Tractive GPS Collar VS Findster Duo+: Big Comparison

Tractive GPS Tracker vs. Findster Duo+
Written by Mark Braeden

Tractive and Findster Duo+ are two seemingly similar products but there are certain differences that you might not notice at first glance. Check out this Tractive vs Findster Duo review to know which one works for you.

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs VS Findster Duo+ Ultimate Comparison

Main Features

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First off, the Tractive GPS tracker. This GPS pet tracker gives you an option to customize your pet’s virtual fence or safe zones, and then sends you instant notifications when or if your pet leaves your set perimeter for their safe zones, and tracks them in real-time. Tractive GPS only costs $79.99 which feels worth it thinking your dog is safe and you can monitor them anytime including dog fitness activities.

Next up, the Findster Duo+, that is one of the best GPS dog trackers and allows a range of communication for up to 3 miles. The good thing about this GPS tracker is that cellular coverage is not necessary for this device to use. It costs $149.99 and does not have monthly fees. One-time payment, very light in the pocket.


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GPS Tracking Features

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Activity and Fitness Tracker

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Smartphone App

Tractive app vs. Findster Duo+ App

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Pricing and Subscription

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The Winner: Tractive

We find Tractive more appealing than Findster Duo + because it offers worldwide unlimited GPS coverage, a higher range, a longer battery, more accurate dog activity training technology, and a cheaper price.

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