Furbo Dog Camera Review: Why I Spent $250 For This?

furbo camera review
Written by Mark Braeden

Furbo Dog Camera is one of the most innovative and hottest products in the doggie world. Have you ever heard about the doggy camera that gives treats? This is the one. Read our Furbo Dog Camera review to understand if it’s worth buying for your best friend in 2019.

Furbo Dog Camera Quick Summary

Amazon Reviews4 out of 5
Who is the dog gadget for? For dog owners who want to discover your pet’s secret life when you are not at home and keep in touch

Pet parenting is a serious business. It is normal for us to think of our dogs as part of our family and that is why we ensure safety and happiness at home. There are times when we would just want to spend our time playing and sleeping in with our dogs but then again, this will not work in reality. Have you ever slumped down in your chair wondering what your four-legged friends are doing at home?

Are they chewing on your slippers, rolling all the tissue, or currently barking at your neighbour? If you dream of answering these questions, then we might have the perfect suggestion for you! How does a dog monitor camera sound to you?  Meet the popular doggy camera that gives treats and designed to keep track of our dogs, and let’s do a quick Furbo Dog Camera review!

Specs of a Furbo Dog Camera

furbo specs

The Furbo dog camera makes it possible for dog owners to interact with their fur babies even if they’re away from home! We cannot bring our furry friends everytime we go out. Not all places are dog-friendly, so some dog parents suffer from separation anxiety when they leave their pooch at home. This product is specially made for this problem!

Furbo dog camera is designed specifically as an interactive dog camera with an added feature of treat tossing. Unlike any other dog cameras available on the market, this one makes it easy for you to tell what your dog is doing and give treats to them when you start missing them. It offers a 1080p live video streaming of your pet with a 160° wide angle with a 4x zoom capability available for day and night vision. Furbo’s night vision is pretty unique technology for dog camera.

With this amazing camera spec, we bet that you will discover your pet’s secret life when you are not at home. Day, night, or in the dark, the Furbo dog camera allows you to see your dog clearly.

I was surprised by the camera’s performance of this product. Compared to other home security cameras I have utilized, the Furbo dog camera outperforms it all. The video quality produced by the Furbo dog camera was more crisp, clear, vibrant, and defined. I was truly impressed!

The 160° wide-angle provides a good view of my room; it covered the whole living room! Just make sure to place the Furbo dog camera on a higher vantage point. When placed onto a shelf, the camera covers the rest of the room well. Another reason to place it higher is to prevent your pup from discovering the trick of knocking the unit to get all the treats out.

It can take pictures as well as a few videos to help you keep the fun memories your dog is having. After saving the snapshots, you can easily send them to the world through various social media sites integrated into the mobile app (Facebook, Whatsapp, or Line). Even my friends are enjoying the various photos and videos of my dogs’ secret life at home!

Furbo’s Features

Furbo’s Two-Way Audio

The Furbo dog camera allows you and your pooch to talk with each other through its built-in two-way audio. Now, you can speak with your fur baby to calm him down or entertain him when he’s feeling sad. Your dog can not only recognize your scent but the sound of your voice as well!

Based on a study published in the journal Current Biology, dogs have a unique ability to react to the human speech. Believe it or not, your pup knows if they’re being a bad boy or doing well through your speech! However, Furbo’s audio capabilities are not quite as impressive as the video. It’s not a big problem though, because what is essential to me are the video capabilities.

Furbo’s dog barking technology

furbo camera barking technology

The Furbo dog camera also comes with a real-time remarkable barking alert technology which lets you track whenever your dog barks. The barking sensor is sensitive enough to hear the softest to the loudest of barks! The barking notification will directly go straight to your devices (smartphones and tablets). Isn’t this dog video camera the best? Even more! Furbo is the only dog camera (so far) in 2019 that can be integrated with Apple Watch. Look:

However, some clients were complaining that the barking sensor was a little too sensitive. When placed in a loud room, it caused a lot of false alerts. Even at the lowest sensitivity level, it catches the sound of my dog playing with his toys. I wouldn’t mind at all anyway! At least I’m sure if there is an emergency at home when I’m not around. It is the primary purpose of dog cameras, after all, to ensure our dogs’ safety at home.

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Furbo camera recognition technology

furbo recognition technology

Another great feature of the Furbo dog camera is its dog recognition technology. What does it do? Believe it or not, Furbo’s smart alerts notify you of dog-related events using it’s A.I. powered recognition technology. You would be alerted if your dog needs help or is acting suspiciously. A client has testified that it saved her dog’s life, rescuing him from eating 5 oz of toxic dark chocolate. (related: Why Chocolate is Bad and Poisonous To Dogs?)

The real-time smart alert is composed of three alerts, such as the dog activity alert, dog selfie alert, and person alert. The dog activity alert will notify you when it detects movements from your dog. You would not only know if your dog is in danger, but this can also help you to recognize if your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Through the dog selfie alert, you’ll be notified when your pup misses you. Furbo detects if your dog is facing the camera, similar to the position of taking a selfie. You’ll get a notification on your phone with a snapshot of your dog’s cute face!

