PetFON VS. Fi Collar

Petfon VS Fi collar
Written by Mark Braeden

Location distance, accuracy, and timeliness are the most essential features of a good dog locating device. The more adventurous the dog is, the more dirt-proof and waterproof the tracker must be. Known for having these qualities, these dog trackers are both having good reviews from several pet parents. PetFON vs. Fi Dog Collar. Let the comparison begin!

Main Features

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Both GPS dog collars have Geo-fence that is really important in setting the boundaries and alarm when the dog is in a danger zone. The good thing is they make the most out of wireless technology.  PetFON for Radar and Glonass technology, and Fi collar for using LTE-M network and the Lost Dog mode.


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Activity and Fitness Tracking

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GPS Location Tracking Features

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Smartphone App

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Pricing and Subscription Plans

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The Winner: Fi Collar

Both smart collars can serve as fitness trackers but Fi can monitor your dog’s health daily, weekly and monthly, Although PetFON can work without GPS coverage, Fi collar’s tracking is accurate even as far as 7 ft. radius, it is the first one using the LTE-M to monitor your pooch even when you are not around with your dog. Its red flashing LED light is a big help especially when your dog is out at night. The escape detection and effective alarm are the features that are important when pet parents are away from their furry friends. Fi is featured on several well-known sites such as Forbes, Business Insider,, and Engadget.

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