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PupPod Review: Expert Opinion

Puppod review
Written by Mark Braeden

We checked out the PupPod Rocker and PupPod Feeder and decided to include PupPod in our list of best dog treat cameras, and we’ll show you why. 

If you work long hours and need to leave your dog alone at home, you might be wondering what they are doing or if they miss you which might cause them to get stressed or develop a negative behavior. Such situations can be prevented by leaving them their favorite toys or food on their bowl, however, an interactive toy is a much better solution for this problem, and this is where PupPod comes in. 

The PupPod Rocker is an app-based training device that is intended to improve their mental wellbeing and skills by your dogs having to solve a puzzle and rewarding them with treats if they successfully do achieve the level. It’s available on the official site and Amazon.

Check out our PupPod Review below for more info! 

Main Features Of PupPod

  • Interactive multilevel device for dogs that uses a toy and a feeder (more on this below)
  • Insanely long-lasting battery life of up to 4 months (for the interactive toy)
  • Designed to prevent bitings and chewings of the toy
  • A variety of sounds to choose from for the games

The PupPod Feeder is a dog treat camera that shoots out treats like any other dog treat dispensers out there but the difference is that this device can be updated with new challenges and features for a much better interactive and fun games and puzzles with your dogs. The good point about this device can fit 2m to 10mm uniformed shaped kibbles so if you want it to dispense fewer treats, you can use larger-sized treats or kibbles and smaller ones if you want it to dispense many kibbles at once. 

Main Features:

  • Dog treat camera dispenser uses 1080p built-in camera
  • Night vision feature
  • Can watch live video stream straight from the app
  • Does not require batteries as it connects directly to the AC

Pros And Cons Of PupPod

Pros Cons
  • Battery life lasts up to 4 months
  • Treat dispenser with 1080p built-in camera and night mode
  • Toy with light-mode only feature (perfect for deaf dogs)
  • Expensive
  • The PupPod Rocker has no power switch so it might confuse the owners if it is on or not. 

What Is PupPod?

PupPod is an interactive toy for dogs. This device uses a combination of sensors, lights, and sounds to encourage your dog to use their brain to solve puzzles and have fun by getting treats as their reward after successfully doing the trick. The toy can connect to a treat dispenser, called PupPod Feeder, and will trigger to shoot out a treat as a reward once the challenge is met. Puzzles are easy at first but increase in difficulty as your pup masters each level. It’s also fairly price (check the current price on the official site or Amazon)

Who Is PupPod For?

PupPod is designed to help and improve the mental health of your dogs. Such situations include the following: 

  • It is a fantastic tool to help anxious or nervous dogs build their confidence and work out their brains to distract them from factors that affect this feeling. 
  • This device can also be a great challenge for smart dogs which can improve their abilities in return for a treat. 
  • PupPod features a light-only mode which is perfect if you are taking care of dogs that are deaf or sensitive to noise. 
  • This type of device is great for dogs who have undergone and are now recovering from a surgery that are still unable to go on walks and do exercises as this can help them as a form of therapy by interacting with the PupPod Rocker. 
  • This is also perfect for dog owners who are not always around their pups at home as they can leave them at ease with a toy that can entertain and train them at the same time while giving them treats upon successful interaction. 

What Are PupPod Rocker And PupPod Feeder?

The PupPod Rocker is the toy that your dog will be interacting with, either by being pawed or nosed on. This device can make a variety of sounds but you also have the option to choose the light-only mode feature especially made for deaf or noise-sensitive dogs. It also features surface sensitivity settings so you can choose what type of floor you have for better interaction. 

The PupPod Feeder, on the other hand, is the device that sends out treats for your dogs when it is triggered by a successful pawing on the PupPod Rocker. This treat dispenser can store up to two cups of kibbles. It streams live 1080p HD videos straight to your phone via the PupPod app. You have the option to mount it on a wall or just safely place it on a table as the suction cups at the bottom keep it in place. 

How Does PupPod Work? 

