Furbo 360° Dog Camera Review: Revolution in Dog Cameras World?

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Written by Mark Braeden

Furbo has recently released their newest model of dog camera “Furbo 360°”  and they allowed us to test it and provide an unbiased Furbo camera review.

I was thrilled with such an opportunity, as I tested their previous model. They made some revolutionary changes and I would claim Furbo 360° as the most innovative dog camera on the market today. Why?

First things first, let’s see how they upgraded a previous Furbo camera:

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What’s New in Furbo Camera?

This new and improved dog camera from Furbo provides 1080p live video streaming of your pet which allows you to have a 360° view when it is rotated. The 360 part is my favorite since I can watch my dog from every angle! This feature made me switch Petcube Bites dog camera over Furbo.

My second favorite feature on the new Furbo cam is color night vision! Just take a look at the quality:

Night vision quality on Furbo camera

I can now see my dog clearly (and in color) even in low light conditions. This device is simply amazing!

It also has 4x zoom ability for day and night viewing. Its improved Color Night Vision is a rather interesting feature for a dog camera.

You will discover your pup’s secret activities when you’re not home with this incredible camera. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera lets you view your dog clearly day or night, even in low light circumstances.

The performance of this product’s camera impressed me. The Furbo 360° Dog Camera exceeds all other home security cameras I have used. This camera produces sharp, clear, bright, and distinct footage. 

Furbo camera rotating view

Furbo also now has an automatic infrared LED night vision that automatically adjusts when it is nighttime or when it detects low light. 

All these new upgrades make Furbo the most innovative dog treat camera in 2022.

Placing Your Furbo 360° Dog Camera

The crystal clear wide-angle lens gives me a complete view of my space — it covers the whole living room! What’s even more amazing about this pet dispenser camera is it has a new feature, Auto Dog Tracking, which allows the camera to smartly rotate wherever your dog moves. Now, your pup can no longer hide from you since the camera will follow him around wherever he goes. I am so delighted with this enhanced feature of Furbo! I simply put it on my coffee table in the living room:

Placing Furbo camera in my living room

Simply move the camera to a better vantage point. The camera efficiently covers a lot of the room when placed on a shelf. Another reason to put it in a higher place is to prevent your dog from finding out how to knock the unit over in order to grab all the treats out.

Furbo’s 360° Dog Camera Features

Unboxing Furbo camera

Furbo’s Two-Way Audio

The Furbo 360° dog camera has a built-in, real-time two-way audio that allows you and your dog to communicate. It has a high-quality built-in microphone and speaker. It also has an in-app volume adjustment for your pup’s ears.

This allows you to communicate with your dog to calm him down or entertain him when he’s unhappy. Your dog can recognize not just your smell but also the sound of your voice.

Furbo’s Dog Barking Technology

The Furbo 360° dog camera also has real-time exceptional barking alarm technology, which allows you to monitor when your dog barks. The barking sensor is sensitive enough to detect barks ranging from soft to loud! The barking notification will be delivered immediately to your smartphone. Isn’t this the finest dog video camera? Moreover, Furbo is also compatible with Apple Watch.

Furbo Camera Recognition Technology

Auto dog tracking on Furbo camera

Another fantastic feature of this dog camera that I adore is its dog recognition technology. What exactly does it do? Furbo’s Smart Alerts use A.I.-powered recognition technology to inform you of dog-related events. If your dog requires assistance or is acting suspiciously, you will receive notifications on your device.

The real-time smart alert is made up of three alerts: Dog Selfie, Dog Activity Alerts, and Person Alerts. When it senses movement from your dog, the dog activity alert will notify you. 

Furbo detects if your dog is facing the camera, similar to the position of taking a selfie. Through the Dog Selfie Alert, you will receive a notification on your phone with a snapshot of your dog’s cute face!

The Person Alert notifies you when a human is detected by the camera. You can protect your dog even while you are not with him thanks to Furbo’s real-time Smart Alerts. You may always activate or disable each alert based on your specific requirements. Furthermore, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera learns about your dog’s behavioral habits the more you use it.

