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Fi Dog Collar Expert Review (Series 3 Model)

Fi collar review
Written by Mark Braeden

In a world where it seems like brand-new cutting-edge pet trackers come out nearly every day, the Fi dog collar remains one of the most revolutionary GPS collars on the market.

Case in point, I first wrote this review over two years ago, back when Fi Series 3 first launched. As of January 2024, it’s still one of top 4 collars (along with SpotOn, Halo, and Tractive) that I mention when friends ask for good smart collars, and the the #1 option when those friends are on a super tight budget.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive into the features, functionalities, and my real-world experiences with the Fi dog collar. From its seamless integration with the Fi app to its durable construction and additional features, we explore every aspect to help you make an informed decision about the safety of your furry friend.

Two quick notes: Fi sent me the collars to try out for this review. Also, of you purchase it using my link, I earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

That said, I only recommend products that I have or would use with my own dog. I’ve tested and used over 30 different dog GPS trackers for my ongoing series of smart collar reviews and only found a handful of them worth sharing.

Fi Smart Dog Collar | Store

The Fi Tracking Collar is 50% smaller than the competition, making it light & comfortable for dogs of all sizes. Real-time Live GPS Tracking and 200% LTE signal helps you find your dog fast. Lasts up to 3 months battery life from one charge.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What is the Fi Series 3 Model Dog Tracking Collar?

About two years ago, Fi released a new Series 3 model, which is cheaper than the previous one. Why would they update their collar AND make it cheaper than their other models???

One word: competition. See, Tractive Collar also updated their model around the same time as Fi and offered it at a lower price point.  However, let’s stick to Fi Collar in this review.

Unpacking of Fi Series 3 collar

The Fi Smart Dog Collar allows you to track your dog remotely anywhere and anytime. It also uses its own app to locate and track your dog and also serves as an activity tracker for your dog’s daily activities.

This dog collar is made by Fi (obviously) and comes in 4 vibrant colors for its band, including:

  • grey
  • yellow
  • blue
  • pink

Side note, I kind of love how Fi just calls their colors what they are, rather than cutesy names like “Sunshine” and “Granite.” I went with blue for my new Fi Series 3 collar, as you can see.

All parts to assemble Fi Series 3 collar

This collar is perfect if you want to train and track your dog off-leash (although it’s great for ALL dogs, even if you never allow them to roam free).

Once you buy the Fi dog collar, you need to register your account on their app. This app lets you track the whereabouts of your dog using the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking and the LTE-M network. The collar serves as a locator for your dog when you check it on the app tracking from the Fi base.

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Fi Dog Collar Technical Features Review

My dog Daisy is waiting to try Fi Series 3 collar

For the Fi collar to work properly, you need to have both the app and the collar itself. You’ll also need a subscription (more on that in a moment, but spoiler alert, there is NO way around this). Let’s take a look at the technical features of the Fi collar.

GPS Tracking

Satellite map view on Fi dog collar app while tracking my dog

Since most of us buy Fi because we want a way to track our dogs if they get lost, let’s start with those features.

Fi smart collar combines GPS tracking and LTE-M networks for tracking your dog. It uses up to three satellites when locating your dog’s coordinates. With this technology, tracking the dog’s location can be accurate up to 7ft in radius in an open sky.

The LTE-M network, which is used for low-power and long-distance communications, communicates with the GPS when tracking your dog. Fi was the first to use this new tech for tracking, and it can reach up to 30% more areas than the usual networks can reach.

With these two technology combined, you can worry less about the whereabouts and exact location of your dog.

While Fi doesn’t work as an invisible fence system the way SpotOn or Halo do, it can notify you when your dog escapes the boundaries that you set up in the app.

Sleep Tracking & Monitoring

Sleep tracking feature on Fi Collar app

When Fi launched Series 3, they added a nifty sleep-tracking feature to their collar! Now, the Fi Smart Dog Collar notifies you if there are any changes in your pup’s sleeping pattern.

Your dog’s sleeping habits are a good indicator of his general health. If they change, it might indicate a potential health problem.

Maybe you think Fido is sleeping through the night, but it turns out he’s actually up quite a bit. You can use that information to narrow down any potential issues to discuss with your vet.

For example, if you realize that he’s getting up every hour to get a drink, you can discuss what could be causing his excessive thirst. On the other hand, if you notice that he just can’t seem to get comfortable, you might need to look into a good orthopedic dog bed for him.

