Mini Educator ET-300 Vs Dogtra 1900S

Mini educator VS Dogtra
Written by Mark Braeden

Mini Educator and Dogtra are waterproof, durable, and make dogs comfortable with their training collars. The stimulus these give is not that harsh to your pooches. In short, humane treatment to train them. Do you only want to just simply train your pup or do you want to give the best of training and discipline so your pup will be smarter? Let’s find out which of the two electric dog collars are better based on features and value to money!

Pros And Cons Of Educator VS Dogtra

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General Features Of Educator VS Dogtra

Training Features

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Stimulation Levels

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The Winner: Dogtra

Dogtra is an outstanding contender against Mini Educator. Dogtra’s training and stimulation levels will surely make not only one but more dogs become trained in a long time, reducing stress and at the same time make your pup aware about the next things to do.  Mini Educator is cheaper than Dogtra but the price between them is less than half as of this writing, meaning why not buy one with more features? It can work long-range and on precise volume levels. Its advantage is the PetsTEK training clicker so dogs will follow the trainer’s commands. Since it is proven as a long-lasting gadget based on reviews, you can get an ROI using this anti-bark collar.

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