PupPod is a smart interactive high-tech dog toy that can help you train your dog and exercise their mind. To play PupPod and get rewarded with treats, your dog has to use their brain to figure out how the game works. And the moment they make the corresponding action, the mobile app will send you a signal to toss them a treat as a reward for doing the action correctly. However, this is also where the PupPod Feeder comes in, as if you are not home with them during these moments, the PupPod Feeder will automatically shoot out treats for them to feed on as a reward. 

As your pup masters each level, the PupPod Rocker will gradually increase the difficulty level, and will require your dog more actions for it to work. This will then help in keeping their interest to play with the PupPod Rocker as the challenges for them increase. With this kind of game, they will learn that the PupPod Rocker is their key to getting more treats from you or the PupPod Feeder. 

The way the PupPod Rocker works is that when your dog comes near or sniffs the device, the motion sensor will detect their movement and this will trigger the PupPod Feeder to dispense some treats. Upon mastering this level, the software will automatically increase the difficulty of the challenges for your dog as they develop their skills in doing these games. 

PupPod Tech Specifications

  • Design

Both the PupPod Rocker and the PupPod Feeder are elegantly designed with the PupPod Rocker, the interactive toy itself, having a smooth surface. The toy has a weighted base being round and also smooth which makes it bounce around or “rock”. This can help discourage your dogs from chewing or biting the toy, and it is also big enough to avoid such problems. 

The PupPod Rocker is equipped with a light ring on the top of the device that shines green or red when your dog touches the pod. This toy is also equipped with a speaker that can either be automatically triggered by its algorithm or manually by the owner by using the app. 

The PupPod Feeder, on the other hand, also has an elegant and minimalist design. This treat dispenser connects to the toy and shoots out treats as their reward after finishing a task or a puzzle game. It also has a 1080p camera so you can watch your dog anytime you want with a 160° field view. It has a nighttime mode that helps you see them even in low lit areas. You can also stream the live video of your puppers to the app! 

  • Battery Life

The PupPod Rocker uses two D-size batteries which can last for up to 4 months. You can choose either the rechargeable batteries or the single use ones. 

  • Durability

The devices are made of strong materials and designed in such a way as to help minimize the chewing or biting problems. 

PupPod General Features

Puppod features shown on the image

  • Interactive Multi Level Dog Toy

The PupPod is built to exercise your dog’s brain and make them even smarter! When they hear the sound from the PupPod Rocker, they will be compelled to touch the toy with their nose or paws which will then trigger the PupPod Feeder to shoot out a kibble as a reward. This can train them to become smarter by solving these puzzles and leveling up when necessary. 

  • App

The PupPod App allows you to connect and interact with your dogs even when you are far away from them as it gives you the option to control the games in the interactive toy by using the app. You can also watch the livestream of whatever your pup is doing via the app with an insane 1080p HD video. 

You also have the option to manually tap a button in the app to make the interactive toy make a sound and also change the sound with a variety of options to choose from! You can change all the configurations of the game difficulty level to keep your dogs thinking. This app also allows you to change the lights and sounds, and puzzle settings your dogs can play according to a pattern or randomly increase the difficulty. 

Is It Worth It To Purchase PupPod?

We think that this PupPod Rocker and PupPod Feeder are a great combination to have around the house especially if you are always out and about or busy working and your pup is left alone in your house most of the time. It is a great entertainment and training tool for your pup while getting treats when a challenge is met, and it even makes them smarter as this toy gives them challenges for better mental stimulation. 


I absolutely love the PupPod interactive dog toy as it features more advantages than disadvantages. I like the fact that your pup is able to interact with a toy before being given treats rather than just normal dog treat cameras that only shoot out treats without the dog doing anything at all. The only disadvantage we see is that it is expensive albeit being cheaper than competing brands. However, the features of the PupPod Rocker are excellent enough for me to purchase this product as it will surely help with my dog’s mental health. 


  • Mark Braeden

    Mark is a Boston University graduate and former electrical engineer. In 2017, he decided to combine his tech knowledge with his love for dogs. He spent a year familiarizing himself with the latest GPS tracking collars, invisible fences, and other hot pet gadgets before he wrote his first product review. After selling Technobark, Mark remained a writer and consultant but spends more time on his other passion now: raising and training his growing family of dogs.

Puppod Review
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