For example, maybe your dog regularly wakes up during the night to drink extra water. Fur parents aren’t normally aware of this behavior, but with Fi collar’s Sleeping Tracker, you can now see whether there is something to be concerned about.


Different size of Fi dog collar

The Fi GPS dog collar has a wide variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. For the small size, it has a collar length of 11.5 to 13.5 inches and is perfect for small-breed dogs such as Boston terriers, Frenchies, and pugs.

If your dog is about the size of a bulldog, corgi, or beagle, then choose the medium size collar, which has a length of 13 to 16.5 inches.

If your pooch falls into the “bigger than medium but still not quite a large breed” category (in other words, has a 15-22.5″ neck)  go with the large-sized collar. You can see it on my handsome pup below. 

The large size of Fi Series 3 collar fits my dog

Fi smart dog collar also offers a fit for large breed dogs including standard poodles, Siberian huskies, and golden retrievers. The extra-large collar has a length of 22 to 34.5 inches and is perfect for big dogs such as bloodhounds, great Danes, and mastiffs. 

A word of advice, though, don’t rely on breed size alone to determine the right size collar. Measure your dog’s neck and choose the right fit based on that.

Color and Design

Blue strap of Fi Series 3 collar

If you prefer fun colors, then the Fi dog collar is just right for you! The basic colors are super bright and vibrant. The band itself adds a bit of flair with “doodles” and other nifty design.

However, the Fi Maker program is where Fi really stands out from similar dog trackers. The program works with countless other designers to create everything from simple collar bands in alternative shades to incredibly detailed works of art.

Different colours and designs of Fi collar

Waterproof Rating

Dog wearing Fi collar while raining

The Fi dog tracker is completely waterproof, even to the water of the ocean! The Fi collar has a waterproof rating of IP68 and it can be submerged in water at 1.5m deep.

In other words, it can handle being submerged for up to 30 minutes without malfunctions. This is perfect for you and your dogs if you love going on adventures around lakes and rivers or just during the rainy season.


97% of battery life left on the Fi collar

The Fi smart dog collar battery is rechargeable and can last up to months depending on your dog’s activities. If your dog gets lost and the collar is in lost dog mode, it can last up to 2 days. If your dog is active and the collar just uses the GPS for tracking, the battery life can last up to 3 weeks with a 2-5 minute refresh.

The battery life of the Fi dog collar can last up to 2 months with a 2-5 minute refresh time if your dog just walks outside your home since the collar uses both Wi-Fi and GPS for tracking your dog’s location. And if your dog is a more of a homebody that doesn’t go out wandering much, the battery can last up to 3 months before needing to be recharged.

The App

Fi collar app review

The Fi GPS collar uses an application where you can see the real-time location of your dog from the Fi base. This base is the basepoint of the tracking and is usually set in your house.

It is helpful, especially for lost dog scenarios since you can be notified when your dog has escaped and can pinpoint its location.

The activity tracker on the app tracks and shows a report of your dog’s daily activities including the number of steps it has made. What’s cooler is that you can set and customize your dog’s daily goal to make it healthy.

With the activity tracker, you can also compete with other Fi users and see your dog’s rank among others. Connecting with other Fi users near you is also possible with the app.

My dog is sniffing Fi Series 3 collar

You can also add many dogs and owners to your Fi account in the app. This will help you to monitor your dog’s location remotely in real-time and you can have access to the history of any owner that you added to your account.

This is very helpful if you leave your dog with a dog sitter as you can set boundaries on where the sitter is allowed to walk your dog and can see your dog’s exact location. Worried that you might lose your dog during the night? Worry no more! Using the app, you can choose your favorite color and set it as the color of the LED light on its collar.

Subscription (Important Updates for 2024)

2024 Update: As of now, you cannot buy the Fi dog tracker without a subscription. In fact, you actually pay for the subscription and the collar comes with it. This subscription is for your GPS plan since the tracking collar uses GPS/LTE technology to track the dogs. Subscribing means you can also check the daily, weekly, and monthly history of activities of your dog.

You can also track your dog remotely, anytime, and anywhere with monitoring alerts. The subscription options they offer are for a year, two years, and three years. These can be paid end of the subscription period or weekly. You can save money if you choose the  2-year plan. If you have the budget, you can go for these two to have a long GPS plan for your collar.

