SpotOn Collar GPS Smart Fence Review: Does it Worth Paying $1500?

SpotOn virtual fence review
Written by Mark Braeden

The SpotOn Collar is one of the most popular GPS dog fences and smart collars in 2022 and it would be one of the best solutions to not let anything happen to your dogs while letting them roam off-leash while still having your peace of mind every time you let them wander around. I am truly amazed by a SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence and it worked great for my dogs. I wish it would be cheaper but it’s one of a kind dog device. They had no competitors until Halo announced their virtual fence collar. However, I find SpotOn way better than Halo and I’ll explain it later in the review but you can also check my Halo collar vs. SpotOn article. 

Boundaries and virtual fence around US ranch with SpotOn collar

Quick disclaimer: if you decide to purchase a SpotOn virtual fence for your pup I would highly appreciate if you use my referral link that I use a few times in the review. This helps my website maintain high-quality content, test such expensive dog technologies and provide an honest opinion. Also, this is not a sponsored review. I never delete the negative comments  and talk about negative things compare to many other reviews.

Due to a COVID-19 shipment delays of electronic parts, SpotOn fence might not be in stock. If you see it available and decide on purchasing one, I would recommend to buy it as soon as you can.

Let us take a look and check out why this SpotOn GPS fence should be your first choice to aid you in keeping your pup safe and sound even whilst letting them play around off-leash. 

What Is SpotOn Virtual Fence?

dogs understand boundaries with spoton collar

Some of the dog owners out there surely or might already have physical fencing around your house to help keep you and your dogs safe, however, there can be times that we might forget securing the gate which can cause our sly and playful dogs to scoot off and they may end up losing their tracks back to our homes. 

This is where the SpotOn GPS Fence can come in handy. How and why you may be asking right now; this is because this technology is completely virtual and therefore does not have any blind spots which leave your worries out as you will be able to track them wherever you think they may end up being. Basically, it’s one of the best dog GPS fences on the market.

The great deal about the SpotOn GPS Fence is that you won’t have the need to install any programs or software, and it does not need wires or base stations and does not have any physical barriers. It is 100% reliable and will lessen your worries and sleepless nights.

Who Is The SpotOn Collar For?

spoton collar on the dog

The SpotOn fence is definitely for everyone who owns a pup and spending time outdoors! You might think it is not as important, however, it may come in handy in preventing any more unwanted series of unfortunate events. 

What  Are The Pros And Cons Of The SpotOn Collar?

Pros Cons
  • Extreme GPS accuracy as it simultaneously connects with a four-satellite point navigation system that connects to 25-30 satellite and can locate your dogs wherever they may end up being
  • Easy-to-install feature, no sweat
  • Simple and easily adaptable concept
  • Comfortable to wear for your dogs
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Supreme tracking and monitoring ability
  • No need for unnecessary wires
  • Designed and optimized for active dogs
  • Customizable fence perimeters that works on GPS even without cellular coverage
  • Ability to create multiple fences on the same property
  • One-year warranty
  • The SpotOn Dog Collar requires cellular coverage and you therefore might experience difficulty in locating your dogs if you end up in areas with no cell sites. 
  • This collar is quite expensive compared to its counterparts e.g Halo Collar

Features of SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence

Virtual Fence

Creating a virtual fence for my dog with SpotOn system

The virtual fence feature of the SpotOn GPS Fence is easily customizable and not only lets you create 1,500 fence posts but also allows you to set up virtual fences of any shape and size ranging from ½ acre to thousands of acres. 

To create the GPS fence, all you have to do is take a walk along the surrounding area where you want your fence to be. It’s easy to do and you can see your fence build right in the app. So if you want your dog to stay only at your sight just around your backyard and/or front yard, just walk around those areas but make sure that you have the SpotOn Dog Collar turned on and working properly. You can also pause your fence creation to get around water or thick brush and SpotOn will automatically snap a straight line through the obstacle once you resume. After taking a lap around the perimeter, the virtual fence will automatically be programmed in the SpotOn Collar. 

spoton collar app, setting up a virtual fence

If you turn the virtual fence on, there will exist an invisible virtual barrier surrounding your yard and whenever your sly pup gets too close to the virtual boundary you programmed, the SpotOn Collar will make a beep that may help discourage your pup from going beyond the boundary you set. 

