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Halo 2+ Dog Collar Review: $599 For What? Scam or Worth It?

Halo Collar Review
Written by Mark Braeden

3/12/2024 Editor’s Note: In late 2023, Halo released their new model, the Halo Collar 3, so the 2+ is no longer available on their website. While the new model has some incredible updated features, many of the features mentioned in this review still apply, so it’s still a good read. That said, I recommend checking out our Halo Collar 3 review for the latest information.

In other exciting news, as of this week (3/12/24), the Halo Collar 3 now costs $599! That’s $100 off the previous price! Even better news: our exclusive discount link gives you another $25 off, bringing it down to $574!

The Halo 2+ Collar is one of the most popular smart collars and one of the best dog GPS fences in 2023. Why? Well, you’ll see later after I show you all its pros, cons, and features in my in-depth Halo Collar review. I will share my experience using the collar as well, of course.

When I originally wrote this review, the Halo cost nearly $1k! At first, I was quite skeptical. I thought, “What kind of collar costs almost a grand?” Especially given that other smart collars like Fi Collar are way cheaper.

As of 2023, though, the Halo 2+ dropped to $599. I know that’s still a lot of money, but in my opinion, it’s worth it. Even at that higher price point, Halo exceeded my expectations. If you are looking for a perfect gift for dog owners, this could be the one.

So many dog owners worry about their dogs getting out of their houses or chasing after squirrels, cats, or other small animals and getting lost just like that. We love our dogs so much that the idea of losing them fills us with worry & dread, especially if we have nothing to use to search for them or locate them instantly. And this is where Halo Collar comes in.

This is such a great collar to have! Not only because of all the features that I discuss below but also because it is supported by none other than Cesar Millan (I am sure you heard of him), a well-known dog trainer.

Being an amateur dog trainer myself (and working towards certification to become a professional), I was extremely excited to try and test the Halo dog collar. Just keep reading to check out my Halo Collar review below and see if it’s really worth paying $599

Quick disclaimer: I used my referral link throughout this review. If you decide to purchase the Halo Collar through my link, I’ll earn a commission. This helps me maintain high-quality content, test such expensive dog technologies and provide honest opinions. This is not a sponsored review. I do not delete negative comments compared to many other websites. Feel free to check them at the very end before you make a decision to spend $599 on the collar!

September 2023 Update: Halo Introduces the New Halo 3 Dog Collar

Halo 3 Dog Collar

Before we dive into our Halo 2+ dog collar review, I just want to take a quick moment to share some exciting news with you! On September 1st, 2023, the brand-new Halo 3 dog collar hit the market.

In fact, you may notice that all of the links in this post now direct you to the Halo 3. As of now, the Halo 2+ is no longer available for purchase.

That said, everything that I loved about the 2 also applies to the 3, including the price! Yep, that’s right- the upgraded Halo 3 model won’t cost you a penny more than the 2+ model. Awesome, right?

Of course, as with any upgraded product, there are also some incredible differences that you’ll want to know about. So stay tuned for our full review of the new model! For now, though, let’s quickly go over some of the key differences.

Halo 2+ VS Halo 3 Dog Collar: What’s Changed?

In some cases, the Halo 3 improves on the existing benefits. In others, it introduces entirely new technology and features.

By the way, if you already have a Halo 2, here’s some good news: Many of the advanced features being introduced with the Halo Collar 3 will also be deployed to earlier Halo Collar models as part of our normal monthly, automated, over-the-air upgrade program.

Here’s a rundown of the biggest changes:

Halo Collar 3’s new PrecisionGPS™ uses proprietary AI-driven software to leverage only the most accurate GPS signals when calculating your dog’s location.

By using machine learning to discard false signals caused when satellite transmissions bounce off buildings, trees, and other objects, and by using only direct signals, Halo Collar will now have even better location accuracy no matter where your dog goes.

Active GPS Antenna
Double the GPS reception power delivered by more satellites to provide better reception in poor coverage areas.

All Carrier Coverage Worldwide
This revolutionary feature auto-connects to the cellular carrier with the strongest and fastest signal—anywhere in the world, at no extra cost. Plus Halo Collar now auto-connects to any cellular network worldwide!

Perfect Fit

Halo Collar 3 introduces the “Perfect Fit Kit”, a custom-fit collar to your dog’s exact neck size, even as they grow

Now Available in Four Colors
Brighten any adventure with two new colors, Orchid and Sunburst, or keep it classic with Graphite and Ivory.

The brand-new Halo 3 now comes in 4 colors, including this gorgeous orchid!

Durability Enhancements

Halo Collar 3 includes two new durability enhancements: stronger contact tips that are easier to install and more secure, and a magnetic charging port (via USB C cable) that resists damage from water and debris.

Of course, all of the things you loved about the Halo 2+ still apply! So, on that note, check out my original review to learn about ALL of the amazing features of this GPS tracking collar!