The subscription price for Fi Series 3 collar (updated January 2024)

  • Weekly: $4.40 billed as $19 monthly (Fi recently added this option back)
  • Prepay for 6 Months: $102
  • Prepay for 1 Year: $192
  • Prepay for 2 Years: $336

Some notes regarding subscriptions, as these are the biggest drawbacks to the collar. First, your Series 3 collar comes with a 30-day free trial subscription.

After that, you have to commit to at least 6 months, even if you go with the Weekly (which should just be called “monthly, given that it’s billed on a monthly basis). Per Fi,

When you sign up for Fi, you can try it for 30 days. If for any reason you decide that Fi is not for you, you can return your Fi within the return window. Otherwise, the month-to-month and 3-month memberships have a minimum commitment of 6 months.

In addition, Fi charges a one-time activation fee of $20. So, you’ll want to add $20 to the cost regardless of which plan you choose.  If you cancel your plan and decide to purchase it again later, however, they’ll charge you a $20 reactivation fee.

Now for a bit of good news, your subscription gives you access to any new upgrades. So if they come out with a Fi Series 4 and you have a current subscription, you’ll be “eligible to upgrade to the latest generation of hardware.” Now, whether that “eligibility” means “you’ll get it for the same cost as the Series 3,” I can’t really say.

Pro Tip: While you’ll get the most bang for your buck by paying for to 2 years upfront, I actually recommend going with the minimum commitment until you’re sure Fi is right for you.

I’ve never had issues with my collars, but enough readers commented that they had a VERY difficult time connecting with Fi customer service for a refund. While $102 is still a lot of money to lose if you end up having issues that can’t be resolved, it’s still better than $336,

Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 2 VS Series 3: What Changed?

Fi collar upgrade from series 2 to series 3

The new model of their smart dog collar, the Fi Series 3, has the same main features as series 2. But what’s new about series 3? Here are some of the changes and updates you should look forward to:

50% Smaller

My dog with Fi dog collar

Fi Smart Dog Collar Series 3 is 50% smaller compared to Series 2. It is half the size of the Fi series 2 so it is also lighter. This is an advantage for small-breed dogs who find Series 2 a bit heavy.

Additional Sizes and Collar Choices

This new series also offers more collar sizes: extra small and extra large. The extra small size has neck measurements of 9.75″ to 11″ and 3/4″ wide. While the extra large size collar is a one-inch wide collar and measures 19.75″ to 30.5″ for your pup’s neck.

Given this, there are now more options to choose from. You can better select a collar that fits perfectly to your dog. Aside from that, series 3 also offers eight different collar choices. 

50% More Pull Force

The body frame of the Fi Series 3 is made entirely of stainless steel. It can now withstand 400 lbs of static force compared to the 300 lbs of pull force of the Fi Series 2. Fi Series 3 dog collar is now more durable and can help you keep your dog on a leash with its better pull force.

2x LTE Network Distance Coverage

The LTE-M signal from all Fi Collar has a 30% greater range than that of any other cellular network. With Series 3, Fi increases signal sensitivity by another 100% to ensure that your dogs can be located even in the most remote locations.

40% More GPS Satellites

Four positioning satellite constellations are used in Fi Series 3. This gives the Fi Series 3 collar an advantage in dog tracking as there are 78 satellites that can immediately locate your dog within a 6-foot radius.


We know that all Fi smart dog collars are waterproof including the Fi Series 3. This new collar is not only waterproof but also rated both IP68 and IP66K. 

Your dog can swim, play, and dive in any sort of water, including salt water, fresh water, and chlorine, thanks to the Series 3 and 2 Collars’ ability to withstand immersion in water up to 1.5 meters deep for up to 30 minutes.

Because it has passed IP66K testing, the Series 3 Collar can be sprayed with water for up to three minutes at 150 PSI in a 1/4″ stream without getting damaged.


The Fi Series 3 subscription has a minimum subscription period of 6 months and costs $19 per month if you pay on a month-to-month basis. However, you can save quite a bit by paying for a longer subscription upfront. Just keep in mind that they’ll also hit you with a one-time activation fee of $20 when you first subscribe. 