Furbo’s 360° Dog Camera Design

Furbo camera design and how it looks in my living room

I liked how the Furbo dog camera is designed differently from other treat dispensing cameras. Most dog cameras on the market are cube-shaped, but the Furbo is cylinder-shaped and it fits my living room wat better than a Petcube camera. Its cylindrical form is required for adequate storage of your dog’s favorite goodies. The unit’s tall, angular, white form is pleasant and inviting. It absolutely complemented the aesthetic of my living room and I am pretty sure it will also blend well in your home too.

Furbo 360° Dog Camera Treat-Tossing Feature

The size of the treat dispenser in Furbo camera

Now let’s head on to the best part of this gadget! What is ideal with this gadget is its ability to give treats to your dog at a tap on your phone by using the free Furbo mobile app.

This dog camera does not simply drop snacks into a bowl; rather, it tosses treats into the air for your pup to catch or run after. Furbo’s latest version includes an adjustable mechanism for a quieter throw. You may now choose between small and large treats to meet your dog’s nutritional requirements.

When you press the treat button on your phone, Furbo makes a treat toss sound that you can also personalize. The treat appears after the sound, making your engagement with your dog more interesting and enjoyable.

This treat-dispensing camera also allows you to record your own personalized treat toss sound and use it as a signal to let the dogs recognize that the Furbo is going to toss out a treat soon. It only took my dogs a few days to figure out that the device delivers treats. My “snack call” was a big help, because it’s the same sound I make when I personally give my pooch his favorite food. My dog now stands by it, waiting for the treats to appear! If you don’t want a customized sound, there is also a standard tone that you could use.

Unfortunately, the treat dispenser does not always function the same for all treats. You’d have to experiment with different snacks and biscuits that work well with the treat dispenser. It previously caused me issues since certain goodies were tossed after three to five clicks. Based on my experience and Furbo’s advice, I listed the following great treats that you can use for your Furbo 360° Dog Camera:

  • Royal Canine Dog Treats
  • Nutro Mini Bites
  • Wellness Petite Treats
  • Zuke’s Mini Naturals Dog Treats
  • Bil Jac Grain-Free Soft Training Treats
  • Crazy Dog Train-Me Mini
  • Primal Grain-Free Jerky Nibs Treat

There are a lot of treats that may be used with Furbo but I personally use Royal Canine ones. To prevent issues, I propose choosing treats that are smaller than the hole. Furbo does not require special treats that would only operate in the gadget. I’m delighted they realized that every dog has distinct snack preferences. If something goes wrong, you may always get in touch with Furbo customer and technical support.

Furbo Mobile App

Furbo’s mobile app has been really well optimized by Furbo developers, and this is the finest part! I am pleased to see that they are continually trying to improve it.

Furbo also offers exceptional customer service. I haven’t had the opportunity to test it yet, but most customers say Furbo’s customer and technical support is kind and accommodating. They resolve clients’ problems with only one phone call. Excellent customer service, indeed!

Furbo Compared To Other Dog Cameras


Furbo camera in my hand

The new Furbo 360° Dog Camera allows dog owners to communicate with their pets even while they are away from home! We can’t always carry our dogs with us when we go out. Because not all venues welcome dogs, some dog owners experience separation anxiety when they leave their canine companions at home. This product is specifically designed to address this situation!

Furbo 360° Dog Camera is particularly built as an interactive dog camera with a treat throwing capability. Unlike other dog cams on the market, this one allows you to see what your dog is doing and offer them goodies when you start missing them.

It can shoot photos and videos to let you remember how much fun your dog is having. After storing the images, you can quickly share them with the rest of the world via the smartphone app’s integrated social networking sites (Facebook, Whatsapp, or Line). Even my friends are fascinated by the different images and videos of my dogs’ private lives at home!

Overall, the Furbo 360° Dog Camera is an excellent gadget for keeping in contact with your dog while you are away. This type of technology makes our lives so much better! Check out Furbo on Amazon for your dog and expose him to the wonders of technology. Its price is competitive and comparable to other major dog treat cameras. If you are looking for an excellent dog camera, we highly recommend Furbo 360° Dog Camera!

Furbo Dog Camera Final Review

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