What is the Halo Dog Collar?

Halo collar design

Halo Collar is a next-generation smart dog collar featuring an invisible and customizable virtual fence. The fence helps keep your dog safe within boundaries that you easily set up. This, in turn, helps prevent your pooch from running away. It also works as a tracking collar, so you can quickly track your dog’s location if he does manage to escape.

Halo combined pretty much every single feature you want in a smart collar:

You don’t have to buy each device separately! The Halo wireless fence system combined them all! So it can actually help you save money and still get a decent dog gadget. As I’ve already mentioned, the regular cost is now $599 but they run specials once in a while. If you check the current price here, you may see a coupon code right next to the price (depending on when you look). These coupons expire quickly, though! So, if you’re pretty sure you want to buy the Halo 2+ collar, I recommend grabbing it as soon as you see a discount code.

This is not like any of the other smart dog collars out there that monitor your pup and then only alert you after they already escape the safe zone you created for them. The Halo Dog Collar prevents your dog from getting lost or leaving your home even before you know it. 

They have recently upgraded to Halo 2 version! So, let’s do a quick comparison to see what’s changed.

Wireless Dog Fence and GPS Dog Collar for Ultimate Dog Safety. Shop Halo 2+ Now!

Halo vs. Halo 2+: What’s Changed?

Halo collar vs. Halo 2 collar

In response to dog owners’ concerns about the original Halo collar, the company came up with great modifications for the new and improved Halo 2 collar.

Some of the enhancements include:

  • A much more durable collar with a Pro-case that can endure chewing and tough play
  • Improved location accuracy thanks to 50 satellites
  • Cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth enhancements
  • Improved battery performance

The Halo Collar GPS system is a cutting-edge piece of equipment. Customer feedback on the initial version was mixed. Some users had concerns about collars breaking. Others complained about incorrect GPS position, false-positive warnings, and so on. Halo really listened to its customers and implemented a number of changes to remedy these concerns before releasing Halo 2 in late 2021.

The new Halo 2 is wireless and has a longer battery life, which averages 12 hours. It uses GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, WiFi, and LTE technologies and IP-67 water-resistant rating. It can cover distances of up to 10 square miles. You can adjust your dog’s feedback to properly match their learning style with a wide range of sound, vibration, and optional static prompts to pick from. You can also customize and set your dog’s profile color and matching Halo LED, which lights up for better nighttime visibility and announces collar mode changes.

Overall, Halo 2 is far more improved and innovative than the original Halo invisible fence. The only downside is that you need a Halo subscription plan to enable data storage for fencing, GPS location services, activity monitoring, and access to premium Cesar Millan training content. The basic plan costs less than $5 per month. That includes the majority of what you’ll need to get the system up and running. However, if you want more benefits, you should look into the higher-tiered plans. They range from $10-30, depending on the plan you choose.

Are There Halo Collar Alternatives?

The only true alternative for Halo is SpotOn virtual fence. However, SpotOn is more expensive…but there is a reason for this. SpotOn is a next-level product with better features than the Halo collar. You can check more in my Halo vs. SpotOn comparison.

However, you might still consider in-ground invisible dog fences too but they are not as convenient as Halo invisible fence.

Who is Halo 2+ Collar for? 

Dog with Halo collar

The Halo Collar is made for all types of dog owners and dog trainers out there, from newbies to experts. However, it is especially designed for those who want to focus on training their dogs to stay within specific boundaries.

The Halo Collar is integrated with Cesar Millan’s Training Program to help you teach your pups how to use the system. It helped to train my four dogs to stay away from virtual boundaries!  More on this below. 

Features of Halo Collar

First, check out the image below to see everything that comes in the Halo Collar box! Then, read on for some of my favorite features.

What's in the Halo Collar box?

Smart Fences

Creating a virtual fence in Halo collar app

The Halo Collar features smart virtual fences that can be easily customizable via the Halo App. It’s easy to set perimeters for your pup. This feature gives you the freedom and security to let your dogs roam within their virtual smart Halo Fences off-leash. It’s my favorite feature by far! But there are a lot more amazing benefits to consider!

Safe Boundaries

This is another fantastic feature of the Halo dog collar because the smart virtual Halo Fences are stored in the Halo Collar itself. The Halo Fences is integrated with GPS and the Halo Collar’s automated internal logic. This means fewer worries for us dog owners because it works even without Wi-Fi or a cell connection.

Natural Guidance

The Halo Fence boundaries are designed to automatically and intuitively communicate with the easily customizable Prevention Feedback depending on your dog’s needs. Another fantastic feature to note is the usage of Encouragement Feedback that can guide and command your pup to come back home. 

Limitless Locations

Checking dog's location with Halo dog collar app

The Halo Fences are integrated with GPS and GNSS which means less hassle for users because there is no need for you to install anything to set up safety fences for your pups. Just use the Halo App, and tap the location in the map where you want to create the fence, or just simply walk around the boundary to set up that fence. 