However, if the quick beep does not do anything to stop your pup from going over the virtual fence, the SpotOn Collar will emit a painless static shock or vibration which then hopefully works to deter your pup from running away. Do not worry as this static shock is just an optional feature and does not automatically go off when the noise does not work for your pup, although a bit more extra training can help for all of this to work. 

Training Process

SpotOn virtual smart fence parts

As we have stated earlier, it works best if you train your dogs to the noises that the SpotOn Collar emits. Therefore, to teach your dogs, you can give them treats and command them to stop or turn around and stay away from the “fence” the moment they hear the beep. With this, you would not find the need to use the static shock to them if this is one of your worries. 

GPS Tracking & All Terrain Types

GPS signal reaches out SpotOn collar

You might still be thinking that this gadget can only be used in common places such as at home, your yard, or down the street while walking your dogs. However, if you are the adventurous type and are very fond of going to other places such as mountainous areas, hills, rivers, etc. This is all possible because of one of the features of SpotOn Virtual Fence which uses four satellite navigation systems simultaneously to provide excellent accuracy in locating your dog, anytime, anywhere. Just always make sure that you are in an area where there is a cellular service for all these locating functions to work.

True Portability

Two dogs with SpotOn collars

The True Portability feature simply means that you can use this device whenever and wherever you may be: whether you are at home or if you are out and about, traveling or on the move… even in the water! 


The SpotOn Collar gives you an option to activate its Tracking feature that lets you track your dog within 10 feet. If you are the type of dog owner who wants to know the exact location of your pup at all times, just let your dog wear the collar at all times even when the GPS fence feature is not attached, and it just does the job for you whenever you get frantic and worried when not seeing or know where your dog is at, and therefore this is the best dog gear for you. 


The SpotOn Dog Collar is the best choice if your dog is the type who likes spending their time outdoors. One-time full charge can last you for up to 18 hours and it is therefore perfectly fine to let your guard a bit down and just allow your dog to play and wander around without worrying for the battery to die off on you, and just charge up the battery when you arrive home. Longer battery life means less unwanted collar function failure and less chances of getting lost of your dogs out of your sight and boundaries. 

Is It Worth It To Pay For The Spoton Collar?

Walking with dogs offleash while using SpotOn collar

I believe that despite the expansivity that you may face if you choose to purchase the SpotOn dog collar that it is still worth it to have such a powerful canine gear as it will surely ease whatever worries you may have and aid you in tracking your puppy’s movements, whether you are just at home or out and about. They also provide good financing options

Our Verdict

The only thing that I do not like about the SpotOn Virtual Fence is its very expensive price tag (check the current price here), however, the feature that comes with it makes it the perfect device with all the excellent qualities that you might need and want for a device that functions as a virtual fence to ease up all your worries.

They also provide great financing options so you don’t have to pay the whole amount upfront. The multitude of features the SpotOn Collar has just overpowered the high cost of this device such as the four-point satellite navigation system and patented True Location™ Technology that makes it perfectly accurate in locating your dogs wherever they may be. 

Another thing I love about this dog gear is the customizable smart virtual fence as it allows you to set up a perimeter of any shapes and sizes not only one but up to thousands of SpotOn virtual fence, not only around your house but also in other places that you can come up on your mind such as difficult terrains, in normal places such as parks and your friends’ houses, etc. 

These features surely convinced us to highly recommend this SpotOn Virtual Fence Dog Collar to all our avid readers and all your dog lovers and owners that have stumbled upon this article. If you decide to purchase SpotOn, I will highly appreciate it if you use my referral link

SpotOn Virtual Smart Fence Review
  • SpotOn Virtual Fence Review

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  • Mr. Braeden,

    I recenlty purchased three of the collars. After chating with one of their representatives, I was informed that the collars only use 2g or 3g from AT&T or T-Mobile. I have 4g and 5g all around me. The collars can not update or be tracked. Fence perimeter works fine.

  • I was wondering if one was to slow the rate of transmission to every 2 minutes rather then 2 seconds if the battery life will last longer, while the fence is activated.

  • Why do your pros and cons say under “pros” uses multiple satellites to gps track your dog but under cons says requires cellular service in your area or you could experience spots where the system can’t find your dog? That contradiction tells me that they rely on cellular tracking which is not even close to gps tracking cause cellular uses cell towers to triangulate a position where gps on the other hand uses satellites in space which doesn’t have the issue with coverage areas.

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