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Smart Dog Collars in 2024: What Is It, Why Do I Need One And What Are The Best Choices?

5 smart dog collars that are best to buy in 2021: Fi, Whistle, Findster Duo+, Halo and Tractive
Written by Mark Braeden

Smart collars are one of the important things that a dog owner must have this 2024. While there are a lot of smart collars being marketed today, we only recommend a few of them and we picked the 6 best smart collars that you can buy. It could be an amazing Christmas gift for your dog or dog owners.

What is a Smart Collar?

A smart collar is a piece of material tied around on your dog’s neck, but with technological advancement. Smart collars have a wide range of features such as dog GPS tracking, health monitoring, and dog activity tracker. Other smart collars such as the Halo collar, offer premium features including Geo-Fencing your desired place for alerts, virtual fences and a training program for your dog.

Why Do You Need a Smart Collar?

There are a lot of benefits both for you and your dog when you have a smart collar. Some of these include worry-free tracking of your dog’s location and monitoring against potential dog theft. Just like humans that use modern technology to improve our quality of life, why don’t we do the same for our dogs by buying them smart collars? We should take advantage of the ever-evolving technologies and apply them to our dogs for their well-being.

Here are the 6 best smart collars that we recommend this 2024.

TOP-6 Dog Smart Collars in 2024

1. SpotOn Virtual Dog Fence Smart Collar

Before we dive into why this one is my top pick, I just want to share a bit of good news with you. As of 3/10/23, the price of the SpotOn GPS Fence dropped from $1500 to $1295. Even better news, I have an amazing SpotOn coupon for you! Save $100 by using the code BARK. 

My top pick among dog smart collars in the market is the SpotOn GPS smart fence. The best GPS system on the market is combined with the patented True LocationTM technology of your dog’s fence to provide the most accurate boundaries possible. So far, the tracking system has been precise and seamless during our use. 

The design is topnotch and the battery life lasts up to 18 hours. It also has an IP67 waterproof rating so you can ease your mind in case your dog gets wet.

SpotOn Best Dog GPS Collar

This device works best in wide areas, ideally ½ an acre of space. Due to the fact that you have to let the device set alert warning zones, the effective boundary for your pup is around 10 feet inside the boundary you walk on. This will protect your dog in the event that there is a temporary GPS shift, which is typically 3-10 feet.

So if you have that much space at your house, SpotOn is a fine dog fence pick for you. 

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • True Location™ GPS technology
  • GPS, GLONASS, Galelio, Beidu
  • Multiple Fences
  • App for alerts

Dog is listening for Spoton collar signal and goes back

SpotOn’s True Location™ GPS technology offers real-time accurate positioning. You only need to access the SpotOn virtual fence app to quickly see where your dog is. If your dog escapes the virtual boundary, the app will notify you with automatic breach alerts and provide real-time tracking. It works with different coverage such as GPS, GLONASS, Galelio, and Beidu.

You can create up to more than 1,000 virtual fences without hard installation using this device. It offers cellular subscriptions which allow you to use it in many locations where 4G service may be spotty or nonexistent. You can select from a monthly plan, one-year plan, and two-year plan subscriptions.


2. Fi Smart Collar

Fi smart collar dog's location and activity tracker collar for dog in yellow colour.

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • GPS Tracking
  • Use of LTE-M Networks
  • Real-time location on the Fi App
  • Dog Activity Tracker and Its History
  • Connect with other Fi Collar users near you
  • Geo-fencing

Fi smart collar app

Without a doubt, first on our list is the most innovative Fi Smart Collar and there is a reason why. I tried and tested all smart collars from the list and I am currently using Fi for all my dogs for a few reasons. The GPS accuracy is amazing, I love their app usability and dog activity tracking stats for my dog. Many dog owners in my area (Eugene, Oregon) use Fi smart collar and it’s great to connect with them via an app. The support is so responsive as well which is extremely important for electronic products. Finally, the price is extremely fair compared to the most collars on the list (check the current price here).

This chew-proof smart collar is available in gray, yellow, blue, and pink band colors. It can cater to all breeds because it has four size options which are the small, medium, large, and extra-large size. This collar is also waterproof with a rating of IP68 and can be submerged up to 1.5 m deep in the water. This dog’s collar also comes with a rechargeable battery that can be used from 2 days to 3 months depending on the use and how frequently the collar’s features are used. It is made of the armored aluminum faceplate and internal metal armor which makes it resistant to dog bites and adventure-proof. It also has cool doodly designs on the collar and has a LED light which is very helpful if you are walking your dog during the night.

The Fi Smart dog collar offers features such as combined GPS and LTE-M networks for accurate tracking of your dog’s location even in remote areas. It also has an activity tracker and activity history that you can see on the Fi App. Real-time location, alerts, and setting your dog’s daily goals can all be seen and done on the app. You can also create and set your own geofence for your peace of mind using the app.

This smart dog collar also has a sleep tracking feature which allows you to see information about your dog’s sleeping habits. This includes the number of hours they sleep at night and nap during the day. It is a helpful feature as it lets you know if there are changes in your pup’s sleeping pattern and alerts you if you should be concerned about them.

For the subscription, the Fi smart dog collar has subscription package options that are for a year, two years, and three years. They also offer a 30-day free trial before subscribing to any of their offers. It is an amazing option because other manufacturers do not offer that. You can properly test it within 30 days and simply return it if you do not like it. These plans can also be paid weekly or every time your subscription ends. With all the features and capabilities this smart dog collar has, I believe it is worth its price.

2. Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

My dog Steve walking off leash with Tractive GPS collar

I am currently testing the new upgraded Tractive dog activity tracker and I am impressed so far. Despite a very cheap price (check here), it’s a very high-quality product. In addition to Fi Collar, Tractive also allows you to create a virtual invisible fence. It’s an awesome feature if you use it right. 

Designed by German engineers, This small and lightweight smart tracking collar is manufactured by Tractive. The Tractive GPS dog tracker is suitable for dogs of all breeds and sizes and weighs 35g. It also has a rechargeable battery that can last up to 5 days depending on the number of times it is used. It comes in white color and is also 100% waterproof with a rating of IPX7. 

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • Live location tracking
  • Activity monitoring and location history
  • Virtual fences
  • Dedicate app

The Tractive smart dog collar features live location tracking of your dog via GPS on the app that updates every 2-3 seconds. The location history of your dog and activity monitoring can also be seen via the dedicated app. Alerts and notifications if your dog escaped or went past the virtual fence you’ve set can also be seen on the app.

Tractive offers two plans for subscription during device activation. These are the basic and premium plans that consist of different features and exclusive offers to keep our dogs safe and healthy. 

4. Whistle Switch Smart Collar

Whistle Switch smart collar

This is the newest smart collar made by Whistle that has been released in July 2021.  It is recommended for dogs that weigh 8 lbs and up and the collar is IPX8 waterproof rated which is perfect for any weather and if your dog loves to leap over the water. This smart collar also has a  built-in night light that has 3 modes and its battery life can last up to 20 days. I personally find it overpriced and if you stick to Whistle over Fi, I’d recommend saving a buck and get the previous Whistle Go model. Not a big difference and no need to overpay. It’s available for sale via the official website only

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • Real-time tracking and alerts
  • Health and fitness monitoring and features
  • Tele-vet
  • Calculator for food portion
  • App for alerts, etc.

This smart collar features real-time tracking of your dog’s location using GPS with AT&T network and Google Maps. You can also be notified and receive alerts via the app when your dog escaped to your specified boundaries. It also has an activity tracker which monitors and analyzes your dog’s health. You can also set fitness goals on the app and it lets you see the 24-hour timeline of your dog’s walk and activities. It also features a food portion calculator to keep your dog fit and healthy and a tele-vet consultation.

The Whistle tracker offers a 1-year and 2-year plan for tracking and monitoring which I find expensive. This will be an additional payment to the tracker’s price which can be helpful for the off-leash experience of your dog. It is still a decent smart collar (same as Fi collar) but I do not see the point to overpay for both device itself and the subscription.

5. Halo Smart Dog Collar

Whistle Switch smart collar

Next on our list (and the most expensive one) is the Halo 2+ Smart Collar that was designed and founded by the famous dog trainer, Cesar Milan. It offers two colors which are black and white for both the Halo and strap colors. It is also perfect for any dog sizes since there are three options for sizes which are small, medium, and large, and for dogs weighing 20-25 lbs and up. It is also recommended to use dogs that are more than 5 months old and have a LED on the logo that you can set on the app. This smart collar is made of custom plastic and rubberized materials which makes it durable and can be used in any environment. It is also lightweight so you don’t have to worry if your dog is being bothered by its weight on its neck. 

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • Smart Geo-Fencing
  • Training designed by Cesar Milan himself
  • Activity tracking
  • GPS/GNSS tracking
  • App for alerts, etc.

The Halo smart collar features smart GPS fences (similar to invisible fences technology but way more upgraded) that let you set up to 20 geofences using the app or by walking on the desired perimeter with the collar. This makes you worry-free since you can be alerted anytime and anywhere on the app about your dog’s status regarding the boundaries you’ve set. It also offers training that is designed by the famous dog trainer himself, Cesar Milan. This will train you and your dog’s dynamics, trust, and respect. You can also set your custom commands that can be voiced out on the collar. Your dog’s activity and chart can also be seen on the app which can give you an insight if your dog is being healthy or lazy. For accurate tracking, this smart collar uses GPS/GNSS technology that can be checked and is constantly updated on the app.

The Halo collar also offers three coverage or subscription plans so that you can be connected to your dog and check their location at any moment. The three options are the basic plan, silver plan, and gold plan. Features and access depending on which plan you choose for your dog. The price is worth it for me with the features this smart collar offers.

6. Findster Duo+ Collar

Findster Duo+ tracking range

UPDATE: The product has been discontinued for 2023

Last on our list is the Findster Duo+ by Findster that is light blue and has velcro for the straps. It consists of a transmitter which is the guardian module and the receiver which is in the collar. This smart dog collar also comes with a rechargeable battery that can last up to 7 days and is waterproof.

What Makes This Collar Smart?

  • Tracking through MAZE
  • Track up to 3 dogs
  • Virtual fences
  • Dedicate app

The Findster Duo+ smart collar tracks using GPS without any cellular coverage but with the use of MAZE technology. It can also track up to 3 dogs on the app and can customize virtual fences for your dog’s safety.

What is cool about this smart dog collar is that you don’t need any subscription fee for you to fully enjoy its features. This is worth the buy and can save you up some money.


We hope that this article helps you in deciding and knowing which are the best smart collars in the market this 2024. The technology is advancing, we should know how important it is to take advantage of this for our dogs and have a smart collar for them to benefit from it. Based on factors such as smart features, brand reputation, customer support and price my choice would be Fi Collar (check the current price here) or Tractive (check the current price here) if you are looking for a budgeted solution..


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