All Terrain Types

The integration of GPS into the Halo Fences system improved its capacity to be used in all-terrain types such as streams and rivers, or even driveways, and other types of surfaces and elevation. 

The Halo Collar gives you true portability in terms of creating virtual fences as opposed to building your own electric fence at home which you cannot take with you whenever you leave your house for a walk or a day at the park or when traveling far from home. The collar’s portability feature has your back regarding this subject and will surely keep you at ease about your dog’s safety wherever you go as the app allows you to set up smart virtual fences all over the globe. The Halo Collar can track the location of your dog within 10 feet with high accuracy. This also lets you create up to 20 fences wherever you need them

Safety Statuses

The Safety Statuses of the Halo Collar show you the location and activities of your dog in real-time. This is possible because of the integration of GNSS & GPS systems and the cellular and Wi-Fi technologies into the Halo Collar itself. Fewer worries for you at this will keep you at ease wherever you may be, even when you are not with your pup. 

Activity Tracking

The Halo Collar also comes with a feature that lets you track your dog’s activity just like how FitBit and AppleWatch work. With this feature, the device will be able to monitor and create reports about how many steps your dog has made, how many hours they have spent resting and doing activities, and many more. All of these will be shown in the app’s dashboard. 

Prevention Tracking

Another astonishing feature of the Halo Collar is the Prevention Tracking wherein the Halo Collar tracks the frequency of the prevention it received such as the Prevention Feedback like the boundary, warning, and emergency prompts. This data can show you the patterns and changes in your dog’s behavior that needs to be given more attention during training. 

Halo Training Program 

21 dog training program by Halo collar

One quick note: If you read this post in the past, you probably saw me refer to this as the 21-Day Training program. Halo now simply refers to it as the training program. It makes a lot of sense if you think about it, and I’m really happy they decided to drop the “21.” Some dogs learn super fast. Others may need a bit more time, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

So anyway, back to the point. The Halo Company partnered and collaborated with the well-known dog trainer, Cesar Millan, to integrate his experience with Behavioral Psychology Training Methods into the Halo Collar. Basically, it involves boundary training by just following the four detailed steps. This Training Program is dubbed as one of the most effective and safest training methods. I can prove it, I trained all my dogs really well! Even my extremely stubborn Bulldog! 

What’s included in the Halo Training Program?

Videos 1 and 2 of the training involve Setting Up & User Training and Introduction of the Halo Collar to your dogs, respectively. So for those videos, all you need to do is to familiarize yourself and your pup with the Halo wireless fence.

It is so easy to use as it has an amazing guide to help you along the way. You will be able to follow through with Fido’s training because it tracks your dog’s progress via the Halo App. Then there are exclusive videos from Cesar. It is very easy to follow because there are step-by-step instructions in the tutorials and short-content looped videos. I am a very visual person, so this is such an amazing feature for me. 

Cesar Millan during training process with a dog and halo collar.
Cesar Millan With A Dog

The third and fourth videos involve Indoor Training, then the rest focus on Outdoor Training.

The Halo Collar also features 6 different types of feedback: 

  • Encouragements include boundary, warning, and emergency feedback 
  • Preventions include good dog, come home, and whistle feedback. 

3 Types of Customizable Feedback:

  • Vibrations
  • Sounds
  • Static
Setting up custom feedbacks for dog training in Halo collar app

I loved this feedback feature so much as it automatically does its job, especially the come-home feedback, as the system intuitively sends out the feedback to tell your dog when it needs to.

I also loved the fact that they included Cesar’s famous “TSCH” command. No need to worry though because if you are not a fan of this or the other feedback types, you can easily customize and change everything as the Halo brand gives you full authority and control over all of what you want your dog to experience. Cesar also guides you through the process of choosing the best feedback for your pup and this is what helped me find the best one that my dog responded well to. 

My pup is a bit sneaky and I was using a different smart dog collar before purchasing the Halo dog fence. The old collar of my pup only showed me his location and some records of his daily activities, and don’t get me wrong, it is very helpful in locating him and alerting me just in case my pupper escapes. I was trying to train my dog to set boundaries but he is too naughty and my efforts were not enough, and this is what made me decide to try the Halo Collar for my dog, especially when I found out about the integrated dog trainer and feedback types in the collar. 

Indoor vs. Outdoor training with the Halo dog collar

There’s this feature called the Indoor Halo Beacons that communicate with the Halo Collar which provides perfectly-timed feedback to guide your dog to stay away from the boundaries of the fences you created. This has helped me a lot when I was training my dog as the Halo Collar helps in creating positive associations and boundaries intuitively. 