The person alert works by letting you know when a human comes into view. Through Furbo’s real-time smart alerts, you can protect your dog even if you’re away from him. You can always activate or deactivate each alert depending on your own needs. Moreover, the more you utilize the Furbo dog camera, the more it learns about your dog’s behavioural patterns.

Furbo’s Dog Camera Design

furbo dog camera design

I loved how the Furbo dog camera’s design is entirely distinct from other doggy cameras that give treats. Most dog cameras available in the market are cube-shaped, but the Furbo is a cylinder in style. Its cylinder shape is necessary for providing enough storage for your dog’s favourite treats. The unit’s tall, angular, the white design makes it friendly and more inviting. It certainly matched my living room’s style!

The unit also features a LED indicator that changes according to different conditions. The light turns blue when the unit is being used via the app. It will turn purple when it is not connected to the Wi-Fi, while the yellow light indicates that it is already connected. By the way, it’s a pretty popular question “What is Furbo purple light”. Now you know! The white light indicates that the device is working when plugged for the first time. Lastly, the green light shows that you can first set up your Furbo.

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Doggy Camera That Gives Treats!

process how furbo dog camera gives treats on smartphone screen

Picture by Furbo Camera

Now let’s head on to the best part of this gadget, the Furbo camera treats tossing capability. Just because it is named as a “camera” doesn’t mean that it is only just a camera. What sets this gadget apart from its competitors is its ability to give treats to your dog at a tap on your phone by using the free Furbo dog camera app.

This dog camera does not just drop treats into a bowl, rather, it tosses treats up in the air so that your furry friend can catch or run after their treats. It works by playing a little jingle when you hit the treat button in your phone, which can be customized. The treat comes out after the jingle which makes your interaction with your pup more engaging and fun.

Furbo gives you the ability to record your custom jingle. It only took a couple of days for my dogs to figure out that the unit dispenses treats. My “snack call” was a great help though, because it’s the same sound that I use upon giving my pup his favourite treats physically. My dog now stand by it and wait for the treats to come out! There is also a standard tone if you’re not up for a custom sound.

The camera also allows the dog owner to record their own voice and use it as a signal to let the dogs recognize that the Furbo is going to toss out a treat soon. Whenever my pup hears my voice over the unit’s speaker, he’s wiggling with excitement! It has become my stress-reliever at work ever since! Isn’t this a good way of bonding with your dog even if you’re not literally there to play with them?

Unfortunately, the treat thrower can’t consistently work for all treats. You would need to experiment with various treats and biscuits that can work well with the treat thrower. It caused me problems before because some treats were thrown after three to five clicks. I shortlisted these best treats for Furbo based on my experience and Furbo’s recommendation:

  • Wellness Petite Treats
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats
  • Royal Canine Dog Treats
  • Nutro Mini Bites
  • Bil Jac Grain-Free Soft Training Treats
  • Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini
  • Primal Grain Free Jerky Nibs Treat

In fact, there are tons of treats you can use with Furbo. I recommend using treats that is smaller than the hole to avoid these problems. At least Furbo didn’t require proprietary treats that will only work in the device! I’m glad they understood that all dogs have different preferences for treats. If anything goes wrong, you can always contact Furbo customer & technical support.

Cons of Furbo Dog Camera

disadvantages of furbo dog camera

Poor Instructions

Let’s take a look at Amazon customer reviews, and see the common complaints. First, it can be tricky to set up. Welcome to the innovative world! Unfortunately, there are basically no instructions, so you should rely on customer experience all over the Internet.

Do not worry because the Furbo Dog Camera has gained popularity among dog owners. Different reviews and instructions from the users themselves are circulating on the internet. I checked it out myself! They are extremely useful for aiding your confusion regarding the product.

Furbo Mobile App

Also, many customers complaining about the mobile app (both iOS and Android), but Furbo developers optimized it really well for the past months and this is the best thing! I am very happy to see that product manager instantly working to improve it.

Furthermore, clients have testified that the manufacturer provides excellent customer satisfaction. One client said that he had problems with the mobile app, a common problem among Furbo Dog Camera users. Fortunately, the people handling Furbo were kind and accommodating. At only one call, they got the client’s issue fixed. Excellent customer service for Furbo!

Smart Speaker Integration

When I bought the camera I heard you can connect it with Alexa and I was going to use it with Google home. Does Furbo work with Google Home? No, the only smart speakers you can connect Furbo is Alexa.


Overall, Furbo Dog Camera is not must-have, but an amazing device to keep in touch with your dog when you are away. Check out Furbo at Amazon for your dog and let him experience what technology is. In summary, if you are going to buy this doggy camera that gives treats, you are getting an HD camera with a wide-angle view and an electronic treat dispenser. Price-wise, it is comparable to other leading dog monitor cameras so hurry and try it out now!

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Furbo Dog Camera Final Review

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