Fi Collar vs Whistle Go Explore: Ultimate Comparison

Fi vs. Whistle
Written by Mark Braeden

Fi and Whistle are devices that are very similar to each other but have certain differences that are not evident at first glance. Both were included the list of the best dog GPS trackers as well as dog activity monitors. This is why we decided to make this Fi vs Whistle collar comparison to show dog-lovers and pet owners in general what these pet tracker offers, such as their main features and their strengths and weaknesses, to help you find out which is much better than the other.

Fi Collar VS Whistle Collar

Main Features

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First off, the Fi smart pet tracker is its battery life that lasts up to three months and is priced at $149.00 that comes with a 1-year warranty. Fi collar is a very advanced device to determine your dog’s coordinates. This can make you feel relieved for its tracking ability in case your pet gets lost or if they ever escape your yard. This smart tracker can also monitor your pet’s daily activity levels and daily, weekly, or monthly step goals depending on your setup.

Now, the Whistle tracker is a quite popular GPS tracker for your dogs and even cats, which is only $99.95. This smart device tracker can also monitor the daily activity of your pets and also showcases a set of features such as its accuracy and the coverage of its communication range.

Fi collar is a smart pet tracking device that offers several advanced features any dog-lovers would hope for and truly love. This includes geofencing and GPS tracking, and Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection. This device also prides itself on its durability, chew-proof design, and has a waterproof rating of IP-68. One more great deal about this device is its use of the LTE-M network which provides users with world-wide coverage.

Whistle collar on the other hand is a small, lightweight GPS tracker that also works all over the US. This device offers impressive features such as its high accuracy for its tracking ability and it also has a long battery life, tracking for both the location and daily activity of your pets, and numerous customization options for your pet’s safe zone.


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GPS Tracking Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracker

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Smartphone App

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Pricing and Subscription

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The Verdict

With all this information at hand, we highly recommend Fi tracker for its affordability and multitudes of advanced features. Fi highly overpowers Whistle most especially in the accuracy of Fi’s tracking ability. The Fi tracker is much more affordable with its subscription being not mandatory.

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About the author

Mark Braeden

Mark is the dog breeder for 17 years. Mark also has 4 dogs: Alaskan Malamute, Clumber Spaniel, Irish Terrier and Mutt. Mark also into latest technologies and he is trying all the latest dog gadgets & technologies on the market and sharing his experience.


  • Fi does not seem like a good idea if you have a growing puppy. The collar you buy is likely to be outgrown. There is only a $20 difference for the two year subscriptions.

  • i have subpar cell service in my neighborhood. ive been using the Fi and when i take my dog for a walk, a notification wont go out that we have left for 10+ minutes. Their email support is not great and they refuse to provide phone support. have not been able to link it to my wife’s phone. i do not like customer service that points me to articles to read, take the time to walk me through it. not sure the value of it if it doesn’t work.

  • I’m a bit confused. Why is it a better price when you don’t get most of those features if you opt out of the monthly plan?

  • We have a FI collar. The email support is kind of flaky. Our dog is afraid of many sounds, fireworks, gun shots, etc. and will try to get away which is why we got the collar and it has led us to him when he escaped. The design is really bad in that you have to buy their collars which are way too expensive. But overall we are happy with it and feel safer with it.

  • I have both types of collars and have some problems and compliments of both. First, the claim of a 3 month battery life for the Fi Collar is not accurate. The newer version has a few weeks of battery life if you don’t go outside your wifi range too much. The Fi Collar burns through battery quickly if it is not close enough to the base/charging station that comes with it. I tested it out when I checked them into a kennel for a week; the Fi collars for 2 dogs both ran out of battery on the second day of the kennel stay so they were then untrackable. The Fi network also takes 10 minutes or more to message you if the dog goes outside the geolocation area that you determine. My 2 dogs snuck out of the house and were roaming around the neighbor’s properties 🙁 until I realized they were gone after about 15 minutes. The Fi Collar was a savior at the end of the day as it helped me track one very accurately and I was able to find him and my other dog was with him. Fi has some great other features, steps tracking, walk tracking on maps, ranking of your dogs activity with breed, within your state and among all Fi Collar dogs.
    In regard to the Whistle, my major issue is the durability and form factor of their products (maybe the new Whistle Switch addresses this). The major problem is the cheap plastic casings of the trackers and plastic mounting options can all get damaged by dogs that are rough and active. I lost two Whistel traackers because the tracker case or the connector became worn, and they fell off during activity somewhere in their gelocation zone. The tracking didn’t help me find mine as it is not that accurate within say a few 1000 sq ft and the battery runs out when you don’t find it in time. The great feature of the Whistle is its ability to track activity like steps and distance, licking, scratching, drinking and sleeping; these are what IoT wearable tech is all about – health management. Of course, you don’t know how accurate they are but it definitely confirms habits that you want to mitigate or keep an eye on.

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