For the Outdoor Training, the GPS and GNSS systems work wonders in accurately locating your dog and the good thing is when my pup tries to run away, the Halo Collar lets out a warning at least 10 to 15 feet leeway before the boundary I set. I also love the fact that this smart dog collar works autonomously therefore I never need to constantly watch out for my dog and do the commands myself; this collar does the job of preventing my pup from slipping from that virtual Halo Fence and encouraging them to come back home. 

The Halo comes in sizes large enough to fit even a Saint Bernard!
The Halo Dog Collar comes in sizes large enough to fit even a Bernese Mountain Dog!

Halo Vs. Other Smart Collars

Check my expert comparison reviews on how Halo is different compared to other options on the market:

You can also see a quick rundown of how they compare in the graphic below:

compare Halo to SpotOn and Invisible Fence

Is It Worth It To Purchase The Halo 2+ Collar?

Halo Dog Collar

Yes, in my opinion, the Halo Dog Collar is 100% worth its price tag. Not only does it give you peace of mind knowing that you can easily find Fido if he gets lost, but it also helps prevent him from getting lost in the first place.

Pros and Cons of the Halo Collar for Dogs

We’ve gone over these pros and cons above, but let’s just sum them up one more time so you can see them side-by-side.

IP67 water ratingPricey (check the current price here)
Smart virtual fencesPremium features cannot be used with no subscription
Multiple subscription plans to choose fromNot as many “correction” levels as SpotOn (15 compared to 30)
Allows you to set up 20 virtual fencesSome consider Cesar Millan’s training methods outdated.
Uses GPS/GNSS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE technologies
Features Cesar Millan’s dog psychology training

Halo Collar FAQ

Let’s finish off with a few frequently asked questions about the Halo Collar for dogs.

How long does the Halo Collar battery last?

The battery capacity of the Halo Collar can last up to more than 20 hours. This is fantastic news since your dog will be able to utilize it for a longer period of time and you will spend less time charging the gadget.

Is Halo Collar humane?

Yes and no. Yes, the device is humane since the dog feedback type may be adjusted. You can program it to use noises, vibrations on your dog’s neck, or very low static levels. You can also use Cesar’s various spoken commands. If you just set it to the highest level right from the get-go, though, then no, it’s not humane.

Is the Halo Collar a shock collar?

So, I’ll be honest here, I really considered Halo to be a shock collar since it uses “static correction” to keep your dog from crossing the set boundaries. To me, static equals shock, plain and simple, and I have a very visceral reaction to the very idea of anything that purposely causes our dogs pain.

However, the Halo’s static is more similar to that of a TENS unit versus, say, accidentally touching an exposed wire or something along those lines. I’ve used TENS units before AND I’ve accidentally touched an exposed wire that was plugged into a socket. Believe me, there is a WORLD of difference.

Also, per Halo’s How to Test the Static Feedback article, “When you are testing, remember that the static feedback is not designed to be punitive or painful it is intended to provide a tactile sensation that will get your dog’s attention.”

Plus, static is just one of the methods that you can use for containing your dog. There are other “correction” options that you can choose instead. And if you take the time to train your dog to stay within the boundaries, the static never even has to come into play at all.

How does Halo Collar correct your dog?

The collar sends feedback to your dog depending on the mode you set it into. You have entire control over personalizing your dog’s experience with the range of noises, vibration patterns, and static levels available.

How do you take off a Halo Collar?

To switch off the Halo Collar, position it so that the USB port is facing up. Once in position, press and hold the power button for around 6 seconds, or until you feel three short vibrations. Then, release the button and watch as the Logo LED light lights red for a few seconds before turning off. Take off the dog collar.

Turning off the collar will only work while it is in this position unless it is hooked to electricity. In this way, it will prevent your dog from turning off the collar by accident.

Can you replace the battery in Halo Collar?

No, the Halo Collar is powered by a non-replaceable lithium-ion battery. With the usual daily charge and normal everyday use, the battery’s performance will be unaffected for at least 3-5 years. A 12-month limited warranty is provided with all new Halo Collars.

However, you CAN replace the battery in the Halo Beacon. Here’s a handy video showing you how to do that:

Does Halo Collar work without cell service (without internet)?

Yes, it can work even if you don’t have Wi-Fi and have limited or no cellular service. Remember to set up your Halo Fences before you leave or while you still have Wi-Fi, and they will operate just fine.

Does the Halo Collar have GPS tracking?

The Halo Collar features cutting-edge GPS/GNSS technology. It uses cutting-edge geolocation technology and is more accurate than your smartphone.

If you’re curious about how dog collar GPS tracking works, check out the video below:

Is there a minimum or maximum Halo Collar fence size?

You can set each fence with a minimum of 30×30 feet (900 square feet) and it can accommodate up to tens of square miles for your dog to wander safely.

Does Halo Collar work indoors?

Yes. If you want to keep your dog away from a certain place indoors, you may set up a Halo Beacon that will provide Prevention Feedback if your dog enters the Beacon radius.

How long does it take to charge a Halo Collar?

