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How To Locate A Lost Dog

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Written by Mark Braeden

If you do not use dog GPS trackers, one of the main things that might happen, and that all dog owners certainly dread to happen is losing their dogs and, unfortunately, this type of incident occurs a lot more than you think. So the best way is to prepare for it so when it happens, you won’t get caught off-guard. With all the information and preparation you have done beforehand, it can save you a lot of time panicking and stressing out and helps you in finding them and getting them home safely at the soonest possible time. Check out some of the tips we prepared for you below:

1. Keep Calm And Search Your Home First

First and foremost, do not panic and assess the situation. Before going out and about when searching for your dog, keep in mind that they might just be resting or hiding in places or corners of your house where you are not used to finding them. Another case could be that they got trapped in unusual spots or things in your garage or shed or somewhere else around your lot. 

2. Start Expanding Your Search Area

Once you are 100% sure that your dog is not inside your house or on your property, it is time to move to a larger area of searching such as your neighborhood, parks, nearby areas, or if you have any slight idea where you think they might go; they surely have a few favorite places to be in around your area or the neighborhood. However, make sure to have at least one person stay at home while you are out searching, just in case your pup comes back on its own. 

Also, keep in mind that if a place is accessible, there is a great chance that your pup might have slid itself in there or wandered around. It could be your neighbors’ property or an industrial area. You could ask your neighbors around and if they are kind enough and if they know or are familiar with your dog, they might even help you in searching for it. 

3. Go Where Dogs Would Go

If your pup is nowhere to be found around your neighborhood, there might be a slight chance that they hopped on a train or bus or just ran all the way through to a dog park nearest you. This might already be a situation like finding a needle in a haystack as the search area is more vast than you could have imagined, but you might want to give it a try, at least. 

4. Go Where Lost and Found Pets Go

If there is again a slight chance that someone must have found your dog somewhere and taken them to an animal services, or a local shelter, or even a local vet clinic or hospital (in cases where they might have gotten injured). Give them a call or a visit and provide information that can help identify your dog, hoping someone might have taken them there. 

5. Report Your Missing Dog

There are many reasons why our puppers get lost or missing; they might have even just run after other animals and just got lost on their way back. And if you think you have already done the best that you could and all the ways in trying to find your lost dog without any luck and success, it is best to report your pup as missing or lost. 

Making a missing or lost dog report to the local shelters and animal services and local pet authorities at least around a 60-mile radius around your area. Make sure to give them the correct information about your dog so they can identify them easily. 

You can also start making lost dog posters and flyers to give around your neighbors and other people, and to post around your neighborhood and places where your dog might have gone. This will help inform your local community about your missing or lost dog but make sure to add all the accurate information and description of your pup and if there are any recognizable and special features your pup might have. Do not forget to add a picture of your dog, its last known location, all the details in its collar tag, microchip ID number, if there is, and of course, your contact details, and last but not the least, all the hopes you have in being able to find your dog the soonest possible. 

6. Do Not Forget to Alert Your Friends and Social Media Networks

It is not a bad idea to inform your family and friends, and post on social media networking sites about your lost or missing dog as spreading such unfortunate events on social media just increases the chances of finding them as soon as possible. 


Do not lose hope especially if you know you did the best that you could in trying to find your missing dog. Aside from all these, there are other ways in preventing such incidents to happen. One main idea in mind is having a dog GPS tracker on-hand for your dog. These devices are there to help you locate your dog in one look at an app on your phone as these can track and monitor their whereabouts anytime anywhere which will surely put your mind at ease. This is the main reason why GPS dog trackers are the best way that can help prevent such an unfortunate event of losing your dog. 


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