This may be more expensive than the Fi Series 2 options, which started at $1.59 per week (depending on your selected plan). Up until recently, I would have recommended the Fi Series 2 as a cheaper alternative. However, it’s no longer available.

Fi Dog Tracker General Features Review

Yellow Fi Collar in the box
Photo Fi Collar

Now that we know the technical capabilities of the Fi dog collar, let’s tackle its general features:

  • The collar features smart power management as it will connect to any WiFi access points inside and outside your house to minimize battery usage.
  • It is dog-proof and adventure-proof as it is made of an armored aluminum faceplate and internal metal armor. These materials make the collar resistant to dog bites and other things that can break the usual dog collars.
  • Fi smart collar has a longer battery life that can last between 2 days up to 3 months depending on usage and activities being done.
  • Fi dog tracker has increased antenna sensitivity up to 4x the usual which is very useful for locating dogs in remote areas and areas that have less signal coverage.
  • Fi shows a more accurate and reliable escape detection when the dog escaped your Geo fence with the combined technology of GPS and the LTE-M network and the algorithms used by the collar.
  • It has better signal coverage for locating and tracking with the use of GPS and LTE-M networks.

Pros and Cons Of Fi Collar Series 3

Tracking my dog with Fi collar

Like any other product, the Fi dog collar has also its pros and cons. Check the table below to know more about these


  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof and adventure-proof
  • Can add multiple owners on the account and set desired geo boundaries
  • Cheap subscription


  • You need the plan to take full advantage of the features
  • While it’s cheaper than the Series 2, it’s still pricey (but worth it)
  • May not work as well in very remote rural locations (it all depends on satellite and  LTE-M network coverage in your area)

What Sets The Fi Dog Collar Apart From Its Competitors?

There are already many GPS dog collars available out there in the market for all the dog owners and trainers to choose from but it can get conflicting at times because there are now way too many iterations of them. However, in my opinion, the Fi Dog Collar just has that edge that sets it apart from the others.

The company behind Fi makes sure that your voices are heard and they always take it to the next level when dealing with the customer’s feedback. With their newest release of the Fi Dog Collar Series 2, they made sure that the wifi integration has far better accuracy than its previous model, the Series 1. This means that it has now better escape detection accuracy, reliable signal, and longer battery life which can last up to three months.

The Fi Dog Collar is also the first to utilize the LTE-M network which reaches farther than LTE, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks. The GPS tracking ability is also much faster than its competitors as it uses constellations of satellites that buffs up its accuracy and tracking speed, especially in an open area and sky.

Fi Smart Dog Collar Vs. Other Smart Collars

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The Reason Why I Consider Fi Collar As One of the Best GPS Collar For Your Dogs

Fi collar vs. Tractive dog GPS tracker

The top three dog GPS collars we picked are Tractive, Whistle, and Fi smart dog collars. There are products that are comparable with each other such as the Tractive and Whistle; however, we have tested them ourselves, and one of them stood out for us: the Fi dog collar. This is because even though all of them have very similar features but one has improved more on their dog collar’s overall model or product but the Fi dog collar made their version even better.

Fi Vs Tractive vs Whistle

The Tractive GPS dog collar is better than the Whistle GPS dog collar in one way or another and vice versa. Tractive gives you live location updates of your pup with a 2- to 3-second update rate while Whistle does this every 60 seconds. They both record your pup’s location history however Tractive also shows you the altitude and speed of the collar and therefore can give you data about your dog’s speed and your height above sea level. They both allow you to set up and customize safe zones or virtual (GPS) fences where you can choose where you want to let your dogs stay and be safe or stay away from.

Both the Tractive and Whistle dog collars require you to have cellular coverage so it works where your cell phone works and you guessed it, it will not track your dog without any network coverage. The Tractive dog collar receives signals from satellites in space to calculate your dog’s location and is then transmitted via a cellular service for better tracking while the Whistle 3 uses GPS, wifi, and cellular service to track your pups.

The Fi dog collar just has it all and has some features better. It sends you your pup’s live location updates with GPS and has a 1-, 5-, or 15-minute update rate depending on the state of the Fi dog collar. This dog collar still requires you to have a cellular data network to track your pup however it has a better method of locating your dog by using the LTE-M network and GPS and by using constellations of satellites to better track your pup’s coordinates. It even has a lost dog mode feature where it increases its attempts to locate your pup once every minute with the LTE-M and GPS.