Charging a totally empty battery takes roughly two hours.

How much does a Halo Collar weigh?

This product weighs around two pounds. So it’s a little heavier than the average dog collar.

How do you set boundaries with Halo Fence?

You can create Halo Fences either through the Halo App or through the collar itself.

  • Through Collar: Hold the collar in your hand and go to the spots where you wish to drop the fence posts, using GPS to locate the fence posts in the app.
  • Through App: Using your finger, drop and drag fence posts to the appropriate area in the app.

What is a Halo beacon?

The Halo Beacon is an indoor Bluetooth-enabled device that connects with your dog’s Halo Collar to alert him to the existence of a boundary. It is designed specifically for indoor training and keep-away zones in your house.

Is there a free trial for the Halo Dog Collar?

While there isn’t a free trial, Halo does offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t love the collar, you can return it within the first 60 days for your money back (minus a $25 shipping fee, unfortunately).


I love everything about this Halo collar for dogs. I am very grateful as the various features really helped me in correcting my dog’s negative behavior (especially my bulldog) and encouraging the positive ones.

The two things I am not fond of are the high price of this product and the battery. The price makes you wonder if it is worth it and there would be a lot of what-ifs. The battery drains way too fast, but this can be understandable as the device uses GPS and GNSS which are very beneficial in locating your dog at high accuracy.

I have tried and tested this product and I can say that it was effective for my dog and this smart dog collar helped him become a well-trained and well-behaved dog. I highly recommend getting his device for your pup.

Where to Buy the Halo Dog Collar

I STRONGLY recommend buying only from the official Halo website. You can check the current price here. They also offer great financing options if you are into this collar.

If you are specifically interested in creating virtual boundaries for your dog, Halo 2+ Collar is one of the best devices for its price so far on the market for sure. 

However, if you do not really need smart fence and training features but only GPS & activity tracking, I would recommend considering Fi dog collar.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you found this review helpful and decided on buying Halo dog fence, I would highly appreciate if you use my referral link for purchasing. I will receive a small commission at no cost to you. It will keep me motivated to buy expensive dog gadgets, properly test them and provide unbiased reviews.


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  • Why is it not recommended for smaller dogs? I have a jack Russell that I need an option for.

    • Actually, I use it for my Jack Russel and it works almost perfect. Their smaller size is slightly bigger for him but I don’t see the issue. However, some dog owners complain because they expect a perfect fit. It’s up to you, but it works for my Jack Russel.

      • Will it work on Anatolian Shepherds? I have one Anatolian Shepherd 120 pounds, one 60 pound Husky, and two of their 100 pound puppies.

      • I have a bluenose and a bluenose/American staffodshire mix. They are extremely stubborn and only listen to me when it’s just us. So my issue is mainly training them around distractions and to listen to me at pretty much every command. So would you suggest just a regular shock/training collar or would Halo be a good fit?

      • I have two dogs that are both under 20lbs. There current collars are 11″ and 13″. Why is there a weight recommendation of over 20lbs? If the halo is not recommended for dogs under 20lbs what would be a good alternative? I am primarily interested in the virtual fence feature and the ability to set up a fence when you go somewhere.

    • Maybe because it weighs nearly 2 pounds! That would be a big weight for your little dog to carry around!!

      Also, your dog’s neck is likely too small.

      • I have 2 9 month old boxers. We live on a busy road and I want reassurance that the collar will stop them from running in the road and getting hit. Will the collar fit comfortably on my boxers?

      • This is a wonderful amazing tool especially for the disabled would be the best but the price we will never be able to afford it but I’ll tell you this would be a very very helpful thing for service dogs but unfortunately we won’t be able to ever try it because of the price and that in itself sucks because it’s an absolutely brilliant idea

  • Halo collars ARE GARBAGE provides a collar that seems to only work in areas with high cell coverage and after three months and countless hours on the phone with tech support and running updates my dog has now lost her collar and its still not accurate enough to even be found. These are garbage and will be contacting BBB and Consumer Protection Agency in my States Attorney Generals office. Product never worked, would lose signal, lose map and saved parameters even after weeks pf working with them to make troubleshoot and update. Stay away!

    • Thanks for your opinion, Tom. Everyone has a different experience. In my particular case, Halo Collar worked great for my dogs, no complaints about cell coverage. In fact, it’s mentioned in the description that you will need proper cell coverage it’s common for the most GPS dog collars. If you want a proper GPS & Training system WITHOUT a need to have cell coverage, I’d highly recommend you to consider Garmin collars. My personal favourite is Garmin 200i.

      • Hey! If you do not have appropriate cell service, but do have good WiFi will it work well?

    • Got this collar when it first came out and it was worthless. Would tell me dog was outside boundaries when he was sitting beside me in the house. Very buggy. Sent it back,

  • I have a “runner” but am moving to unfenced 5 acres soon. I’ve read that the signal will sometimes “correct” them in the middle of the area. Have you found this to be true? I’m really concerned about my guy!!

