PetFON vs. Link AKC collar
Written by Mark Braeden

We want to designate virtual safe zones for our dogs because we are afraid to lose them. If possible we want to be with our dogs almost the whole day. but in reality, we cannot. A dog locator that can also monitor his activity levels is a great way not only to know his exact location but also if he is feeling well. Because of this, we will talk about PetFON vs. Link AKC. Two of the most accurate dog GPS trackers in the market.

Main Features

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PetFON has many more features than Link AKC but in terms of accurate and reliable location tracking and record-keeping, Link AKC is doing good and if you want a basic tracker, this is a good product. To get the most out of a tracker and to keep your dog safer, PetFON ensures up to 3 dogs are safe, has Radar technology to locate your pooch in real-time without GPS, and can act like a Fitbit.


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Activity and Fitness Tracking

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GPS Location Tracking Features

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Smartphone App

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Pricing and Subscription Plans

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PetFON is the winner. It can save records for longer than 24 hours. Very useful especially when you are not near your dog’s area because this dog device is using the Radar technology where the GPS dog collar does not need GPS to locate your dog up to 0.65 miles in the neighborhood or 3.5 miles away in an open area. It can serve as a fitness tracker and can record the steps and distance your dog took. No subscription is required to enjoy many features.

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