Furbo Dog Camera Review: Doggy Camera That Gives Treats

Furbo Dog Camera Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4 out of 5
Technobark Review9.1 out of 10
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owners who want to discover your pet’s secret life when you are not at home and keep in touch

Furbo Dog Camera is one of the most innovative and hottest products in the doggie world. Have you ever heard about doggy camera that gives treats? This is the one. Read our Furbo Dog Camera review to understand if it’s worth buying for your best friend.

Pet parenting is a serious business. It is normal for us to think of our dogs as part of our family and that is why we ensure safety and happiness at home. There are times when we would just want to spend our time playing and sleeping in with our dogs but then again, this will not work in reality. Have you ever slumped down in your chair wondering what your four-legged friends are doing at home?

Are they chewing on your slippers, rolling all the tissue, or currently barking at your neighbour? If you dream of answering these questions, then we might have the perfect suggestion for you! How does a dog monitor camera sound to you?  Meet the popular doggy camera that gives treats and designed to keep track of our dogs, and let’s do a quick Furbo Dog Camera Review!

furbo dog camera reviewSpecs of a Furbo Dog Camera

Furbo dog camera is designed specifically as an interactive dog camera with an added feature of treat tossing. Unlike any other dog home cameras available on the market, this one makes it easy for you to tell what your dog is doing and give treats to them when you start missing them. It offers a 1080p live video streaming of your pet with a 160° wide angle with a 4x zoom capability available for day and night vision. With this amazing camera spec, we bet that you will discover your pet’s secret life when you are not at home. It can take pictures as well as a few videos to help you keep the fun memories your dog is having. After saving the snapshots, you can easily send them to the world through various social media sites integrated into the mobile app (Facebook, Whatsapp, or Line).

Dog barking technology

The Furbo dog camera also comes with a real-time remarkable barking alert technology which lets you track whenever your dog barks. The barking sensor is sensitive enough to hear the softest to the loudest of barks! The barking notification will directly go straight to your devices (smartphones and tablets). Isn’t this dog video camera the best?

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Doggy Camera That Gives Treats

furbo camera reviews
Picture by Furbo Camera

Now let’s head on to the best part of this gadget, the fun treat tossing capability. Just because it is named as a “camera” doesn’t mean that it is only just a camera. What sets this gadget apart from its competitors is its ability to give treats to your dog at a tap on your phone by using the free Furbo dog camera app. This dog camera does not just drop treats into a bowl, rather, it tosses treats up in the air so that your furry friend can catch or run after their treats. The camera also allows the dog owner to record their own voice and use it as a signal to let the dogs recognize that the Furbo is going to toss out a treat soon. Isn’t this a good way of bonding with your dog even if you’re not literally there to play with them?

What are the cons of Furbo Dog Camera?

Let’s take a look at Amazon customer reviews, and see the common complaints. First, it can be tricky to set up. Welcome to the innovative world! Unfortunately, there are basically no instructions, so you should rely on customer experience all over the Internet. Also, many customers complaining about the mobile app, but Furbo developers optimized it really well for the past months and this is the best thing! I am very happy to see that product manager instantly working to improve it.

Overall, Furbo Dog Camera is not must have, but an amazing device to keep in touch with your dog when you are away. Check out Furbo Dog Camera at Amazon or Furbo Camera Official Website for your dog and let him experience what technology is.  In summary, if you are going to buy this device, you are getting an HD camera with a wide-angle view and an electronic treat dispenser. Price-wise, it is comparable to other leading dog monitor cameras so hurry and try it out now!

Final Reviwoof

9.1 out of 10
Pros Interactive camera with treat tossing feature, 1080p live video, 160° wide angle, night vision mode, real-time barking alert technology The bark detector sometimes goes off for other noises, some people complain about mobile app

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