    • Hello Mindy, thank you for the comment. You will need proper training with your dog. I have the same issue with my Jack Russel, when going outdoors he might run 3-4 miles away from me (when outdoor, I use Garmin Alpha 200i). However, this 21-day training program that comes with Halo did the magic on my dog. He clearly understands the boundaries. Anyways, they have a 60-day refund policy, it’s not terrific conditions but if you don’t want to waste $999 you can try on your dog and return for a small fee. Check their return policy here.

      • Why does it say no restocking fees but it now seems there is restocking for all returns? I’m considering purchasing this product but this makes it seem dishonest.

  • Hello! We have a 1 year old Boston Terrier named Axl and now we have his little brother, Charlie, who is also a Boston and about 5 months old. We live in town and do not have a fenced in yard, so we are looking into this type of fencing for a couple of reasons; portability, we can take it with us if we move, etc. However, our little one, Charlie, may be deaf. We still aren’t sure because at times he seems to react to sounds and other times a marching band could walk through our living room and he wouldn’t even glance in their direction. Would this collar work for him if he is deaf? Thank you!

  • Can you clarify what the “static” options are. Does this “shock them” when they are close if you want it to or not like an electric fence?

    • Static feedback provides a sense of “touch” that feels like a tap on the shoulder for your dog. This breaks your dog’s fixation in dangerous situations and distraction-filled environments to keep them out of harm’s way. You’re never required to use static with your dog’s Halo—the Halo training process will help you customize the feedback that your dog will respond to. With a range of static levels available, you can provide the right tap-on-the-shoulder effect that is most appropriate to keep your dog comfortable and safe.

      • Does the static shock? IF you have a dog that needs a shock?

  • You stated they do not work on small dogs, I have two French Bulldogs and one is a runner, the only good thing is when they do get out they stay together. Do you see any issues in fitment with this breed?

    • I have a Jack Russel and it fits him very well. I’d recommend avoiding this for very small dogs and breeds I mentioned in the article though.

      • Would you include Papillons in the ‘do not recommend’ category too? Is it because the collars don’t get tight enough or worries about them slipping off?

  • My dog is 5 months old and we live in a highly wooded area with unfenced property. I’d really love to start him on this sooner than when he’s full grown. Do you think using his DNA estimate of full growth size and buying that sized collar now is a foolish idea? I was thinking I could attach it to his existing collar for now, so it stays on him. I’d never leave him outside alone at this age anyway. Just curious what your dog trainer thoughts are.

    Also, he’s a super smart 50% German Shepherd, 35% Dalmation, 15% Treeing Walker Coonhound, which means he also needs lots of exercise. This will be easier if he’s running around free on our property.

    Thank you!

    • Hi Meredith, Halo Collar is adjustable so I’d definitely give it a try on your pup. I personally fully trust DNA estimates. German Shepherds (even though it’s 50%) are easy to train too, I think this 21-day training programm that comes with Halo Collar will be extremely helpful.

  • Will this collar work in another country such as Dominican Republic?

    I just read it requires cellphone coverage.

    I will be using in a small one acre property in DR.

    • Yes, Halo collar will work anywhere, all you need is cellphone coverage. I have a few friends who use it in Canada and Costa Rica

      • how does the cell service work?

        Does Halo collar work out the box or do I need to add have a plan for service?

        • The cell service depends on your provider. As long as you have a good connection, you are food to go with Halo collar

      • Hi Mark
        Sadly we were not able to get a signal around our perimeter. Now we have been waiting since June 21st for an RMA.
        We completed all the required on line forms, send pictures as requested to no avail. Can you please advise me as to how we can get an RMA…good contact person? Getting pretty frustrated, will appreciate any assistance you can provide.
        Thank you

        • Hey Randy & Meg,

          It’s frustrating to hear about such an experience when you spent over $800 in particular. I hope they will fix it for you.

          I am personally talking to them through [email protected] , they also have [email protected]

          When manufacturers don’t reply to me, I go to their Facebook page and message them my concern directly as well as comment on the latest post. Usually, it’s the fastest way for manufacturers to reply. Hope it helps and let me know how it goes because I gave kudos to their support but maybe they are nice to me because I am a media person lol

          Their FB page: https://www.facebook.com/HaloCollar/

  • I have a AutoMower (robotic lawn mower) that interfere with other invisible dog containment systems I have tried. Do you know if this will work without issues?

    • You are creating virtual fence/boundaries on your phone app with Halo and when your dog is trying to cross these borders, the Halo Collar sends a signal to the dog. Your AutoMower should not be the issue in this case.

    • Dan, I have the same issue. Did you get the Halo, and did it solve the interference issues?

  • Do you have to have good cellular service for this to work.

