  • Question about having to remove the collar when you return indoors. Spot on says TO remove every time and Halo says you do NOT have to remove the collar. Can you confirm that is accurate information and is believe it should be part of your review.

    • Hi Bryan,

      To clarify, for SpotOn if you want to use Forest Mode, which makes the GPS much more powerful, you should remove the collar when coming indoors. If you don’t use Forest Mode, your dog can wear the collar indoors.

      How to decide whether to use Forest Mode? Forest Mode is for properties that are heavily wooded around the boundaries. You can check your SpotOn system by creating a fence and then testing the boundaries to see if the system is getting GPS signal. If you don’t find any holes, then you likely do not need to use Forest Mode. If you do find holes, then activate Forest Mode and test again.

      That said, we don’t recommend having your dog wear the collar all day. We recommend taking it off indoors to give your dog a break.

  • Hi Bryan,

    To clarify, for SpotOn if you want to use Forest Mode, which makes the GPS much more powerful, you should remove the collar when coming indoors. If you don’t use Forest Mode, your dog can wear the collar indoors.

    How to decide whether to use Forest Mode? Forest Mode is for properties that are heavily wooded around the boundaries. You can check your SpotOn system by creating a fence and then testing the boundaries to see if the system is getting GPS signal. If you don’t find any holes, then you likely do not need to use Forest Mode. If you do find holes, then activate Forest Mode and test again.

    That said, we don’t recommend having your dog wear the collar all day. We recommend taking it off indoors to give your dog a break.