How Fi Collar Series 2 Is Better Than Series 1 (Previous Model)?

Fi Series 1 to Series 2 upgrades

The Fi Collar Series 2 possesses all the features and benefits you can get from the Series 1 but with added features and improvements and gives you more freedom to roam.

The module of Fi Series 1 requires you to have the Fi Bases for the device to be able to track indoors and the Fi Series 2 improved on its limits and made it wifi compatible for you to be able to track your dog wherever there is a WiFi connection. The GPS antenna of Fi Series 2 also has 4 times better coverage than the previous one. The Series 2 also improved its battery performance for travel and if you live in a larger home.

FAQS about Fi

Let’s finish off with a few FAQs, shall we? I know we discussed most of these above, but we covered A LOT of ground in this post. I know I forget things until I’m ready to buy something, then I don’t feel like digging around through a long post to find the answers. So, consider this part FAQ and part summary.

How much is the Fi dog collar?

As of 8/23, the Fi collar costs $102 for a 6-month plan, $192 for one year, or $336 for two years. You cannot buy the collar without also buying a plan.

Where can I buy the Fi collar?

While you can buy Fi through third-party sellers like Amazon, it’s best to get it through the official Try Fi website.

How does Fi dog collar work?

Fi uses both GPS sattelites and AT&T LTE-M connectivity to track your dog’s location in real time.

How much does Fi dog collar cost per month?

Fi’s month-to-month plan (when available) costs $19 per month. However, there is a 6-month commitment.

Who owns Fi dog collar?

Fi is owned by…wait for it…Fi! Seriously, though, they’re a privately held company (Barking Labs Corp).

How do I cancel my Fi dog collar subscription?

While you can’t cancel mid-subscription and get a refund, you can cancel before your next billing cycle. To do that, log into your account, click over to your billing section, then “Cancel Subscription.”

How do I contact Fi customer service?

I see a lot of people saying that it’s hard to get in touch with Fi, so here’s the direct link to their contact options. You can also call them directly from your smartphone app.


With all the features it has, I believe that buying the Fi dog collar is worth its price especially if you are into leash-free life for your dogs. What I like the most about this product is its long-lasting battery life. This will save you time from charging it now and then and also saves your electricity consumption from charging! I also like the cool designs of the collar itself. What I dislike about it is that it can be overwhelming for a first-time user to understand everything about the collar and the app – how it works, what it can do, and how to set up things.

I hope this article has helped you to know more about the Fi collar. If you ever decide to buy one, take the time to discuss it with your dog’s vet so that you can set goals in using it. If used properly, I believe that this will help your dog have a leash-free, healthy, and happy life. It can also give you peace of mind since you can easily locate your dog using its tracking system.

Fi Smart Dog Collar | Store

The Fi Tracking Collar is 50% smaller than the competition, making it light & comfortable for dogs of all sizes. Real-time Live GPS Tracking and 200% LTE signal helps you find your dog fast. Lasts up to 3 months battery life from one charge.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


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  • Fi Dog Collar Final Score By Technobark

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you.  2024-06-21

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    • Fi is adjustable and works for small and large dogs. It weighs 1.3 ounces.

  • I have two questions about the Fi tracking system.
    1) My rescue Collie is very fearful. Is the safe zone like an E collar? Because he is fearful I do not want to expose him to any adverse stimulation.

    2)What are the current subscription costs?

    • 1) No, Fi collar won’t vibrate or shock your dog but you will receive a phone notification when your dog outside of the safe zone.
      2) I updated this in the articles the current prices are:
      – 1 Year Plan: $99
      – 2 Year Plan: $186
      – 3 Year Plan: $248

  • Does the app track the water intake and calories, activity, scratching? I’ve looked at the whistle and I like those features, but I think the Fi is probably a better tracker and I like the lost dog mode

  • It may sound like a stupid question, but…..

    I take Ivy off leash for hikes in the NH mountains where cell phone service can be iffy. Sometimes she chases a squirrel or animal that leads her out of my sight and voice range. I need a system/collar that will help me find her quickly when this happens. Do you recommend Fi Collar for us?