    I want to use it camping and sometimes don’t have great service

    • No, I personally would not recommend it using for camping with bad service. I think Halo is great when cellular is good, but when it’s bad the collar is losing its value.

      • What about if you are camping in an area with poor service but have wifi?

      • But your review states that Halo works “even without Wi-Fi or a cellular connection” and again that it works “without Wi-Fi or if you have no cell service.” I’m completely confused.

        • Certain features do require Wi-FI or a cell plan, while others don’t. I know it’s confusing. The fences work without a subscription. Most of the tracking features, though, require WI-FI/cell connection AND a subscription.

  • I have 40 acres. Wondering how it works would I be able to cover it all or some. Is there a limit on how good/well it covers large amount of land? Also is it water proof?

    • As long as you have a good cellular connection, it should work fine.

      • I have great cell coverage with T-Mobile, but previously had Verizon and have zero coverage on site with that. How do I know which towers it uses?

  • Any idea how to get it connected to cellular. I unboxed mine today and while connecting it with my phone, it said ‘Activating unlimited LTE service’, but if I have it out and about it always says ‘Cellular connection is unavailable’ I drove it up and down the highway into town for a couple of hours and got nothing. Had good services on my phone the whole time.

    • Hmm not sure what the issue, you are better to message directly to Halo support they are very responsive.

  • We have a multipoo. We also have an eagle flying over our yard and worried eagle will pick up our seven pounder. We never can just leave her in our fenced yard. Any suggestions?

  • You mentioned a featured about “no bark” but didn’t review it. Can you give me more insight on that?

  • I have 3 large dogs (an 80 lb golden retriever, and two 100 lb Labs)… would I need 3 separate collars?

    • Yeah for sure, you’ll need three different collar, one for each dog

      • Question. I have three dogs and I want to buy the collars, do I have to pay a subscription for each collar/dog?

  • Is there any case in which you would not recommend this collar? I am hesitant to spend the money, as my dogs are past their training prime (my mini schnauzer is 14 and my golden doodle is 7), but I need a solution to keep my dogs safe.

    Also, my dogs are not nice to other dogs (they were never properly socialized), and I worry they would leave the yard and harm another animal. Even between the two of them, I keep them separated at all times, as we had an incident this year between the two which left me with a hefty vet bill, followed by some even heftier hospital bills for myself and a permanent injury to my left hand.

    This month I am moving into a home with a larger, unfenced yard, and I would like to find the best way to make it a safe and happy home for my pups without breaking the bank or wasting my money on something that takes hours of training each day or may not be a good fit due to their ingrained behavioral issues.

  • I am very confused by your statements that the Halo collar required cellular service. The Halo website states repeatedly that you do NOT need cellular service. Please clarify for us!

    • On the website, they say “If you intend to go to a zero-coverage area, you can set up your Halo Fences before you leave, and it will work seamlessly. Halo Fences are stored in the collar’s memory and won’t be lost even if/when it loses power or an internet connection.”
      It “technically” work if you set up the area in advance, but it’s quite hard to do right? You never know where you end up to camp or so… However if you know the exact area you’d like to set up the virtual fence, that would work with no coverage.

  • I am considering buying the Halo Collar. Will it work properly on a small yard, about 1/3 of an acre?

      • Mark, I’m happy you had such good results with the Halo. But, it was a waste of $800 dollars for me and my dog.

  • I love the concept of the collar and purchased but have been pretty frustrated with the latency of feedback and the fact is, my golden retriever pup (17 weeks old) is hardly responding to the beep and vibration modes. I think it’s a great idea but needs more development (the company hasn’t been around for long and the product is in really an “early adopter” phase. I am sure it works for many but I have also read of other frustrated owners that are experiencing similar issues that I am.

    • Did you talk to their support regarding the issues you have?

  • Collars are junk. I bought 2 and they are constantly giving false locations and corrections/warnings in error, even after multiple firmware updates to correct. Poor design as well, combining metal and plastic parts that break. Both of my collars have come apart and company uses “damage” clause in warranty to not repair or replace design flaws.

    • Works totally fine on my two large dogs, Alaskan Malamute and German Shepherd, as well as pretty fast Jack Russel who bumps into something once in a while. None of them are broken.
      Regarding “false location” how’s your cellular signal?

  • Can we set this up on multiple cell phones? We are on a multi-family property and would like at least four or five people to have access to monitor.

    • I am almost positive that you can but it’s better to clarify with their support just in case

  • My dog (cattle dog/boxer/Boston terrier mix) goes CRAZY when she sees a squirrel. Does anyone have experience knowing if your squirrel-chasing dog will be contained within the boundaries or will he/she ever break through?

    • You’ll need. more than just Halo collar even though the 21-day training program would be really helpful. Same thing happens with my Jack Russel sometimes.

