Mini Educator E Collar Expert Review: Does It Worth It?

Mini educator review by Technobark
Written by Mark Braeden

Training dogs isn’t an easy task, especially if you are training dogs with behavioral problems or just simply being naughty. Remote training a dog is even harder! But worry no more since there are innovative dog collars for remote training that are being offered in the market nowadays, just like the Mini Educator E-collar. These collars make training your dog easier for you.

This training collar is used by dog trainers and owners who want to do remote training on their dogs. It is manufactured by the company Educator and is labeled as ET300 remote education collar. This collar is specifically made for training small dogs at a specific range. This known mini collar is the best way to introduce training to your dog, making it less stressed and safe. The company also offers other training collars for other dog sizes and ranges and we will compare them with the ET300 at the latter part of this article.

Just like any other training collars, the Educator’s mini e-collar is also composed of a transmitter and a receiver. The receiver, which is the collar put around the dog’s neck, has contact points that are activated by the transmitter. These contact points will then send a specific stimulation such as a tone or a vibration when it receives a signal. The transmitter is a handheld device held by the trainer or the dog owner. This has buttons and knobs to send signals of the desired stimulation to the receiver during training. 

Educator E Collars Comparison

There are multiple e collars manufactured by Educator that is useful for remote dog training. We will compare them in the table below:

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Mini Educator E Collar Technical Features

Mini Educator E-Collar technical features

The mini e-collar has a signal range of ½ mile and is waterproof. The size of the collar is 30 in by ¾ in and is perfect for dogs weighing 5lbs and up with normal temperament. Both the receiver and the transmitter are in mini sizes. 

  • Color

This dog training collar’s transmitter is available in purple, black, pink, yellow, and Zen. They are in a matte finish for a sleek design. The receiver, on the other hand, is just offered in black color.

  • Dimension and Weight

The mini receiver has a dimension of 2 by 1.5 by 1 inches and weighs 2.4 oz. While the transmitter measures 2.64 inches in diameter and has 1.29 in thickness. 

  • Stimulation

The Educator’s collar provides less stressful training with its unique stimulation options. It has three modes of stimulation

    • momentary
    • continuous
    • combo mode.

In the momentary stimulation, the transmitter will send a signal and then the collar will deliver a single pulse of stimulation, depending on the level set, to the dog. For the continuous mode, pulses of stimulation are being sent as long as the button is pressed down and then will time-out for 10 seconds. This time-out is a safe way to not overstimulate your dog. The combo mode is a combination of the two previous modes.

It also has two stimulation buttons which are in black and red. The black stimulation button sends a signal to the collar depending on what of the three modes was chosen. The red button, on the other hand, sends boosted stimulation. The transmitter has also a button for tapping sensation or vibration and tone stimulation. The default setting of this button is the vibration so you need to toggle the button to go to the tone stimulation option. The stimulation level can be adjusted from 1 to 100 and can be boosted from 1 to 60.

  • Collar

The collar is made up of a biothane collar strap that weighs 1.4 ounces. It also has a buckle closure type. The strap can also be trimmed to your desired length. This dog training collar also comes with two sets of contact points which measures ⅝ in and ¾ inches. The receiver also has a magnetic red dot for turning it on and off. 

  • Batteries

The mini e-collar has a lithium-polymer battery that can be charged. It also has a dual charger and it takes 2 hours for the battery to be fully charged. It is also a must to not let the batteries be fully drained and hot. There are also indicator lights for the batteries in which a blinking green light means normal operation and a blinking red light means the batteries need to be charged.

  • Transmitter

This training dog collar’s transmitter has an antenna for transmitting signals and buttons for the stimulations. It also has a dial or a knob that is used for selecting the proper level of stimulation to be executed. An LCD is also present that displays what stimulation and level are about to be executed. A magnetic dot located on the side of the transmitter is used for turning it on and off. The battery charging receptacle has also a cover when your transmitter isn’t charging.

You can check how these Educator technical features work in this video review by Natalie Dobkins:

Mini Educator Dog Collar General Features

Educator e-collar general features

When you buy the mini educator e collar, it not only contains the transmitter and the collar or the receiver. It also includes a user’s manual on how to operate the whole thing, a lanyard, a battery charger, a test light, extra contact points that are ¾ in, and a tool for contact points. Other features of this collar are stated below:

  • The shock-resistant collar is a one-dog system and has a small ergonomic design that is perfect for those with small hands. It is also waterproof that is suited for those outdoor activities and training that may include a little bit of body of water.
  • The rechargeable batteries are li-polymer batteries that are quick to charge.
  • It delivers the specific stimulation you want since it has a wide range of stimulation levels and boost levels.
  • It also uses Pavlovian Tone when training. This means the dog first hears a 1.5-second tone before receiving the stimulation unless the button is depressed. This makes them associate the tone with receiving the stimulation and may respond to behave once they hear the tone first in the long run. 
  • It also has a tracking light feature that is very helpful in locating your dog when you are training at night.
  • The lock and set stimulation feature provide an easy way for the owner or trainer to administer the stimulation. You don’t have to check and calibrate the transmitter whenever using the feature as it is set to deliver the stimulation on the receiver based on the settings set. This means more time for you to watch and focus on your dog.
  • The ET300 is also convertible into ET302 which is a 2-dog system.

Mini Educator Collar Pros & Cons


  • Wide range of stimulation levels
  • Upgradeable to 2-dog model system
  • Waterproof unit
  • Tracking light feature


  • Needs to be charged constantly

The mini educator e collar is being sold at $200-300 price point, this is not a small price and is to be considered if you are on a tight budget. But for me, considering the advantages and the benefit you’ll get from it, I think it is a good thing to buy, especially if you are focused on training your dog.

Mini Educator VS Other Training Collars


With a lot of training collars being sold in the market today, the mini e-collar by Educator is one of the very promising ones. I like that it has a wider range of levels for stimulation and that it has a tracking light. This tracking light is such a useful feature if you and your dog are in a dark place. I dislike that it is kinda hard to set up and that you need a lot of reading and understanding before you can use it, This can be a downside especially for those owners that are busy. However, I still recommend buying this collar. You can get the collar and check more information on Amazon.

Mini Educator E Collar Review
  • Mini Educator E Collar Score By Mark Braeden

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