    And, please remind me of the discount code if we decide to buy.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Leslie, I would not recommend Fi Collar for hikes and outdoor adventures with bad cell phone service. Fi collar is amazing but only within a good internet connection. For your purposes, I’d recommend Garmin Alpha 200i, or you might consider cheaper Garmin collar options, e.g. Garmin Astro 430 or Garmin Alpha 100. You can also consider other good alternatives that would work without cell coverage, e.g. Dogtra Pathfinder or SportDOG Tek. All of these use sattelites to track your dog, so cell coverage not required.

      However, if you are looking for a daily use tracking collar with proper cell service, Fi is the best option for many reasons I mentioned in the review.

    • Fi collar has one of the best GPS accuracies of all the dog trackers I tried. The range is not that big in the downtown area but accurate

  • Good review. I have used Fi and Whistle. For a long time, Whistle had much better accuracy over the Fi series 1. However, the Fi series 2 is far superior over the Whistle, at least for my dogs. My dogs are very active, and they have lost several Whistle trackers. Some have been recovered, some have not. The greatest weak point for the Whistle is the attachment. Fi is rock solid in this department, and with the series 2 upgrades, is the best all around tracker on the market, in my honest opinion.

  • We live on12 acres of land. What is the tracking range for this tracker? How many miles will it track up to? Does it only show dog’s location when out of the safe zone?

  • Why is customer service so hard to get a hold of. Been stringing for weeks with no reply. Very frustrated.

    • I had responses the same day. How do you contact Fi collar customer service?

  • My dog is 14 lbs with a neck about 10-10.5 inches with a little wiggle room. Will the small fit?

  • I was reading on the PetFon2 website and it states that it is only rain proof not waterproof , I also read reviews on amazon where dogs went swimming with the PetFon on and it is now dead. You may want to change that information on your PetFon review . Thanks for these reviews they are very informative !

  • Hello,
    For the first time I am about to go on a one month road trip from Portland, Or to Arizona and then up the west coast for a month with my 16 month old, 57 lb, strong and energetic doggie who lives in an apartment with me and who had never been a truly “free doggie”. I let her off lease in dog parks and occasionally elsewhere. She’s bolted a few times. I’m very nervous about her running away and loosing her and I’m researching which is the best gps collar to get for her. I’ve been looking at the Fi 2 but you also suggested that the Gamma Alpha 200i would work better for bad cell phone coverage. We will be in places with coverage but also places without coverage.
    You also said that the Fi 2 is alot to learn. Not being a digerati, I’m nervous about that.
    I want my doggie to be both safe and free.
    I look forward to your recommendation.

    • In this case, I’d recommend Garmin 200i if you let her free on hiking trails or park areas with bad coverage.

  • Hi! I am looking for a good GPS tracker without an monthly subscription. For my Motorcycle and Boat I have an GPS tracker with my own SIM card inserted.
    My question is if I can insert my own SIM card in the FI or Tractive collar to have the GPS tracking activated or does that only work with their own subscriptions?

  • I purchased a series 2. I have had multiple dogs hit by cars and wanted to be able to know my pup was safe when I was gone. The 1st day he wore to collar it alerted my he left “Home” three times sending my PTSD into over drive. after the third time I just ignored it. (Defeats the purpose) I reached out to FI and was told this happens when the collar switches from WIFI/BASE/LTE. Well I live on 2 acres cant keep the collar on WIFI all the time. In addition to that it died in 3 days…. not 3 months… I sent it back after 3 days of use and they said it was damaged and took off 25%!!!! Buyer Beware

  • Does your GPS system cover International countries and cities as well?

  • I have a Fi and I cannot pair with my phone. There is a Green flashing bar on the collar that I have never seen before. I’ve tried to activate several times but it keeps failing. I have followed the rebooting process (disconnect base, turn off Wi-Fi, etc.) without success.
    There someone who can help me wit this issue?

  • I live on 55 acers of timber land, and I’m wondering how well Fi works in the timber?

  • The specs state this network will show unobstructed location. If my dog goes into an obstructed area and tracking is lost, will Fi save his last location so I have an idea where to look? My dog is fast and this would be helpful.

  • Read your review, thank you – very informative. Decided to order. Measured dog’s neck, it’s right on the cusp. Tried messaging Fi. Got a list of times they are not available (?) – staff meetings Mondays and Wednesdays, lunch 12-2 ET, etc. Never mind this was a Friday at 3 ET so someone should have been around. Then they sent an email. I reply right away. Just need to know if a small or a medium, nothing complicated. No reply. Now it’s the weekend. Not promising for future customer service needs. Big fat F. Will be ordering another collar.