  • I bought one. We live on 150 acres, many miles from cell service, and it works great. I love it. However, it’s only been ten weeks and it completely failed. Now I have to wait “5 business days” after they receive it (so a few more day) until they can ship it (so a few more days, again). I spent $1000 on this thing, and being without it for two weeks was never part of the agreement. That’s a lot of money, and they should send me one overnight, now, while they figure out what’s wrong with mine. It’s. 2021: they aren’t going to “fix” it. They’re just going to send me a new one. So do it now.

    • Unfortunately, this kind of problem happens once in a while with many expensive devices. I had the issue with Halo too, but I really loved the product support because my problem was resolved the same day. Trust me, I tried so many dog devices in my life, and the quality of product support is everything. Hoping your issue will go away once you get a new Halo collar! Thanks for sharing your experience.

      • Product support is only email. There is no phone number you can call to talk with a person. In addition I’ve tried all the “tweaks” and none worked for me.

  • What is the no bark experience? I need that as much as a fence but can’t find anything on the no bark features

  • GPS is not accurate resulting in false results. For example the dig is on the front porch about middle of the boundary and the alert goes off. App Refresh button only works sometimes by design I think. I’m writing this review at the same time as my dog just left the boundary 5 minutes ago and no alert went off. That’s not normally my problem with the collar. My main problem is the collar alerts when the dog is not outside the boundary.

  • I get1 or 2 bars of cell signal and have treed property. Will it work here?

    • If internet works well than Halo would perfectly work too

  • Hi,
    There seems to be a contradiction in the details of this product. It says it works without cellular or wifi coverage, but then in your Q&A you recommend the Garmin for areas without coverage.
    I live on 2 acres and would really love this product to work for my husky. She is well trained on and off leash, but our neighbors are too much fun, and she loves to go visit and ignore me. I also want it to prevent her from chasing wildlife. However, we do not have cellular or wifi coverage outside of our house. Will this still work? I already have a garmin collar for off leash trail running, but it doesn’t have a correction feature.

  • Hi, Mark. I appreciate your review of this product but was hoping you could clear something up for me, as it appears you have one yourself. Our dog stays outside all day, currently with an inground fence, which has worked really well but recently has stopped working. We have approximately 5 acres that she runs around on. Our Wifi does not reach all of these areas. Will the fence continue to work with cellular data, even if we aren’t around? Also just to clarify, you buy the collar and then also pay a monthly fee for the service?

  • We’ve been using Halo for almost a year. We have a high-spirited dog that has a tendency to run. Unfortunately we’ve had to replace the collar 5 times and it takes support a long time to react to our problems. On two occasions it was over a month before we received a replacement collar. That means we have to retrain our dog all over again. She now knows when the collar isn’t working properly, she has free reign. We’ve been extremely fortunate we have found her when she runs, but on one occasion it was only with Nextdoor posts and help of our police department. I understand this is new technology and I’ve been willing to give Halo a lot of leeway and work with them as they work out the glitches, but my husband and I are about at our wits end. I am not one to post much, but I thought you should know since you are endorsing this product.

  • hey,
    does the halo collar app work for two collars? i have two dogs and everywhere i am thinking about moving won’t allow a fence so this is a great option for me.

  • I’m having a hard time finding a pricing list for the yearly/or monthly fees. (which I assume there are…?)
    The initial fee is way more than we would have ever spent on our dogs… but with my extremely athletic, naughty, and headstrong Lab, we need to do something.

  • What if you do not have AT&T Cellular service? Can you still use Halo with and other cellular service?
    (T-Mobile for example)

  • I wonder if this could be used on a Nannie Goat..the lead one, in order to better free range ..surely this has been tried..if not, then I may be the first to attempt this

  • So, am I looking at around $2000.00 for two collars then? I am just wanting to make sure before I make the purchase. I have two dogs

  • Really unhappy with these collars. My poor dog is getting random shocks even when he is well within the fence. Super unhappy with the product and how it works. Do not recommend.

    • Have you ever reached out to Halo support regarding this issue? The support is pretty decent

  • Read a lot here about how this doesn’t work with weak cell signals. Is this for the original unit ? Or the 2+ unit also??

  • We sometimes dog sit for my BIL. If he sets a boundary at our house and then leaves, does the boundary still work with just no feedback to our phones? Can multiple phones and/or apps control one collar?

  • This isn’t so much a comment as it is a question. Can I set up boundaries with in my initial boundary? For example, to keep my dog out of my flower beds.

  • I was so excited to use Halo. However, the GPS is terrible. I live in a populated suburb in Chicago. No issues with coverage. however, the feedback is slow once the collar enters a warning zone. Sometimes the feedback never occurs. The feedback will activate even when in the safe zone. Despite numerous firmware updates, no success. So disappointed as I had an invisible fence and was looking forward to all the cool features.

  • Just something I noticed while reading (not trying to be a know it all), since I am reading this for a Bernese Mountain Dog. The picture of the dog that says “even fits a St. Bernard” is actually a Bernese Mountain Dog.