  • Fi d ooo g collars are worthless and the customer service is even worse. Don’t waste your money on these crap collars

  • Hi,..Are there any models which will be able to accommodate local network sim cards ?
    I’m in Namibia.
    Kind regards

  • My FI collar (version 2) broke — solely using the attachment keeping the FI device attached to the collar with little wear, solely charging the device, Will the version 3 attachments be more sturdy?

    • I would not say it’s more sturdy but more lightweight so should be harder to break.

  • Working at the animal hospital for 14 years. I’ve seen many cases of pets who were found, but didn’t have a collar with tag or microchip on. Other cases of people finding pets and never taken to be scan or temporarily stay at a pound for 10 day wait period to see if owner been looking before keeping the pet. Mostly people claim to me “The previous owner abandon this pet and has been roaming around the neighborhood. I’m not giving back this pet since it was clearly abandon.” Not even giving actual owner a chance to explain what has happen. So I always recommend gps collars and microchip combine. Microchip is an extra security just in case if your pet pulls the collar off for being to loose.

  • This product has caused immense distress for both my self and my family. I was away for the weekend while my father was keeping my dog for me. She has been using the Fi collar now for about two months and for the first two months it was absolutely amazing. I would get alerts when she had left home and where she was. However this past weekend while I was away I got an alert that she was over a mile from my home without an owner. When I spoke with mother moments later he was confused as he didn’t know she was outside but immediately left to go look for her. With no luck of finding her thirty minutes later her location was updated to a location 18 minutes away! We assumed she had been stolen at this time as she is a hunting dog and the address provided by FI that she was located at was another home. As soon as we got the updated address my father immediately headed that way however before he could get there her address update again! This time it gave an addresses about three miles from our home. At this time of course my father turned around and headed back in that direction. He arrived back at our house to gather some supplies to help look quickly and all of a sudden she came walking out of the bedroom. She had been home the entire time!! Fi had given alerts that she had left and extremely wrong locations with exact addresses!! Later that same day that night it gave new alerts that she had left the home once again on 10 different occasions!! All of these were incorrect as she was with my father the entire time asleep. I can no longer trust this collar or service and neither should you.

    When I contacted Fi costumer service to let them know what was going on they were extremely unhelpful! I reported my concerns to their agent and they were unconcerned and told me to try reconnecting the base to my wifi at home. After telling them I had lost trust in the service and only wanted a refund for my subscription they refused. So now I have a subscription I cant you and and collar I cant trust.

    Do NOT buy from Fi!!!!

    • We just had a similar thing happen this eve. My pup was in the room with us and my wife and I got notifications from Fi saying she was nearly 6 miles away. We’ve only been using Fi for about 6 weeks and this is the first time we’ve seen this happen, and I hope it doesn’t keep happening now.

  • Great review, however the referral link isn’t working

  • I live off grid where there is no cellular network and we recreate in many areas with no cellular signal. I am looking for a GPS tracking collar that works without cellular data. I understand that cellular network connection helps to refine the animals location data and that is an excellent combination when you have it. However, when there is no cellular data in remote areas, like where I live or many places we recreate, does FI still work?

    • No, it doesn’t. The app won’t even open without cellular coverage.

  • I’m getting a 12-week golden retriever puppy in a few days. Because of collar size, can I get different collars while keeping the same transmitter/receiver?

  • I like the Fi but have been disappointed that it won’t work at all when out of cellular network range. My wife and I, and our pup, all live in an RV and travel around. We are often in remote areas without cellular coverage, and I wanted the Fi to help give us peace of mind that we’d be able to track our pup if she runs off. Unfortunately, it’s totally worthless in this situation. Recently, we were out in the forest at night and I just wanted to turn on the light on the collar, but I couldn’t even do that because the app won’t even open if I’m not connected to the cellular network to login. So disappointing that the app just locks up and becomes useless like this. I also like the activity tracking and seeing how many steps my pup gets each day, and seeing her hit her step goals. But it doesn’t track her steps when we’re somewhere without a cellular connection, either. GPS shouldn’t need to rely on cellular coverage and, at the very least, the collar and app should still be able to track her steps and turn on the light on the collar when cellular coverage isn’t available.